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SEMA News—February 2020


Photos courtesy SpiedBilde, Brian Williams. Reuse or reproduction without the copyright holder’s consent is prohibited.

Silverado ZRX Mule

Reports have been circulating that Chevrolet was working on an off-road version of the new Silverado called the ZRX. These photos are believed to be an early mule of that vehicle.

In its original report from September 2019, GM Authority stated that the rumored Silverado ZRX will slot above the current Trail Boss in the lineup and “feature a more robust suspension, front and rear electronic lockers and modified bumper treatments for improved departure and approach angles.”

The model features a modified front bumper that’s noticeably shorter than anything currently offered on the Silverado, resulting in massive improvements in approach angle. There’s also a piece that juts from that shorter front bumper.


Nissan 370 Z

It looks like the time is ripe for another sports car from Japan—and especially for the replacement of today’s Nissan 370 Z.

A test mule for its successor was caught undergoing high-speed testing recently at the German Nürburgring. The prototype features extra air intakes in the front bumper and is clearly a mule for a replacement of the aging Nissan 370 Z, which hit the market in 2013 in its current form.

Testing alongside the 370 Z mule was the new Toyota GR Supra, which signals that Nissan plans to increase power from today’s 328hp 3.7L V6 to at least the Supra’s 340 hp, and hence the Nismo’s 344hp unit to a sportier motor somewhere beyond 360 hp.


Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ just received a facelift a little more than two years ago, but here are new shots of yet another makeover, which comes as a little surprise. The prototype snapped at the German Nürburgring is the first sighting of a second update to the current BRZ.

It’s clearly visible that the BRZ will receive a more-aggressive-looking front bumper plus modified headlight technology. The taillights will feature a new design, and we can also make out some modifications to the trunk. Nothing is known yet about a possible replacement for the current high-revving 2.0L 200hp boxer engine.

Expect an official debut in early 2020.


’21 Three-Row Wagoneer

This is one of the first looks at the ’21 Jeep Wagoneer prototype. Jeep will re-introduce a three-row SUV to its U.S. lineup through a RAM 1500-based vehicle that will form the basis of its next upward move.

The Wagoneer will compete with the Ford Expedition and GMC Yukon. Three rows of seats are implied, with an expected capacity of as many as eight. Power will likely be sourced from the Ram 1500’s current engines, which includes a 3.6L V6 with or without a 48-volt boost system, as well as the 5.7L V8. A plug-in hybrid could be offered. A more plush, Grand Wagoneer version is expected soon after the debut to compete with the Navigator and Range Rover.

The ’21 Wagoneer, however, is expected to be seen by mid-2020.



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