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SEMA Membership Benefit, Logistics Solutions

Need to rev up your supply chain? SEMA Members now have access to UPS services and solutions that can shift your business into high gear.

Discounts on Package and Freight Shipping

Package Deliveries
Up to 34% off Next Day, Second Day, 3 Day and Commercial Ground services, and up to 17% off Residential Ground service. U.S. exports qualify for a 39% discount on international export rates.

UPS LTL Freight
Minimum 72% off UPS freight shipments with potential for additional incentives based on shipping characteristics.

Special Pricing or Discounts on Value-added Business Services

UPS Capital Flex Parcel Insurance
Flexible Parcel Insurance from UPS Capital Insurance Agency protects time-sensitive goods and other hard-to-value items in the event of loss, damage or delay. Flexible Parcel Insurance Basic is available to SEMA members for $0.45 per $100 or fraction thereof in excess of the Minimum Insured Value. The minimum premium for each insured package is $1.35.

UPS Capital Cargo Finance Loans
Cargo Finance from UPS Capital helps companies manage cash flow by financing a portion of in-transit inventory earlier and faster in the supply chain. SEMA members are eligible for a reduced closing fee of .05%.

UPS Package Design and Test Lab
SEMA members receive 15% off the ISTA 3A test price.

10% Discount on Business Services at The UPS Store*
SEMA members get 10% off business services at participating The UPS Store locations, including copies, laminating and binding, fax services, mailbox service, office supplies and packaging services and supplies.

If you have questions regarding your SEMA membership, contact Gary Vigil, Membership Director, 909-978-6738.

Member Testimonial

“The SEMA shipping program in place with UPS allowed us to get discounted rates that kept us competitive in the market and helped us build a solid relationship with UPS.”
-Jeremy Boysen, JB Autosports Inc.

*Participating stores and services vary.








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