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Study: Specialty-Equipment Influences Auto Sales

More and more, OEMs see that the availability of accessories improves their dealers’ ability to sell vehicles. And they acknowledge that aftermarket manufacturers, who are in touch with enthusiastic car owners, are often the first to recognize important trends. Smart dealers are increasingly recognizing that a customized vehicle in the showroom can bring more customers through the door and get them more excited about a purchase. But until now, there was not much real data on the “accessory effect.”

Accessories Influence New-Car Sales

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A new study commissioned by SEMA indicates that aftermarket products influence about a million new-vehicle sales each year. The automotive marketing research and consultancy firm AutoPacific collected and analyzed consumer data to quantify the effect that accessorization has on the sale of new vehicles. The resulting report, “Influence of Accessories on New-Vehicle Sales,” details the findings.

The study looked at the persuasive effects created by accessory products, including which ones are likely to create the greatest influence. 

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