2013 YEN Fellowship Participants


The SEMA Show YEN Fellowship is a benefit available to SEMA-member company employees under the age of 40 through the Young Executives Network (YEN). In particular, the fellowship program demonstrates SEMA’s commitment to recognizing and developing talent among the next generation of specialty-equipment professionals. Fellowship participants gain the chance to attend the Show with travel expenses paid and receive hands-on experience by participating in a variety of events geared toward developing business skills and expanding professional networks.


There is so much a young rep can learn from an experience like this and the connections you make can last throughout your entire career. In fact, one of the best outcomes of this whole experience for me was the relationships established with the other fellowship winners and members of YEN. I hope that as my career progresses the connections made at this SEMA Show will continue to grow.
-Adam Brown



Going to the SEMA Show this year and seeing some of the pioneers of the industry who turned great ideas into great companies honored was truly inspiring to me. It helped me return with the mindset that anything is possible.
-Ben Chase

As a mature industry, there is a wealth of knowledge held by professionals who have come before, with many having been in the industry for decades. These seasoned professionals share their knowledge freely, which is important because a new professional entering the industry, even an auto enthusiast, has a mountain of information to absorb.
-Chris Lindh


As I saw the SEMA Cruise drive out of the Las Vegas Convention Center, I tallied up in my mind the dollar amount of aftermarket parts in each of the rigs, the amount of sweat, tears and frustration that each owner had to endure to finish on time just for the pride and glory of being part of this legendary trade show. It dawned on me: every year during the SEMA Show what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Endless possibilities of outcomes come from relationships developed and concepts taught during the Show.
-Rebeca Olavarrieta


My first SEMA Show experience was so much more than just walking the Show floor. It was about the people behind those parts and companies. It’s those people who come together and become SEMA. the organization can be described as the backbone of our industry. These people work together to promote and fight for our industry, ensuring that the automotive aftermarket industry and the people who are that industry can adapt and grow in an ever-changing world.
-Chris Potter


The recent 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas showcased just how strong the automotive specialty market currently is. With over 135,000 people from 130 countries in attendance for the Show, new hope for employment could be found for recent and upcoming college graduates. Whether you’re looking for something mechanical, machining, or marketing, the specialty equipment market has a place for you.
-Kenna Primm


I am extremely grateful to be a part of such a thriving industry and appreciate the opportunity to have attended the SEMA Show. I would recommend that anyone in the specialty-equipment industry attend the Show. A trade show does so much more than just showcase parts, cars or machines; it helps shape an industry, a company and a career.
-Sergio Ramirez


To all those starting off in the industry, I strongly recommend you get involved in all the educational events during the Show early in your career and to the employers of young talent coming on board: encourage and support them, as this will be of great benefit for your company and a great investment of its own.
-Susan Rosales


The Speed Networking Breakfast, which was set up like speed dating but with business cards, seemed awkward at first, but ended up being the most productive hour I spent at the show. I ended up sitting across from the owners of two of my parts suppliers and accomplishing a lot with each of them in only 2 minutes each!
-Wyatt Tegtmeier


As we networked, we learned ideas from each other that we were able to bring back to our jobs. We participated in seminars and learned from real life experiences and not something that could be taught in a college classroom. We made friends to encourage, help and grow with within our industry.
-Amanda Watt


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