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Baja Carports

AeroLidz  ALLDATA Diagnostics With Unlimited Pre/Post Scans Baja Carports
AeroLidz ALLDATA Baja Carports

52/50 Aerodynamic LED Light Bar Silencing cover. This cover redirects air around the light bar removing deafening whistles and howls, while protecting your customers’ light bars. The cover is open on the sides and along the entire back to allow air flow for cooling. The inserts are removable, providing a street-legal and customized look.
PN: DUL101

ALLDATA Diagnostics With Unlimited Pre/Post Scans with one click can scan all vehicle systems and generate pre- and post-scan reports to repair vehicles back to OEM specifications with insurance repair documentation. ALLDATA Collision OEM information is built in.


Baja Carports designed and engineered in-house. Pre-fabricated and pre-galvanized. Bolted connections. Materials: ASTM cold-rolled light-gauge, high-tensile-steel framing/components. Carports meet live/snow loads from 20–60 psf and wind speeds from 90–160 mph. Options: paint finishes. Solar modules are the carport’s rooftop or on ASTM panels.

Cementex Products Inc.

CORSA Performance/VOLANT Performance

CORSA Performance/VOLANT Performance

EV Safety Toolkit CORSA Performance Jeep Wrangler JL Axle-Back Exhaust System Volant Performance Jeep Wrangler JL 3.6L V6 Air Intake
EV Safety Toolkit Axle-Back Exhaust System V6 Air Intake

A reintroduction to a convenient way to store insulated tools that are used in today’s EV market. Safe tools are the most important part of doing the job right; Cementex’s complete offering of American-made double-insulated 1,000V safety tools and personal protective equipment help you meet the requirements of OSHA, NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 standards.

CORSA Performance JL Axle-back exhaust system was built with the Jeep enthusiast in mind. This new design was built for maximum clearance, features an aggressive exhaust note and offers ultimate modularity all while being manufactured from durable stainless-steel construction. Available in black powdercoat or polished stainless.
PN: 21014BLK

CORSA Performance Jeep Wrangler 3.6L V6 Axle-Back Exhaust System. Available in polished or all-black epoxy-based high-temp powdercoat finish. This modular exhaust system is available with either 3.5 tips or a dump-style exit for greater off-road clearance and in either CORSA’s Sport or Touring Sound Level.
PN: 21013BLK

CORSA Performance/VOLANT Performance


Cup Holder Hero

CORSA Performance Challenger, Charger, 300 SRT Headers

Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery ’16+ Toyota Tacoma Custom Fit Cup Holder, Center Console and Door Liners
300 SRT Headers Cup Holders

CORSA Performance Race Spec 1.875x3.0 Long Tube Headers have been specifically designed to maximize the horsepower and torque of the ’05–’18 Challenger, Charger and 300 SRT engine, creating an additional 30 hp and 24 lb.-ft. of torque. Pair with CORSA connection pipes for a seamless installation with CORSA Performance cat-back exhaust systems.
PN: 16109

The Dometic PLB40 portable lithium battery is designed specifically for powered coolers and fridge/freezers. The lightweight and powerful LiFePo4 lithium battery technology used in the PLB40 produces a true 12.8 V while delivering 40 Ah or 500 Wh of power per hour that’s perfect for a Dometic CFX and your favorite 12V and USB accessories.

Cup Holder Heros are the easiest way to add a splash of color and protect the interior of any new car. Think of them like mini custom-fit floor liners. Simply drop them into cup holders, doors and other pockets to protect from spills, crumbs, scratches and rattling objects. Available in 50-plus car models and 10-plus colors. This kit includes 18 pieces.ort or Touring Sound Level.


Dannmar Equipment

Energy Suspension

Edwards Hole Saw Tube/Pipe Notcher

Rock-Flex Suspension System for the ’18+ Jeep Wrangler JL
Edwards Hole Saw Dannmar Rock Flex Suspension

The Edwards Hole Saw Notcher is designed to take the guesswork out of fabricating round tube or pipe. A must-have for any fabricator, the hole saw notcher features a large-capacity vise, multiple alignment tools and a powerful 3/4hp motor to handle any notching project. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
PN: HS1000

MaxMoto is a portable motorcycle lift designed to handle up to 2,500 lbs./1,136 kgs.; lift height 48. Fits in the average home garage. 110 VAC/60 Hrz. Comes with flush-mounted anchors to bolt lift down when in use. Remove bolts and roll away for storage when not needed.

Energy Suspension’s new Rock-Flex Suspension Systems are a revolutionary way to maximize the performance from your Wrangler JL by augmenting the Jeep’s already great suspension to make it better. This new system features adjustable ride height and off-road performance that rivals that of much more expensive systems.


EZ Pulley LLC



EZ Pulley Raptor
JetPacks EZ Pulley Raptor

Equalizer JetPacks vacuum cups eliminate the need for manual pumping. Just turn on a JetPack and stick it on the glass and it handles the pumping. If the cup loses vacuum, the Airforce vacuum technology takes over and keeps that valuable suction going until the cup has maximum vacuum again.
PN: JP140

Diagnose engine component failures with EZ Pulley, the only digital diagnostic tool for engine component failures. Diagnose with confidence knowing it’s going to be fixed right the first time, whether it’s the alternator, AC compressor, steering pump or idler tension pulleys. Safe, accurate diagnostics will increase profits and customer satisfaction.
PN: EZ Pulley 2.0

Equalizer Raptor is an auto glass removal tool and the preferred method for R&Is. Designed to save auto glass without damaging the pinchweld or paint. It features AirForce Technology which improves the suction of the vacuum cup and eliminates the need for manual pumping, creating a quick and completely secure seal to the glass.

FenSens Smart Car Accessories

FST Performance Carburetors

Equip Automotive Systems

FenSens Smart Wireless Parking Sensor

FST Electro-Jet Electronic Carburetor Shark A7
Wireless Parking Sensor Shark A7 Shark A7

The FenSens Smart Wireless Parking Sensor makes adding collision safety and protection equipment to older vehicle cars painless and affordable. An industry-leading plug-and-play design finally makes aftermarket options more available than ever for today’s on-demand consumer. The universal device is 100% wireless and smartphone compatible.
PN: FenV1

The 600-cfm Electro-Jet Wide Band Carburetor is an electronically controlled wideband carburetor with an electric choke and on-the-fly phone app-based tuning, to easily adjust your air/fuel ratio to optimal conditions or let the ECU do it for you with real-time tuning. Tune your carburetor with your phone.
PN: 41600XBE

Shark A7 is an innovative arm designed to speed up and simplify spot welding operations in the most difficult to access area. Thanks to the patented large-opening design, the end section of the Shark A7 Arm opens 90 degrees by a quick-release button. Shark A7 allows access to welding operations impossible to reach with traditional systems.
PN: EQ-803189

Hyperco–MW Industries

ITW Evercoat


UTV Performance Spring Kit

Poly Magic Polymer Protective Coating NEATO
UTV Spring Kit Polymer Protective Coating NEATO

This kit is designed to improve the overall ride quality and performance of your UTV by featuring the race-winning and trail-dominating spring technology that Hyperco is known for. The kit includes the Hypercoil springs and hardware (crossover nuts and sliders) needed for a complete suspension spring upgrade. Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.
PN: 1201PO-XP1000-1

Poly Magic Polymer Protectant Coating is an advanced high-gloss express polymer spray for use on wet or dry surfaces. Simply spray on and wipe off. Its static-resistant formula helps repel dust to maintain a deep shine and is formulated with a UV protectant to help protect against the damaging effects of the sun.
PN: 63-QT

NEATO is a multitool management system that gives you an extra set of hands while you are actively working in a variety of industries to increase efficiency and speed up productivity. After 20-plus years on the tools in diverse industries, there is still no tool on the market that does what NEATO is designed to do.

KISAE Technology

ITW Evercoat

Kri-Tech Solutions LLC

ABSO DC-DC Battery Charger

OPTEX Color Changing Body Filler and Putty Auto Estimate ReKey
DC-DC Battery Charger OPTEX Auto Estimate Rekey

Recharge batteries in your van, RV or truck from the alternator or solar compact charger. Chargers come in 30A (DMT1230) and 50A (DMT1250) sizes and provide a three-stage battery charge to the auxiliary battery. The dual input may be either the engine alternator or MPPT (maximum power point tracking) solar panel.
PN: DMT1250

Rage OPTEX body filler changes colors from pink to green as it dries, giving the bodyshop tech a visual indication that the filler is properly catalyzed and ready to sand. The visual cue takes the guesswork out of the repair process as the body tech doesn’t need to rely on time or feel to know the repair is dry—increasing shop productivity.
PN: 100135

Auto Estimate ReKey is a locally installed software solution to the time-consuming problem of re-keying estimates. It can take hours or even days of re-keying estimates and turn them into just minutes with only a few clicks of the mouse, which helps collision-repair shops save valuable time and allows for a faster, more efficient vehicle-repair process.


McGaughy’s Suspension

Lazer Star Lights


’19 GM 1500 Truck, 4/6-in. Lowering Kit Enterprise 20-Watt LED Light
LastBoks Lowering Kit Lazer Star Lights

LastBoks is a new cargo box that fits in the rear end of your truck. Its purpose is to keep your cargo secure and within reach. At the same time, LastBoks protects your vehicle from spills or messy cargo. If it gets dirty, simply hose it out and you’re ready to go. LastBoks is lightweight and durable with a skid-resistant surface.

The kit includes: 2-in. drop spindles (patent pending); adjustable front struts; framerail and bedrail C-notch kit (patent pending); flip kit with U-bolts and U-bolt plates; rear shocks; bump stops; shock extenders; and brake line mount. All hardware and instructions are included too. This kit is fully complete and includes every piece to get the truck lowered the right way.
PN: 34370

Introducing the new 20-watt LX LED. The ultra-powerful 20-watt LED offers superior high-output lumen in a compact, rugged utility-style housing. Available in 6-LED or 4-LED housings with a spot or flood-beam pattern. Also available with amber lenses and: 20 Watt LED; 4-light or 6-light housing options; 12,000/18,000 raw lumen; and spot or flood beam.
PN: 20401

McGaughy’s Suspension

McGaughy’s Suspension

MITO Corp.

’19 GM 1500 Truck, 7–9-in. Lift Kit

’19 GM 1500, 2-in. Drop Spindle SplitSecnd
Lift Kit Lift Kit Lazer Star Lights

The adjustable premium SS lift kit with spindles (patent pending); front and rear boxed crossmembers; adjustable front lift struts; diff drops; skid plate; tie-rods; front drive line; boxed compression struts with brackets; rear lift blocks; leaf spring shims; U-bolts w/hw, bump stop extension; brake line and ABS brackets; rear shocks; full color instructions; and hardware.
PN: 50793

A ’19 GM (1/2-ton, 2WD and 4WD) truck, 2-in. drop spindles. Patent pending.
PN: 34371

Life changes in a split second. Be prepared to respond by placing SplitSecnd into your vehicle’s 12V outlet. Enjoy peace of mind while loved ones, new drivers and seniors enjoy their freedom with location tracking, boundary alerts, crash detection and a 24/7 emergency call center. Features an app, desktop portal and Alexa/Google Home integration.

Mountain Off Road M.O.R.E.

Onwings Automotive Paints

Mountain Off Road M.O.R.E.

Jeep Wrangler JL Hide-A-Step

Onwings A770 10-Minute Air Dry Clearcoat Jeep Wrangler JL Dead Pedal
Jeep Wrangler JL Hide-A-Step Onwings JL Dead Pedal

Now it is easy to get into your Jeep with those large tires! This affordable step is easy to install. This step lowers your step up 11 in.; quick disconnect: pull two pins and the Hide-A-Step will remove easily for when you want to go wheeling; Class-IV zinc plating protects against harsh winter conditions; and fits the front or rear door.

Shock the world—dust free in 3 minutes with a no-need-to-bake clearcoat. Ten minutes air dry; 48% savings; polish in 30 minutes; worldwide OEM approvals; best quick clearcoat for water-based or solvent-based color; and increased productivity. Lower your costs and increase your profits. Onwings from Donglai coating technology.
PN: A770

You will drive in total comfort on the highway or on the trail in your Jeep Wrangler JL. This Dead Pedal mounts just to the left of your brake pedal and will take pressure off your ankle and hamstring on long trips or on rock and rolling trails. It is an easy install using factory holes; no drilling required. Our most popular product.


Onwings Automotive Paints

Newarc Tech LLC

ORBIS Ring-Drive

Onwings A770 10-Minute Air Dry Clearcoat

NewArc SRS-3 Portable Wheel Straightening System

ORBIS Ring-Drive Onwings Portable Wheel Straightening

Electrically powered Orbis Ring-Drive wheels add 50 hp per wheel and simultaneously improve mechanical braking with zero penalty in unsprung weight. The system is a true bolt-on that converts FWD to AWD, yielding significant improvements in torque, acceleration, fuel economy and emissions.

Shock the world—dust free in 3 minutes with a no-need-to-bake clearcoat. Ten minutes air dry; 48% savings; polish in 30 minutes; worldwide OEM approvals; best quick clearcoat for water-based or solvent-based color; and increased productivity. Lower your costs and increase your profits. Onwings from Donglai coating technology.
PN: A770

The Newarc wheel straightener with dual-axis capability is the only device on the market that is proven effective in straightening automotive wheels to SAE saftety standards as published in SAE “Tech Paper 2016-01-1573.” The SRS-3 model is targeted for use in the auto repair shop. It has a smaller aluminum frame and is portable for ease of use.

Power Wiper

Retro Manufacturing


Power Wiper

Santa Cruz

Quick Release Front License Plate Bracket for Off Road Bumpers With Roller Fairlead

Power Wiper Santa Cruz License Plate Bracket

The Power Wiper is an all-season, motorized, computer-controlled, windshield cleaning system that is a direct replacement for a vehicle’s current windshield wiper. It removes insects without smearing and keeps the wiping mechanism free of ice and snow to -30ºF without heat. Improves driving safety and reduces glare and windshield obstruction.
PN: 51244008013

Santa Cruz is specifically designed for ’88–’94 GM trucks and features Apple compatibility, built-in Bluetooth and is SiriusXM-ready. This is the only OEM-style radio replacement offered for this class of GM vehicles. Santa Cruz gives owners the ability to retain the stock look and functionality while adding modern technology and upgraded sound.
PN: SC-661-662

Big Mike’s Performance Parts’ STO N SHO is a vehicle-specific Quick Release Front License Plate Bracket. Now available for off-road vehicles, this new STO N SHO is designed for vehicles equipped with a Roller Fairlead. While this particular STO N SHO is designed for off-road vehicles, the STO N SHO is available for several makes and models.
PN: SNS138

Shaviv USA

Top Speed


Shaviv-Auto Burr Professional Kit

Top Speed Titanium F430 Exhaust System

Stubby Jeep Bumper

Shaviv-Auto Burr Professional Kit Titanium Exhaust System Stubby Jeep Bumper

The ideal deburring kit for auto mechanics and car lovers. The kit contains 10 multi-purpose tools for deburring and chamfering metals, chrome parts, rims, cast iron and aluminum.
PN: 90117

Top Speed Full Titanium exhaust system for ’05–’09 Ferrari F430s. The entire system is hand-welded, back-purged, pie-cut, grade-5 titanium. This system features burnt-blue quad 102mm tips. Valves add the ability to route the exhaust through a set of resonators for a quieter tone or flow straight through for an aggressive tone, thus optimizing power.

SteelCraft’s New Wrangler Stubby Bumper was designed by our team with the Jeep enthusiast in mind that wants minimal bumpers, but still wants to keep the rugged and functional look. This bumper is winch-, 20 LED light bar- and shackle-ready. Ability to keep factory fog lights. Matte finish and e-coated and powdercoated for maximum rust prevention.
PN: 70-92620

Turbonetics/Precision Turbo & Engine

Turbonetics/Precision Turbo & Engine

The Wax Shop

Ford EcoBoost Mustang Performance Upgrade Turbocharger

Ford Focus RS Performance Upgrade Turbocharger

Marvel Mystery Oil Original Oil Enhancer & Fuel Treatment

EcoBoost Mustang Performance Upgrade Turbocharger Ford Focus RS Performance Upgrade Turbocharger Marvel Mystery Oil Original Oil Enhancer & Fuel Treatment

Since 1978 Turbonetics has built the toughest performance turbochargers in the most demanding industries on earth. Now you can get the same performance and reliability in a turbo for your 2.3L Ford EcoBoost Mustang. Turbonetics is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of both high-performance and industrial turbochargers.
PN: 11910

The Precision Turbo/Turbonetics Upgrade EcoBoost Focus RS Turbocharger features a new compressor and turbine wheel aerodynamics. It is a direct drop-in replacement (easy install, no adaptors needed); installs without modifications; and includes new gaskets and silicone couplers, including 3-in. in for popular intakes (aftermarket or stock intake systems).
PN: 11918

For more than 95 years, Marvel Mystery Oil has been helping hardworking engines work better. Its unparalleled technology cleans, lubricates and protects in a way other fuel and motor treatments can’t match. Add Marvel to your gas tank or crankcase to restore engine performance.

Voxx Wheels

Westin Automotive Products Inc.

The Wax Shop

Turin SUV 6-Lug With Flip-cap

Pro-Mod Front Bumper

Rebuild 2000 Medium Cut Compound

Turin SUV 6-Lug With Flip-cap Pro-Mod Front Bumper Rebuild 2000 Medium Cut Compound

The new Voxx Turin wheel is designed for SUV applications utilizing Voxx’s unique flip-cap design that allows multiple vehicle fitment. Available in 17, 18 and 20 sizes for PCD 6x127 through 6x139.7.
PN: TUR285600339

Pro-Mod’s unique three-piece modular design reduces shipping costs without sacrificing looks, strength or durability. Functionality and efficiency are achieved by combining lightweight 10-gauge sheetmetal and 4-gauge mounting brackets into a stylish and modern look while maintaining structural integrity, resulting in the best of both worlds.
PN: 58-41055

Rebuild’s proprietary Hybrid Abrasive Technology removes up to 2,000-grit paint imperfections with unmet ease, leaving a high-gloss shine that is ready for a wax or sealant. It is a medium-cut polish that quickly removes swirl and sanding marks as well as paint imperfections caused by everyday use and washing.
PN: 50956

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