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ETTN Live Chat: Jonathan Mill

Releasing a product into the market is one of the most exciting steps in the process and it starts much earlier than most people believe. During this live chat, Jonathan Mill (Inaugural Launch Pad Winner and SEMA Gen-III Innovator), will walk attendees through aligning their product for market entry with a strong promotional strategy and channel partnerships. 


What’s Trending in 2015

Additive manufacturing was front and center at the recent SEMA Show in Las Vegas, with Local Motors “3D printing” its Strati car on the Show floor for the SEMA Cruise.Some Insights From the Annual SEMA Show

What are some of the latest trends hitting the aftermarket in 2015? If you were in Las Vegas this past November for the annual SEMA Show, you likely already have some answers to that question. There’s no better barometer than the Show to preview the hottest products and innovations taking hold of consumers. The following are just a few of the latest trends that SEMA News editors observed not only grabbing attention on the Show floor itself but also in post-Show media wrap-ups afterward.

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