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Free Booth Graphics for Early Registrants of the SEMA China Business Development Tour

Limited slots are available for the 2015 SEMA China Business Development Tour, September 16–20, in Shanghai.

The Ford Ranger Is Coming to Tennessee

Four international accessory-friendly vehicles are traveling around the country to give SEMA members outside of California access to these globally popular vehicles in order to create export-ready products.

Six Reasons to Travel With SEMA to the UAE

Exhibitor registration for the fourth-annual SEMA fact-finding and networking visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now open.

Gain Exposure in the Brazilian Market—Here's How

Team up with Fullpower—a leading Brazilian consumer magazine—by providing products for two builds: a VW Gol and replica ’33 Chevy. Products sought include (but are not limited to) wheels, tires, suspension, filters, superchargers, exhaust and air-intake systems.

Chinese Government Officials Visit Southern California to Learn About the Specialty-Equipment Market

A delegation of 11 officials from five Chinese government agencies, including the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), visited SEMA for a day of discussion on the specialty-equipment market in the United States.

Brazilian Magazine Looking for Project Build Partners for 2011 SEMA Show

The influential Brazilian consumer magazine Fullpower is launching two vehicle projects and seeks partners for its builds.

E.U. Officials Call for Ban on Driving in All Center Cities by 2050; Interim 50% Ban Within 20 Years

The European Commission proposed earlier this week to ban “conventionally fuelled cars” from all center cities throughout the 27 national European Union (E.U.) by 2050. Insisting citizens could walk, bike or take public transportation, E.U. Transport Commisioner Siim Kallas announced to a packed March 28 press conference that the European Commission is prepared through taxes and regulations to have a zero-tolerance policy of of cars within European cities.
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