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SEMA News—May 2020


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’21 Dodge Durango

Here’s a refresh for Dodge’s popular three-row SUV. As the Jeep brand prepares to roll out two new Jeep Grand Cherokee variants for the ’21 model year (including a three-row model), the current Dodge Durango will soldier on (10 years old by the time it hits the market).

This Durango has a heavily camouflaged front end, which looks to be hiding updated styling for the ’21 model year, while the rest of the vehicle looks virtually unchanged. According to information released during the recent UAW negotiations, Dodge will introduce a mild hybrid system from its Ram 1500 lineup into the ’21 Durango. It should launch in the third quarter of 2020.

VW Golf R

While some thought there was no camouflage on this next-gen VW Golf R, a good look at the front bumper, cut-out for the exhaust pipes and diffuser at the rear reveals a bit of plastic at the front and a clever paint job on both ends. Even the doorsills could be false.

Specific details in the prototype present clear markings of the Golf R’s DNA: lowered suspension and oversized wheels with low-profile tires; sportier bumpers with big air intakes at the front; a massive diffuser at the rear flanked by quad round exhausts; a bigger roof spoiler; side skirts and blue-painted brake calipers on massive brake discs.

This VW Golf R is expected to debut in mid-2020.


Ram Rebel TRX

Ram is expected to launch a full-on rival to the Ford F-150-based Raptor performance pickup in 2020 with the Rebel TRX. It’s expected to get the Hellcat version of the 6.2L supercharged V8 found in models such as the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

The 707hp is expected to remain and the TRX looks like it will get a revised body that’s expected to be more muscular, based on the heavy camouflage on this prototype. Ride height and tires seem to be taken from the off-road-oriented Rebel variant of the 1500, suggesting that the TRX will also have off-road prowess to rival the Raptor’s.

Expect the Rebel TRX to go on sale sometime in 2020.

’21 Ford F-150 Hybrid

Ford is giving the F-150 a significant overhaul. While the sheetmetal is said to be changed, it looks to keep similar styling cues to the facelifted ’18 model that continues today, save for a heavily revised grille and front end.

A new 4.8L V8 that is expected to replace the current 5.0L, although the engine lineup will continue to be dominated by EcoBoosts. A plug-in hybrid may also follow, while a full-electric F-150 is also said to be in the works—and may have some input with new partner Rivian. Finally, it’s expected the high-performance, off-road Raptor variant will get rear coil springs, while other models will retain the leaf springs.

Expect the F-150 this summer, possibly at the Detroit Auto Show.


Ford F-150
 Ford F-150
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