SEMA Vehicle Technology - Vehicle Technology Program Overview

Vehicle Technology Program Overview
Performance Connectivity Personalization Dynamics

OUR MISSION: SEMA will identify industry needs and determine the best way to inform SEMA member manufacturer companies of new OEM technologies being installed in new model vehicles prior to going on sale.

YOUR BUSINESS: Once SEMA identifies and informs you about upcoming new OEM vehicle technologies, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to fine-tune your future product plans and take full advantage of future sales opportunities.

Advanced vehicle technologies are driving the future of performance and customization. Both the automobile and the industry are being reinvented. Systems are moving from mechanical to electrical. Vehicles are moving from stand alone to connected, and markets are moving from mass production to niche segments and personalization. The future of performance and customization in the new automotive normal is all about connecting vehicles to consumer’s lifestyles, brands and experiences.

Driving green, connected, safe and cool continue to lead the way in describing the four major dimensions of growth that the auto industry is focused on as it restructures. In response, SEMA has created four cornerstones of this program called Vehicle Performance, Connectivity, Dynamics and Personalization. In-depth information on each of these technology megatrends can be accessed from the four icons above.

SEMA is continually working to develop vehicle technology solutions and build relationships that foster collaboration between the automakers, the original-equipment suppliers, dealers, research organizations, industry associations and member companies. SEMA’s Vehicle Technology Center will provide members with in-depth information and hands-on understanding from leading industry experts about advanced vehicle technologies and emerging systems to help them understand the impact on their business today as well as prepare for and leverage tomorrow’s technologies and business opportunities.

“Through SEMA’s ESC [Vehicle Dynamics] program, we have achieved a real solution for tackling ESC systems, not only ensuring that products function properly but also going the extra mile to make sure that the OE safety systems will perform when needed as outlined by the NHTSA mandated Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 126.

It could not have been accomplished without the help and assistance of SEMA and our other partners. SEMA fights and guards against potentially damaging legislation every day. Because of the association’s efforts, most of this legislation never gets to the point of becoming a real issue. Being a SEMA member is like health insurance for your business, hobby or lifestyle. SEMA provides benefits to member businesses every day, whether they see them or not.”

—Tim Watts, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Superlift Suspension Systems

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