ETTN Offers Automotive Engineers and Technical Professionals Education Opportunities at the SEMA Show

SEMA Member News—September 2018

ETTN Offers Automotive Engineers and Technical Professionals Education Opportunities at the SEMA Show

By Katie Carson

SEMA Garage staff members discussed the opportunities of 3D printing with ETTN members at last year’s ETTN Vehicle Tech Lunch & Learn.

The Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN) is a community within SEMA geared toward automotive aftermarket engineering, design and technology professionals, providing a forum for them to connect, collaborate, learn and advance their careers. ETTN is offering many opportunities for those types of professionals at this year’s SEMA Show.

SEMA Show Event: ETTN Vehicle Tech Lunch & Learn

The ETTN is hosting its fifth annual SEMA Show event. The ETTN Vehicle Tech Lunch & Learn is slated to occur on November 1, from 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m. The event will serve as an opportunity for like-minded technical professionals to discuss the latest automotive technical trends over drinks and lunch.

ETTN select-committee members will be in attendance to talk about the initiatives of the network, resources available to members and opportunities to get more involved. In addition, leading professionals will be recognized and celebrated, and technical demonstrations will occur. The ETTN has three annual awards that are presented to those who embody the core values of the network:

  • The SEMA ETTN Genius Award is given to honor and recognize those outstanding individuals whose innovations have made significant contributions toward advancing technology that positively impacts the growth and progress of the automotive industry.
  • The ETTN Techie Award recognizes an individual for engineering achievements of a product, process or component that demonstrates innovative and original engineering development and/or advances state-of-the-art technology as it pertains to the automotive industry or product sector.
  • The ETTN Ambassador Award is presented to an ETTN member who has demonstrated exceptional volunteer contributions or increased membership and awareness of the ETTN during the past year.

ETTN-Sponsored Educational Sessions

Attend ETTN-sponsored educational sessions during the SEMA Show to hear industry leaders present and discuss the latest vehicle technologies.

Cross-Council Vehicle Technology Roundtable Forum: New Technologies, New Opportunities

Advanced vehicle technologies are changing how cars are designed, developed, manufactured, customized, sold, serviced, shared and owned. New vehicle technologies from advanced driver assistance systems to autonomy are driving the shift, and it’s being shaped by demographic, regulatory, social and environmental pressures. This forum will bring together SEMA council and network technology experts to discuss how members can compete in today’s rapidly evolving market segments as well as understand and leverage new aftermarket growth opportunities and immediate technology trends defined by SEMA cross-council vehicle technology in the areas of vehicle technology, product development and manufacturing.

  • Moderator: John Waraniak, vice president vehicle technology, SEMA
  • Speakers: ETTN subcommittee representatives
  • TBS-1, Monday, October 29, LVCC Room N258, 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

Racing and Performance Forum: Keeping Technology at the Forefront

Racing technologies and performance products are critical to the continued relevance and innovation within the SEMA community for both traditional members as well as next-generation performance businesses, enthusiasts and fans. SEMA manufacturers need to pay attention to performance developments in electric and hybrid powertrains as well as drive-by wire and brake-by-wire systems. Members attending this forum will hear directly from frontline leaders and experts on the latest technologies and innovations being used in racing and adapted to production as well as the direction, relevance and importance of motorsports and technology to the future of the performance industry.

  • Moderator: John Waraniak, vice president of vehicle technology, SEMA
  • Speakers: Mark Rushbrook, director of performance, Ford Motor Company; Jim Campbell, vice president of performance vehicles and motorsports, General Motors; David Wilson, president, Toyota Racing Development USA; Scott Atherton, president and chief operating officer, International Motor Sports Association; Ralph Sheheen, Fox Sports lead broadcaster, NASCAR, Monster Energy Supercross; Mike McClary, director of partnerships, Forza Motorsport, Microsoft; Ken Ungar, president, Charge; Rob Hiner, director of marketing and creative at Performance Racing Industry
  • TBS-2, Tuesday, October 30, LVCC Room N258, 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Forum: Customizing With Confidence

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are passive and active safety performance technologies developed to automate vehicle systems for safer driving. Leading SEMA companies customize with confidence and ensure compliance by knowing how ADAS and advanced vehicle technologies are impacting their products, installations and businesses. This forum will feature results and insights from SEMA’s “Advanced Vehicle Technology Opportunities Report” to help members understand the critical factors and business opportunities of the evolving market for retrofitting vehicles with aftermarket ADAS technologies and products.

  • Moderator: John Waraniak, vice president of vehicle technology, SEMA
  • Speakers: Aaron Schulenburg, executive director, Society of Collision Repair Specialists; Terry Ledwidge, director of business development, Link Engineering; Dean McConnell, director, ADAS, Continental Automotive; Brian Daugherty, CTO, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association; Kaleb Silver, manager, Hunter Engineering; Steve Witt, co-founder, Driver Safety Technology; Chris Cook, president, Mobile Electronics Association
  • TBS-3, Wednesday, October 31, LVCC Room N258, 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

Advanced Vehicle Technology: Practice, Policy and Challenges

Advanced vehicle technologies are changing how cars are designed, developed, customized, sold, serviced, shared and owned. SEMA manufacturers, distributors and installers are facing increasing challenges today and in the coming years as vehicles become more complex due to assisted, connected and automated driving technologies as well as demographic, regulatory, social and environmental pressures. Horsepower and hardware are being matched with computing power and software. New market segments are being created in safety, performance, vehicle emissions, electronics, connected and automated driving. This panel session will focus on the practices, challenges, policies and product liability considerations you need to know to grow and prosper in the evolving performance aftermarket.

  • Moderator: Daniel Ingber, chief corporate counsel, SEMA
  • Speakers: John Waraniak, vice president vehicle technology, SEMA; Mike Spagnola, vice president, OEM and product development programs, SEMA; David Strickland, partner, Venable LLP; former administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Stuart Gosswein, senior director, federal government affairs, SEMA;
  • TBS-4, Thursday, November 1, LVCC Room N258, 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.
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