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Webinar: Exhibitor Series - Develop a Pre-Show Marketing Plan Guaranteed to Make your SEMA Show a Success

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Thursday, July 18, 2013; Chuck Schwartz, ConvExx; Tom Gattuso, SEMA

What is your Show strategy? Preparing for the SEMA Show is a tremendous task with many logistical and operational details to consider. It is important to start NOW! This session is specifically designed for SEMA Show exhibitors and will cover:

  • Proven ways of driving buyers to visit your booth
  • Best ways to get exposure and attention at the world’s largest automotive show
  • How to eliminate exhibitor mistakes that will minimize your chance for success

Develop your pre-SEMA Show marketing strategy and greatly increase your chances for success. Whether this is your first year exhibiting or you have years of experience, this session will give you the head start needed to increase booth traffic, gain exposure, and minimize costly mistakes. SEMA Show Staff and Management will show you how to do it right and do it better!

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Inventory Management - Stop Storing Cash in the Warehouse

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Thursday, March 25, 2009, Presented by: Tom Shay, Profits+Plus

Take this opportunity to learn a valuable strategy and watch your competition make substantial and poor decisions regarding what they’re cutting back in their businesses.  Find out the areas of opportunity in which you can step in and take that business.  Tom’s webinar will help you determine why you should examine your inventory by ‘velocity coding’, where to place your priorities on the inventory you are going to stock; and how you can decide if a slow-moving part is the right item to stock.

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