Shame Police

InternetEssentially, a “Usually Loads Slow” splash screen served up by Google would pretty much be the kiss of death to any website, encouraging a web surfer to move along to an alternative site with better performance.

Selling With Emotion

AIGiven that face-to-face selling often results in communications breakdowns, it’s no wonder that artificial intelligence (AI) programmers are designing solutions that enable machines that help sell by sensing customer emotions. These AI solutions are able to use cameras and listening devices to determine if a customer is happy or sad, angry or disinterested, and alter their sales pitches based on that assessment.

Auto-Curated Content Management Systems

WebBusinesses looking to keep visitors glued to their websites and other digital properties with interesting content—including social-media posts, articles, images, videos, podcasts and more—are finding relief with auto-curation tools. Such solutions can be programmed to automatically search out and grab excerpts of interesting content, summarize and repackage them as original posts, and then port the results in a pleasing format to the company’s website, blog or even a social-media account.

Company Reports That Write Themselves

WebBusinesses looking to automatically generate written reports from their databases now have a raft of choices available, thanks to the emergence of writing software that uses artificial intelligence (AI). Such AI-generated writing solutions can drill down into company databases and automatically produce easy-to-understand written reports, unearthing insights about trends and company performance that might otherwise never see the light of day.

Hackers’ New Trick: Stealing Your Computing Processing Power

HackerIn a marked shift from previous years, hackers are much more likely these days to be bent on stealing your computing processing power than embedding ransomware or other malware in your network, according to a March 2019 report from IBM ( That’s because it’s much safer for hackers to simply steal your computing processing power over the internet—and use it for mining crypto currencies such as Bitcoin—than to get involved in planting other criminal software on business and corporate networks, according to the report’s authors.


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