WTC Ride Guide


The SEMA Wheel & Tire Council and Clemson University's International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) have joined forces to tackle tough questions regarding tire size and vehicle performance.

With support from SEMA and the WTC, CU-ICAR conducted research to determine the actual effects of plus-sizing tire and wheel assemblies on the driving dynamics of America's number-one selling truck, the twelfth generation Ford F-150 4x4 (2009-2014). CU-ICAR operates some of the most sophisticated automotive testing facilities in the world and a wide variety of tests and simulations were performed at the Greenville, South Carolina campus. After months of testing and evaluation, the results have been compiled and are now available in the industry's first "Ride Guide."

The "Ride Guide" is a valuable resource to ANYONE who sells wheels and tires. From manufacturers to distributors, to e-tailers and brick and mortar installation shops, the "Ride Guide" will help you make confident, data-driven recommendations to your customers.

  • The "Ride Guide" is composed of the most relevant and approachable data points. For more information on the full research project, including complete findings, please review the full report "Wheel and Tire Customization Influence on Vehicle Dynamics Performance" by Xianjie Zhou and Dr. Paul Venhovens.
  • Research is underway to provide additional data on other full-sized trucks as well as compact sedans.
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