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From the very first SEMA Show in 1967, hot rodding has remained a highly influential niche within the specialty-equipment marketplace. That heritage was again on display at the recent SEMA Show’s Hot Rod Alley, where attendees were able to examine first hand the amazing parts and craftsmanship that go into custom-built rods. These are vehicles that can trace their lineage from post-WWII dry-lake racing, through the street scenes of the ’50s and the ’70s musclecar era, to the restomod movement of today.

The Hot-Rod Market

One of the great things about the hot-rod market is the wide range of customizations embraced by enthusiasts. Vehicles such as this Cutworm Specialties rod get tricked out with every imaginable category of aftermarket parts.A Classic Segment, Still Growing Strong

Who isn’t thrilled by the look and performance roar of a classic hot rod? Virtually synonymous with the earliest days of the automotive specialty-equipment industry, hot rodding never seems to grow old. In fact, the market segment has remained incredibly resilient, even in the face of the recently bumpy economy.

Hot-Rod Products

Performance Is Premium

Hot rods are at the heart of the automotive specialty-equipment industry. From the dry-lakes racers that flourished after World War II to the modern musclecars rolling out today’s factories, improved performance has always been at a premium. The New Products Showcase at the 2013 SEMA Show featured dozens of innovative introductions as well as featured products from performance companies throughout the industry.

Hot-Rod Products and Trends


The hot-rod market—the granddaddy of the automotive specialty-equipment industry—has seen some significant changes over the last few years based on both demographic and economic factors. The desire for modern amenities and advanced technology has increased with the aging of the Baby Boom generation. Styles and equipment have evolved to match those desires. From air suspension to classic gauges fitted with modern movements, and from keyless ignition to drive-by-wire throttle controls, the hot-rod world is keeping pace with developments in the rest of the automotive universe.

Did You Know: SEMA Hot Rod Bill


There may be nothing more American than a hot rod! As the rest of the world continues to adopt elements of our unique cultural identity, there are few things left that are truly American. Classic hot rods and musclecars are 100% American made. Unfortunately, these vehicles have long struggled to find their place in the law. Too often, a lack of knowledge and experience on the part of legislators has led to bad laws that negatively impact our industry and the hobby. However, the staff and membership of SEMA and the Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) can have a direct impact on safeguarding the tradition of hot rodding in America.

12 Trendsetting Builders Forecast the Future of Hot Rodding

When word got out that SEMA News was looking to identify future industry trends, our friends at Popular Hot Rodding
presented us with the opportunity to feature their "What's Next?"
hot-rod builder story. The forecast on the future of hot rodding
originally ran in the September issue of Popular Hot Rodding and will
no doubt be of interest to SEMA News readers. Special thanks to the
folks at Popular Hot Rodding for allowing us to reprint the article in its entirety.

Hot Rod Alley

SEMA News-June 2010-Hot Rod AlleyDuring the last SEMA Show, 14,879 buyers went into the Las Vegas Convention Center to see the latest innovations in the hot-rod market. More than 70 exhibitors set-up booths in the Hot Rod Alley section, registering 90 products in the New Products Showcase.  

Shifting Gears - Hot Rod Market Update

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Each of us may have different definitions of what constitutes a “hot rod,” but we all know one when we see it. The classification can encompass anything from a ’27 T-bucket roadster to a current-model Mustang, from a ’67 Camaro to a ’92 pickup, from a four-door station wagon to an early-‘80s Malibu. Only a few years ago, those last two might have raised some eyebrows among performance aficionados, but the wobbly economy and an aging consumer base have led to even greater latitude in what hot rodders consider acceptable raw material, and the segment’s manufacturers have obliged with an ever-expanding portfolio of parts from which to choose.

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