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Vehicle Technology CenterOne of the new and exciting elements of our SEMA Vehicle Technology strategyis to create the Vehicle Technology Center (VTC) at the SEMA Show.The Vehicle Technology Center is being created for our members. It is an investment in SEMA’s collective future. The VTC will showcase SEMA’s vehicle technology programs and partners and the benefits to members.

The VTC and its Tech-Zones are being designed to reinforce our efforts to appeal to emerging-technology enthusiasts and bring greater focus, urgency and performance aftermarket relevance to our advanced-technology offerings. We also want to put vehicle technology on the front lines, similar to what GM and Ford have done recently with the creation of new chief technology officer positions.

Google’s autonomous vehicles have been cruising the streets and
highways of the San Francisco Bay Area for the past two years and
have logged more than 250,000 miles, the goal isn’t to eliminate
human driving but rather to make it safer. Autonomous and
connected-vehicle technologies, combined with mobile and consumer
electronics, have extended far beyond the vehicle itself. Cars that
communicate with each other are already on the road, but what will
it take to get consumers really interested in vehicle-to-vehicle
(V2V) capabilities?

This summer, the government is launching a year-long test involving
nearly 3,000 specially equipped cars, trucks and buses in Ann Arbor,
Michigan. These vehicles sense each other wirelessly and warn their
drivers about impending collisions, often before the other vehicle
is in sight. In an even more extreme example, cars may someday soon
drive themselves. As part of a pilot project, Google Inc. has
equipped cars with sophisticated 360-degree sensors and computers
that never get distracted or tired.

SEMA’s Connected-Vehicle Technology Keynote will be presented by
Anthony Levandowski, product manager for Google’s Self-Driving Car
Technology, on Wednesday, October 31, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. in the
VTC Theater. This session will explore the market opportunities for
V2V devices and services and help SEMA members understand how they
can leverage new technologies and business opportunities in
integrating consumer and automotive electronics.

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