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SEMA News—February 2018


By Linda Spencer

Worldwide Appeal

150 New Products Singled Out for Global Media Awards at the 2017 SEMA Show

  Holley MSD Racepak
The Holley/MSD/Racepak team posed with Ira Gabriel (far right), SEMA vice president of marketing, PR and communications. Holley/MSD garnered 15 Global Media Awards (GMA) and was the top GMA vote-getter at the 2017 SEMA Show. “While we at Racepak felt that we had created an innovative and forward-looking product, we were both surprised and proud of the fact that our products garnered [these] international awards,” said Tim Anderson, Racepak president. “The international recognition provided validation that the products were well thought-out and designed, which in turn appeals to a broad international market.”

Among the throngs of international journalists who traveled to the 2017 SEMA Show from around the world were representatives from 27 top enthusiast media from 17 countries who were invited to serve as judges for the Global Media Awards (GMA). These print, digital and broadcast media were charged with the task of identifying up to 10 products each from the more than 3,000 products in the New Products Showcase that they believed would best resonate in their home markets. When the voting was over, 150 exhibitors were the proud winners of these prestigious media awards.

In its 14th year, the GMA program highlighted for exhibitors the extent to which the SEMA Show brings together the world’s leading brands with buyers and media from more than 100 countries.

“It’s an honor for us to be recognized by the international media, especially considering how many new products were showcased,” said Eric Blakely of Edelbrock LLC. “It’s exciting for us to see enthusiasts outside of the United States who share our passion for performance.”

Other winners pointed out the common platforms for customization around the world as well as the cool products to upgrade the performance of those vehicles.

“We are very pleased and honored to have the heavy-duty power of our new L96 crate engine as well as two of our performance brake upgrade systems and our new Colorado Bedliner recognized by the global media,” said Roger McCormack, director of accessories and performance parts marketing, planning and strategy for General Motors. “It’s great to know that the performance and capability the Chevrolet Performance team works hard to deliver to our customers resonates with enthusiasts across the globe.”

Jim Flowers, general manager of Bubba Rope, which won awards from journalists in Australia and the Middle East, said that his company had really focused on creating some new, unique and safety-minded recovery products for the 2017 SEMA Show.

'“To be recognized by individuals who write about the off-road industry daily was a huge compliment for the whole Bubba Rope Team,” Flowers said. “Australia and the United Arab Emirates are fantastic international destinations where there is an abundance of off-roading and, unfortunately, getting stuck can take place.”

With 25% of all buyers at the SEMA Show coming from outside the United States, the Show is a perfect venue for exhibitors to get leading brands in front of international trade buyers. The GMA program is an important opportunity for exhibitors to gain worldwide recognition.

“While we at Racepak felt that we had created an innovative and forward-looking product, we were both surprised and proud of the fact that our products garnered 11 international awards,” said Tim Anderson, president of Racepak. “The international recognition provided validation that the products were well thought-out and designed, which in turn appeals to a broad international market.”

Scott Schafer, president of Antigravity Batteries, pointed out that being a known entity in countries throughout the world is critical.

“In today’s global economy, it is extremely important to have a presence in countries that can benefit from and use your product,” he said. “At Antigravity Batteries, we are always extremely pleased when we are selected by foreign journalists who see the need for our products in their countries. It gives us insight into the larger global markets.”

AST Suspension   Retro Manufacturing

Tim Martin (right), SEMA Chairman-Elect from K&N Engineering, acknowledged AST Suspension/Moton Suspension for its three Global Media Awards. The company was a first-time exhibitor at the 2017 SEMA Show.



  Tim Martin (second from right), SEMA chairman-elect from K&N Engineering, congratulated members of the Retro Manufacturing staff. The company won six GMAs. “We are honored to accept these awards,” said Steve Harrington, Retro Manufacturing’s president. “We strive to create innovative products designed to bring modern conveniences to classic cars without sacrificing the timeless design of the vehicles. We take great pride in what we do. Winning one of these awards is fantastic, but winning six is absolutely amazing.”


SEMA News asked some of the judges for their perceptions of their selections and why the products they selected would be good fits for their markets. The following is what they had to say.


Simon Telford, Street Machine

  • 3pConnect/Turbosmart, V Series 40mm Wastegate: This is a great example of an industry leader seeking feedback from racers and tuners about its product and then sinking a ton of development time into creating a clean-sheet design that is easier to adapt to a myriad of applications and is capable of standing up to the punishment that top-end racers subject it to.
  • Drake Automotive Group, Scott Drake Legendary Wheels LW-60 GT8 Series: There is a strong trend in Australia for building/restoring musclecars that look close to stock inside and out but have a heap of horsepower under the bonnet. For Ford guys interested in this style, these rims are a great option.
  • MOPAR, 6.2L Supercharged Crate Hemi Engine Kit: The Hellcat engine is the most desirable production car motor going, so there will be a lot of interest in fitting it into classic musclecars Down Under.
  • Harrop, Nizpro Marine Supercharged 450s: Nizpro was at the forefront of the burgeoning Aussie EFI and turbo tuning scene in the ‘90s, so it is great to see the company branching out into a large overseas market with unique product.
  • ProCharger, F-3X-143 Supercharger Supporting 3,500 hp+: I just want one!
  • Turbonetics/Precision Turbo & Engine, Ford Raptor Turbocharger Upgrades: We drove a Raptor to SEMA this year, and I was blown away by what an awesomely fast rig it is. But if some is good, more is better. A hopped-up Raptor is now firmly in my dream garage.
  • Vintage Air, ’57 Chevrolet Gen IV SureFit Kit: Australian summers are hot, and so are ‘57 Chevys. So anything that can help the owners of shoebox Chevys get air conditioning into their cars easier has to be a good thing.
  • Vortech, V-30 Race Series Superchargers: While outnumbered by the turbo brigade, there is a resurgence of interest in centrifugal blowers on the Australian scene, and there will be a lot of top-end racers looking at the advancements that Vortech has made with the V-30.
  • Weld Racing, Alpha 1 Drag Race Wheel: Weld rims are [one of top] wheels of choice for Aussie Pro Street enthusiasts and drag racers. I can see these rims being very popular Down Under.

Matt Raudonikis, 4x4 Australia

  • Bubba Rope, Gator-Jaw Pro Winch Line: I’m a big fan of removing any metal components from your vehicle recovery rig, and synthetic rope soft shackles are a great way to do that. We voted for Bubba Rope’s Gator Jaw soft shackles last year and were again impressed to find that Bubba Rope has taken the next step and spliced a Gator Jaw soft shackle to the end of its Gator Jaw Pro Line. The Pro Line uses 3/8-in. advanced HMPE synthetic rope with a synthetic shackle at the end of a synthetic winch line to simplify and reduce the weight of the connection. That eliminates the weight of a metal hook and/or shackle and the possibility of it flying loose in the event of a failure.
  • Holley/MSD, Racepak SmartWire IQ3S Dash Combo: As V8 and other engine conversions into 4x4s become more popular, it can be much easier to use an aftermarket gauge panel than trying to wire the new engine sensors up to your OE gauges. Racepak has been making such gauge panels for race cars for years, but now its IQ3s Street Dash includes indicators and other warning lights that you would have in a street car into the system, such as high beam, speedometer and fuel gauge. The Street Dash can integrate with your EFI system, be it OE or aftermarket, and also your OBD system, if equipped. It can replace up to 24 gauges in your dash. It’s a smart, all-in-one system that can simplify your installation and look cool at the same time.
  • King Shocks, ’07+ Toyota Tundra/Land Cruiser 200 3.0 Performance Series Kit: Look at the custom 4x4 features that we run throughout the year, and it’s becoming obvious that more builders are forking out the big dollars for high-end suspension products from companies such as King Shocks. King is known for their off-road racing wins, and you’ll find them on the winning cars at Baja, Dakar or the Finke Desert Race, so when we saw the new 3-in. Performance King Shocks for the Land Cruiser 200, we knew they’d be a good thing. King has taken that race-winning experience and technology to create a 3-in. bolt-in replacement shock for the 200 that offers more travel and netter control of your vehicle under the harshest condition.
  • MaxTrax, MaxTrax Xtreme & JaxBase: We’ve had plenty of experience with MaxTrax over the years and know how good the existing product is, so anything new from the Queensland company is exciting news. The MaxTrax answers the complaints of users who have spun the tires on their MaxTrax and burned the lugs off them. The Xtreme features screw-in, replaceable lugs made from aluminum, so you shouldn’t have the same problem. But, as always, you shouldn’t be spinning your tires on them anyway. The Xtreme is the same size and construction as the existing Mk2 MaxTrax but has been reinforced around the lugs for added strength. The MaxTrax JaxBase is like a mini-MaxTrax, but the underside of it is flat to give you a sturdy, flat platform for placing your vehicle jack on over soft or uneven ground. It’s big enough to support a small trolley jack, a bottle jack or your OE jack, and it will be a godsend for many off-roaders. The top surface is just like a MaxTrax, so you could use it to get unstuck in an emergency, but it also stacks nicely inside your regular MaxTrax. If you want a smaller MaxTrax, the Mini is just 635 mm long and is the same design as the Mk2 only shorter. It’s good for compact SUVs or ATVs. The new MaxTrax products will be available in Q3 of 2018.
  • Mickey Thompson Tires, Deegan 38: We fitted a set of the new Mickey Thompson All Terrains to photographer Mick Hunrren’s Land Rover, and he’s pretty impressed with their ride and performance as he gets around to 4x4 shooting locations and his favorite fishing haunts. The Deegan 38 A/Ts are an aggressive all-terrain tire with a high-silica compound for added on-road traction and chunky side biters and tread for off-road grip. They are proving to be the right combination for on- and off-road use for Mick and are a great compromise over a full-fledged mud terrain tire.
  • Redarc Electronics, In-Vehicle DC-DC and Solar Battery Charger: South Australia’s Redarc Electronics has led the way in DC-DC vehicle chargers for dual-battery systems and solar charging. The chargers sense and maintain voltages to supply optimum charge to the vehicle and trailer batteries and are especially valuable in modern vehicles with so-called smart alternators and electronics. The chargers are available to suit all the different batteries you are likely to want to use and in various sizes to suit your application.
  • Sprintex Superchargers, Sprintex Pentastar Series II Supercharger System: Another Aussie company that has been turning out world-class products for years, Sprintex Superchargers chose the SEMA Show to unveil its blower kits for the Jeep Pentastar V6 as fitted to the JK Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. Sprintex has adapted its proven twin-screw supercharger unit for use on the latest 3.6L gas Jeeps with an OE-quality kit that can be fitted by a qualified workshop in just a day. It delivers V8-like performance with plenty of low-down torque without the headaches of a V8 engine conversion. Up to 58% more power and 28% more torque is nothing to be sneezed at.
  • Synergy Manufacturing, Jeep JK Rear Air Tank Mount: Synergy Manufacturing’s mounting brackets allow the Endo tank and others to be mounted under the floor of a JK Wrangler. The Synergy kit places the 3-gal. air tank up between the crossmembers in space that is otherwise unused, and all the included mounting hardware is quality stuff to ensure a neat and lasting installation.
  • Tyredog TPMS, TPMS With Vibration Sensor: Tire-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are invaluable for any 4x4er, and the TyreDog system is a budget kit that has been around for a while now. Traditionally, the TPMS measures both tire temperatures and pressures and sends a warning to the driver if there is an irregularity from the specified data point. Tyredog’s latest TPMS adds another parameter to the data with a vibration sensor that (using a six-way sensor and complicated mathematical calculus) can warn of excess vibration caused by tire delamination, bubbling, rim damage or other deformation. Monitoring and early warning of changes to tire pressure, temperature and vibration can not only save the cost of replacing a tire but also could save a life if it prevents a tire-related crash.”
  International Media
Nearly 30 Global Media Award judges met with the winners during the International Happy Hour at the 2017 SEMA Show, providing an opportunity for the journalists to obtain insights into the products for future press coverage and for exhibitors to gain insights into why the journalists thought that the product they selected would do well in their markets. “I had the chance to visit with all of the judges who were available during the reception to personally thank them for their support and to learn more about their respective media activities and market,” said Craig Donnelly, president of BBS of America. “The international reach and exposure of SEMA is better than ever, and the Global Media Awards are another way that SEMA exhibitors benefit from participating.” BBS of America won eight 2018 Global Media Awards.

Simon Christie, 4WD TV

  • Advanced Accessory Concepts, Trigger 6 Shooter: The Trigger 6 Shooter offers a solution to many problems met by Australian automotive enthusiasts. The solid-state electronics replace the old relays with an easy-to-use and more reliable gang of six control channels. Newer vehicles offer less functional dash points for switches, wiring through to the dash is always difficult, and it is far more difficult (and undesirable) to drill holes in modern dashboards for switches. The remote switch head solves all of those problems, saves time and money, and is far more functional for old and new vehicles.
  • Advanced Accessory Concepts, Trigger POP Display: The POP display also works very well in visually promoting the product.
  • Brandmotion, SummitView Multi-Camera Display: The SummitView Multi-Camera Display is a quick and affordable solution for retrofitting older vehicles (or those not equipped) with a multi-point camera system. Specifically in regards to off-roaders, this product allows multi-point real-time vision of the terrain around the vehicle, providing the same functionality for accurate obstacle avoidance and wheel placement whether it’s parking or traversing difficult terrain.
  • Bubba Rope, Gator-Jaw Pro Winch Line: The Gator Jaw Pro Winch Line is a safety solution that eliminates another metal part from the chain of recovery when winching in extreme off-road situations. During a failure, any metal component attached to a strap, anchor or vehicle as part of the recovery process can become a heavy speeding projectile and result in serious injury or even death. The Gator Jaw Pro eliminates the need for a metal hook on the end of the winch cable.
  • MechMan Alternators, 240-amp Alternator for ’12–’17 Jeep Wrangler 3.6L: The MechMan 240-amp Alternator offers a super solution to Australian off-roaders who typically overwhelm their vehicles’ electrical systems with multiple 12V accessories. This alternator offers more than double the charging capacity of the factory unit and will ensure peace of mind, reliability and safety for Australian 4WD drivers who require more from their off-road batteries, electrical systems and electric accessories.
  • Redcat Racing, Everest Gen7 Pro: The Everest Gen7 Pro is a remote-control-scale 4x4 with a realistic build, accessories and performance. We are seeing a surge of popularity in Australia with RC-scale vehicles, and they are a functional connection between real 4WD driving as well as a link between old and young enthusiasts.
  • Spider Tarp, Spider Cord with Spider-Lock Hooks: Spider Lock Hooks offer a solution to an old problem by being an ingenious upgrade of the old stretchy cord. They are adjustable in length, making them far more adaptable and easier to use, and they have a variety of connection types that make them more utilitarian and less likely to break or be lost.
  • Zeitronix Inc., Zt-4 Dual Wideband Air/Fuel Controller With ZR-4 Super Slim, Dual Air/Fuel Gauge: The ZR4 AFR Gauge offers Australian 4WD drivers the unique opportunity to quickly and accurately view and adjust their AFR. Fuel use and vehicle power are critical concerns for off-roaders, and AFR control is one simple way to adjust them as required.
  First-Time Exhibitors Winning Global Media Awards
(In Descending Order of Number of Awards Won)
  • Topfire—4
  • AST Suspension/Moton Suspension—3
  • 4Loader—2
  • Hard Korr Lighting—2
  • R3 Performance Products—2
  • Adams Polishes—1
  • BG Products Inc.—1
  • Dannmar Lifts—1
  • Don Hardy Race Cars—1
  • EZ Lynk—1
  • Focus Auto Design Inc.—1
  • Grypmat—1
  • Harrop—1
  • Insane Audio—1
  • Intellitronix—1
  • Level Ride Air Suspension—1
  • Liquid Armour Protective
  • Coatings LLC—1
  • MIG Buddy/GeorgeB Design—1
  • Portaband Pro—1
  • Slam Specialties—1
  • Spider Tarp—1
  • 3SDM Wheels USA—1
  • TKO Clamping Systems—1
  • Ultimaker—1


Eduardo Bernasconi, Revista Fullpower

  • Audi of America, Wireless Charging Phone Cover & Wireless Charging Pad: I know that it’s an Audi product, but it could be sold for any kind of car in our market.
  • BBS of America Inc., BBS RE-Magnesium Wheel: Brazil has no BBS representative, but the high-end market is growing, and BBS could offer these wheels to Brazilian customers.
  • Brandmotion, Universal 360° Vision System: Lots of custom shops are starting to make projects with technologies found only in brand-new cars. This product could fit some of the cars built in Brazil.
  • Con2r, Solid Wood Grip Steering Wheels: We just don’t have anything like that here. Good opportunity to find a rep or a dealer.
  • Con2r, Twin-Three Universal Instrument Set: Instruments are so popular in Brazil, but only AutoMeter has its share. Different instruments such as these may gain some market share.
  • Holley/MSD, Racepak SmartWire IQ3S Dash Combo: We have one company in Brazil that produces a nice dash, but this one is another option. The track-day market is growing, and there is competition in a lot of states. Good product and consumer for that down here.
  • Redarc Electronics, In-Vehicle DC-DC & Solar Battery Charger: I liked the creativity. I have never seen it before. I don’t how many could be sold, but definitely new stuff.
  • Retro Manufacturing, RetroSound Wonder Bar Radio: Brazilians are buying products from this company directly from the United States, but finding a dealer or distributor will help sales growth.
  • Vision Tech America Inc., Boyo Carrobot C2-Lite: Same thought about the Universal 360° Vision System. Not only for brand-new cars but also equipment that could be used in custom-built cars.
  • Voxx Electronics Corp., Look-It: Another one to be compared to the Universal 360° Vision and Boyo Carrobot. Could fit in any project vehicle.

Exhibitors Winning Global Media Awards
(In Descending Order of Number of Awards Won)

  • Holley/MSD—15
  • BBS of America Inc.—8
  • 3pConnect/Turbosmart—7
  • Retro Manufacturing—6
  • Advanced Accessory Concepts—4
  • Chevrolet—4
  • Topfire—4
  • Antigravity Batteries—3
  • AST Suspension/Moton Suspension—3
  • Bubba Rope—3
  • Dinan/APR—3
  • Edelbrock LLC—3
  • Eibach—3
  • Fitech Efi—3
  • Flaming River Industries Inc.—3
  • Haltech Engine Management Systems—3
  • JJ’s Rods & JJ’s E-Z Boots—3
  • Maxtrax—3
  • Monti Tools Inc.—3
  • Optima Batteries—3
  • Rock-Slide Engineering—3
  • Thermal R&D Exhaust—3
  • Zeitronix Inc.—3
  • American Autowire—2
  • Brandmotion—2
  • Classic Instruments—2
  • COMP Performance Group—2
  • Con2r—2
  • DashLogic—2
  • DeatschWerks Fuel Systems—2
  • Decked—2
  • Drake Automotive Group—2
  • EBC Brakes USA—2
  • Energy Suspension—2
  • Enkei Wheels—2
  • EZ Pulley—2
  • Factor 55—2
  • 4Loader—2
  • Hard Korr Lighting—2
  • JE Pistons—2
  • Kleinn Air Horns—2
  • Lund International—2
  • Mothers Polishes-Waxes-Cleaners—2
  • Pittman Outdoors “AirBedz”—2
  • ProCharger Supercharger Systems—2
  • Redarc Electronics—2
  • Rival—2
  • R3 Performance Products—2
  • Show Cars Automotive Inc.—2
  • Thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America—2
  • Transfer Flow Inc.—2
  • Tyredog TPMS—2
  • Waylens Inc.—2
  • Weld—2
  • Wheel Vintiques—2
  • Adams Polishes—1
  • Advanced Clutch Technology Inc. (ACT)—1
  • aFe Power—1
  • Affordable Fuel Injection—1
  • Air Design USA—1
  • All American Billet—1
  • AP Racing/Essex—1
  • Audi of America—1
  • Austin International Mfg. Inc.—1
  • AutoMeter—1
  • Baer Inc.—1
  • Baxter Performance—1
  • BG Products Inc.—1
  • Billy Boat Exhaust—1
  • BorgWarner—1
  • Borla Performance Industries Inc.—1
  • Brookville Roadster Inc.—1
  • Celette Inc.—1
  • Ceramic Pro—1
  • Cobra/Escort/Waspcam—1
  • Custom Autosound Manufacturing—1
  • Dakota Digital—1
  • Dannmar Lifts—1
  • The Detail Mate—1
  • Don Hardy Race Cars—1
  • Driven Racing Oil—1
  • EZ Lynk—1
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles/MOPAR—1
  • Focus Auto Design Inc.—1
  • GC Cooling—1
  • GFB Go Fast Bits—1
  • Granatelli Motor Sports Inc.—1
  • Grypmat—1
  • Hangzhou Magic Power Racing Parts Ltd.—1
  • Harrop—1
  • Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts—1
  • Hunter Engineering Company—1
  • Illinois Lock Company—1
  • Insane Audio—1
  • Intellitronix—1
  • Kicker—1
  • King Shocks—1
  • Level Ride Air Suspension—1
  • Liquid Armour Protective Coatings LLC—1
  • LPC—1
  • McGaughy’s Suspension—1
  • MechMan Alternators—1
  • Metra Electronics—1
  • Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels—1
  • Midland Radio Corp.—1
  • MIG Buddy/GeorgeB Design—1
  • Milltek Sport—1
  • Mito Corp.—1
  • NFS Sport International—1
  • Ningbo Henri Development Trade Co. Ltd.—1
  • NRD LLC—1
  • Ohlins USA—1
  • Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge—1
  • Owens Products Inc.—1
  • Paramount Automotive—1
  • Pareto Point Industries—1
  • Pertronix LLC—1
  • Pliogrip, Like 90—1
  • Portaband Pro—1
  • PowerBass—1
  • Powerteq—1
  • Prosport Gauges Inc.—1
  • Redcat Racing—1
  • Restomod Air—1
  • Slam Specialties—1
  • Spa Technique Inc.—1
  • Sparta Evolution—1
  • Spec Clutches & Flywheels—1
  • Speed Dawg Shift Knobs—1
  • Speedmaster—1
  • Spider Tarp—1
  • Sprintex Superchargers—1
  • Superwinch—1
  • Synergy Manufacturing—1
  • 3SDM Wheels USA—1
  • Titan Fuel Tanks—1
  • TKO Clamping Systems—1
  • Turbonetics/Precision Turbo & Engine—1
  • Ultimaker—1
  • United Pacific Industries—1
  • Vertically Driven Products (VDP)—1
  • Viking Performance Inc.—1
  • Vintage Air—1
  • Vision Tech America Inc.—1
  • Vortech Superchargers—1
  • Voxx Electronics Corp.—1
  • Warrior Products—1
  • Wavetrac Differentials—1
  • Wilwood Disc Brakes—1
  • Winjet Automotive Inc.—1


Perry Mack, 4WDrive

  • Antigravity Batteries, Antigravity Lithium-Ion Performance Starter Battery: The ATX30 is a lightweight high-performance starter battery intended for vehicles up to 600 hp and can be used for any 12V vehicle in a starter battery application. A built-in circuit board makes sure the lithium-ion battery inside is fully managed and protected, and it is designed so that the battery knows when it is close to being completely drained. For example, you leave the lights or stereo on in the vehicle at a camp or worksite and get back to find your battery is dead. You normally need a jumpstarter or assistance, but with these re-start batteries, you just press a button on the battery and access the remaining reserve capacity of the battery, which is enough to get you about five start attempts. What’s the downside? They are not a deep-discharge battery for powering high-amp systems, nor are they good for winching due to their lower amp-hour capacity compared to lead/acid batteries (which are roughly three times larger and can weigh up to 25 kg more). Lithium-ion batteries are extremely lightweight (70% less than lead/acid batteries), providing extremely high cranking power in a very small package.
  • Baxter Performance, Cartridge to Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter: Cartridge filters on Toyotas can be a pain to work on. They are tough to get off, have plastic pieces that break and are in hard-to-access locations—especially if you have underbody armor to protect your engine. Baxter Performance has designed and built an adapter to convert a cartridge system to an easy-to-use and reliable spin-on oil filter. They also offer cartridge filter adapters that will allow you to go to a remote setup porting off the very end or the sides, depending on your orientation and clearances. The one product they offer that will work for virtually any engine (truck, boat, plane) is the inverted remote-filter mount. A variety of porting options allow you to mount it high in the engine bay for easy access.
  • Factor 55, Flatlink Multimount: Recoveries can be exceptionally difficult in Canada, from the tight, steep, tree-lined trails of British Columbia to the soggy forests of Ontario to the open bogs of Newfoundland. We’ve always been fans of the Factor 55 Flatlink, and the addition of multiple attachment points to ease difficult recoveries makes us love them even more. The oval hole opening is extremely versatile and will fit over either the pin or bow end of ¾-in. pin shackles, the pin ends of 7/8- and 1-in. pin shackles, and over most OEM tow hooks. The Flatlink Multimount has a max load limit of 16,000 lbs. and a breaking strength of 40,000 lbs. Rubber pads protect your fairlead, and it is suitable for synthetic or wire line.
  • Insane Audio, I/A JK2001: The JK2001 from Insane Audio is much more than an improved audio/video unit. The Bluetooth OBD-II adapter and Torque app will let you view real-time engine data and view and clear engine diagnostic codes. It is backup-camera-ready so you can see what’s behind you when you switch into reverse, and you can connect a forward-facing camera to effectively see through your hood. The company’s own NavEngine navigation software provides 3D maps and topography with the latest street and trail maps in both the United States and Canada. The operating system is Android 6.1, which means you can download and use any Android app, whether it’s Netflix, traffic software or Google Earth. The unit comes with 32GB of storage built in and will accept microSD cards with up to 256 GB of storage. Connect it to your phone to draw from your existing data plan, stream audio and video, take calls—it’s all there behind a high-resolution touch screen in an IP66-rated housing.
  • Kleinn Air Horns, 6350RC Waterproof Heavy-Duty Air Compressor: Midsize trucks and SUVs are loved for their compact size and loathed because there never seems to be enough room in the cab or under the hood to mount all our off-road accessories. Kleinn Air Horns has produced a 150-psi, 100%-duty air compressor that can be fully submersed. You can tuck this unit under the truck, safe from impacts and without worrying about water, mud, dust and dirt. A filtered snorkel air intake ensures that the compressor receives clean dry air.
  • Lund International, Lund Max Rack: The Lund Max Rack is constructed from aluminum, so you don’t add too much extra weight while you load your gear. You can mount it to the cross bars of your SUV or the door jams of your truck (by selecting the appropriate no-drill hardware kit for your vehicle). The included front 40-in. light bar seems especially relevant during the very short winter days north of the 49th parallel. An optional rear light bar is also available.
  • Pareto Point Industries, Filteröl: An Advanced Continuous Serial Flow Oil Filtration System: More horsepower and torque from smaller, lighter engines is the design trend around the world, and it’s especially appreciated in Canada. The price of this improved power-to-weight ratio is an engine that works harder, so clean oil becomes an increasingly important component to engine longevity. The system from PPI removes particulate down to 2 microns in size, compared to the 25–40 microns that a typical spin-on filter removes. Society of Automotive Engineers studies show that the most serious engine damage is from debris smaller than 10 microns. The Filteröl system works in combination with your spin-on oil filter to achieve two-micron oil filtration. It’s a bolt-on system that should deliver longer engine life, fewer emissions, more mileage, more oil volume, and better oil and filter service life.
  • Rock-Slide Engineering, Next Generation Step Slider: The Next Generation articulating powered step slider from Rock Slide Engineering opens and closes automatically with the vehicle’s doors; the extruded-aluminum tube provides rock slider protection; and the included lights make the step easy to see when they open. It’s a maintenance-free unit with the waterproof motor sealed inside. Michael Sampson from Rock Slide says you can install it in about two hours using factory holes (so no drilling required). It has a load capacity of 300 kg (650 lbs.), and each side weighs 13.6 kg (30 lbs.). It’s fast, quiet and provides a 20-cm (8-in.) drop to keep very important people in your life happy.
  • Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge, CB/AM/FM Antenna System: Wish you could use your CB and AM/FM radio without having two antennae on your rig? Rugged Ridge has created a multiplexor system kit that permits you to simultaneously use your CB antenna as both a CB and an AM/FM antenna. This creates one system that delivers three bands of radio signal, all while keeping the wires hidden with an easy, 30-minute installation. The fender mounting point allows for a better range of CB signal than the industry standard. The use of a CB antenna also provides better AM/FM reception than the factory antenna. Rugged Ridge also assures us that there is no signal bleed between the two lines, allowing you to sing along to your favorite radio tunes and broadcast it to everyone on the trail at the same time. The kit is specifically designed for ’97–’06 Wrangler TJs and ’07–’18 Wrangler JKs, and it contains all the necessary wiring, connectors, coaxial cable and hardware.
  • Focus Auto Design Inc., Tough FormFit Guard (Jeep): When I hear that a truck product is designed, manufactured and tested in Alberta, I have to get excited. Albertans get it all: brutal cold, extreme heat, towering elevation changes—all on roads and highways that see tons of rock-launching RVs, tractor-trailers and heavy machinery. The Tough FormFit Guard is a distinct hood protector constructed from a UV-stable acrylic-capped ABS, with a bolt-on look designed to match the style of bolt-on fender flares (whether they are truly bolt-on or not). It is a no-drill installation with no modification required, as the parts attach with 3M automotive tape and patented stainless-steel clips on the hood edge. These folks are not a new start-up but are Focus Auto Design, with more than 30 years’ experience making OEM hood protectors.


Baokun Lyu, FB Life

  • 4Loader: In recent years, fullsize pickup trucks have become more and more popular in China because of their high comfort level/good functionality and affordable prices. ATVs are also good vehicles in outdoor events. Fullsize pickup trucks and ATV are very complementary to each other. These two vehicles are more often seen together in domestic self-drive events and off-road events. How to take big toys/ATVs on the trips is a challenge. 4Loader provides a perfect solution for that challenge. All you need to do is to dismantle the tailgate and secure the product to the truck bed with bolts. Then you can put down the ramp and load the ATV into the truck. It is just that simple. After you fold the ramp, it will turn into a tailgate, preventing the ATV from falling off the truck. 4Loader is not only very secure but also beautifully designed, leaving room for storage.
  • Owens Products Inc., Ellipse Lit Cargo Management: The cargo management case is made of high-density aluminum, which is strong and light. It is easy to install and compatible with other accessories, and it fits with the stock vehicle bed. It has very good compartments for both big articles and small items. The lock is easy and safe, and the grains on the case are easy to clean and not easily scratched. It has more than 10 colors to choose from to match different vehicle colors.
  • Kicker, 44PRZ35: The 5.1 speaker system for RZR can turn an UTV into a moving concert center in the wilderness. It is driven by four amplifiers, with maximum power at 300 watts from four 6.5-in. speakers and one separate bass amplifier drive with 500 watts from one 10-in. speaker. The sound effect is very powerful. Besides AM/FM radio, the 44PRZ35 also supports aux, Bluetooth and USB inputs, including 1A for providing an external device charging function. Whether outdoors or at a party, the sound system will bring you shocking and uninterrupted music power.
  • PowerBass, XL-1200 Soundbar: While the 44PRZ35 is a sound system for people sitting inside the vehicle, this PowerBass product is designed to provide high-quality sound for people outside. This product is moisture proof and dust proof and extreme temperature proof. The XL-1200 has an aux input and a 2V output, and it supports Bluetooth. You can install this product on the rooftop of the vehicle to provide high-quality music. Inside the box are 12 units that can reach 1,000 watts, including six 3.5-in. bass, two 3-in. all-frequency, and four high units. You can choose a top stand or a bottom stand, which allows you to install it wherever you like; you can also install many XL-1200s at the same time. On the official website, it says that the size of the product is about the same as an auxiliary lighting bar.
  • Topfire, Marauder: The Topfire Marauder kit includes a grille, a front bumper, front fender flares and rear fender flares. It applies to the ’07–’17 JK series. The design was inspired by the stealth fighter. It is very creative to combine the grille and front bumper into one piece. The Topfire Marauder grille uses 4mm magnesium aluminum. The grille has a pair of 4-in. LED lights, and installation does not involve much changes. The front bumper has reserved space for stock fog lighting and has the option to install 20-in. LED lighting. The front bumper has also reserved space for a built-in winch and a pair of shackles, which will enable the vehicle to rescue itself and other vehicles. Besides the functional features, the grille has a pair of 12mm LED lights featuring the Topfire logo. The alloy Marauder fender flares fit well with the Wrangler. The fender flares can add fender lighting and KC tire lighting.
  • Topfire, Blade II: The Topfire Blade-series kit applies to the ’07–’17 JK series. This product is simple/sharp/strong and light. The bumper has reserved space for a built-in winch and a Hupo flat link.
  • Rock-Slide Engineering, Generation 2 Auto Step: Anti-corrosion all-aluminum material greatly reduces its weight. Slide Auto Step craftsmanship has little welding and is easy to install and repair. Very smooth and quiet slide up and down process. Simple design that fits the vehicle very well.
  • Pittman Outdoors AirBedz, AirBedz: The Original Camo Truck Bed Air Mattress: Custom for fullsize pickups. It applies to all different kinds of pickups. Built-in electronic air inflator and out-gassing. It can be inflated or deflated with a switch. Included are a rechargeable battery, an A/C adaptor and a backpack. Designed for the outdoor lifestyle, it is rugged and durable. High-strength fabric can survive extremely bad environments.
  • Transfer Flow Inc., 60-gal. High-Capacity Replacement Fuel Tank for ’17 Ford Super Duty: A 227-liter replacement fuel tank that is good for both gasoline or diesel. The tank has compartments, and it is securely fastened, which greatly reduces the moving of the liquid inside. The installation position is on the frame, and there is no need to change the positioning of the spare tire. The design and installation positioning are appropriate, and it ensures that the fuel tank remains the same height above the ground. Six years/unlimited mileage warranty and more than 30 years of experience as well as legally certified to give customers confidence.

Bingjian Pan,

  • AST Suxpension/Moton Motorsport, 3-Ways for Mazda ND Miata: AST Suspension is very good news for high-performance motorsports enthusiasts to have this brand as an option. Moton Motorsport 3-Ways suspension has traditional, European-style two-section springs. The big spring provides strong support, while the small spring serves to absorb small shocks. Compared with a single-spring design, two-section springs are good for all kinds of driving habits.
  • Borla Performance Industries Inc., Atak Exhaust for ’17 Focus RS With Polyphonic Technology (Patent Pending): I have known Mr. David Borla for many years. I have a very good understanding of this top American exhaust company. I know very clearly that Chinese tuning-industry professionals have a great deal to learn from big international brands. I believe it is a great product [polyphonic technology]. Its name alone reminds me of beautiful church pipe organ music on Sundays in the United States and Europe.
  • EBC Brakes USA, Apollo-4 Brake Caliper: Currently, both hardcore enthusiasts and ordinary car owners like EBC’s brake pads. They are satisfied with the reasonable pricing and the brake functionality and stability. As a matter of fact, not only hardcore enthusiasts like tuning accessories, but ordinary car owners also have needs for upgraded tuning accessories for safety considerations. It is a surprise that EBC rolled out this price-friendly four-brake caliper, manufactured in the United Kingdom. This entry-level product has many colors, and it sells for only $390. It will be very competitive in the Chinese market.
  • Eibach, Civic Type R (’18)/Pro-Plus System: Eibach products sell piece by piece in China, not as kits, while in the United States, they roll out Pro-Plus, which includes a Pro-kit and sway bars. Many car owners choose the Eibach Pro-Plus System instead of height-adjustable dampers, which are more costly and more complicated.
  • Enkei Wheels, RC-T5: GMA judges pay lots of attention to wheel products because wheel upgrades have instant effects. Although there are lots of wheel products in the New Products Showcase, most of the products focus on changes in design and high-end material/carbon fiber. I ended up selecting the Enkei wheel because its price is very customer friendly. The 18-in. wheel is $460, which is very competitive. As it indicates in its name RC-T5, it is a fifth-generation product. This wheel product uses a hollowed-out design, and it is extremely light.
  • GC Cooling, Smart Fan: GC Cooling is not a big brand, but it is well-known among classic-car and hot-rod enthusiasts. This smart fan functions better than a stock fan, which is a good thing, as we all know heat is a big enemy for cars.
  • LPC, Intelligent Spark Plug: The design of this spark plug totally changed my perception of spark plugs. This spark plug can produce different sparking effects for different distances. You can see the striking difference in distance between the intelligent spark plug and a regular spark plug when you test it. A regular spark plug needs to get as close as one centimeter in order to ignite, while the LPC intelligent spark plug can provide ignition from eight centimeters away. That has many benefits. For the same amount of mixed gas and oxygen within the same space, it burns more fully, generates more power, more torsion and cleaner emissions. What is more valuable is that the LPC Intelligent Spark Plug passed the California emissions test and is certified by California. California has the strictest environmental protection policies in the United States, and this product has 800% pollution reduction, which convinced the California testing body.
  • TKO Clamping Systems, TKO Hose Clamps and Mounting Anchors: TKO Clamping Systems is a new company. The founding members are retirees from American law-enforcement departments. They told me that they invented the clamping system because they had an issue with a pipe on a very cold day, and they had difficulty working on a clamp with gloves on. They wanted to invent a new type of clamp. It took them five years of research, testing, failure, improvement, research and testing again. Finally, they succeeded in inventing this new clamping system. It overtook all the previous clamping system designs.
  • Thermal R&D Exhaust, Honda Civic Type R: Quite a few of the selections of new products are related to the Type R. When it comes to exhaust, we have to touch upon the specific vehicles it applies to. Type R (FK8) is the third Type R model sold in the American market. The first model was the Integra Type R (DC2). The second model was the NSX R (1.5 NA 2). And the third model is this FK8. FK8 is the fifth-generation spiritual leader of the Honda Civic family. FK8 sold pretty well in the United States. There are lots of these vehicles on U.S. streets. You can easily spot this car in Miami or Malibu. They pursue good exhaust sound. Their design is one single outlet, which is anti-tradition. Its exhaust pipe is 76 mm, and its material is T304 stainless steel.
  • aFe Power, ’17–’18 Ford F-150 Raptor EcoBoost V6-3.5L (tt) Magnum Force Stage-2 Super Raptor Pro 5R Cold-Air Intake System: Frankly speaking, I selected the aFe Power inner cooling pipe because of its beautiful craftsmanship. You might have many options if you choose to build your own pipe for the intake system. How big is the diameter? Should the intake pipe be bigger, or should the outlet pipe be bigger? It is a very difficult choice if you build your own pipe. The aFe inner cooling pipe has a solution: The intake pipe is 57 mm in diameter, and outlet pipe is 63 mm in diameter, which means the intake pipe is smaller than the outlet pipe.

Hai Xiao Liu, China4WDMag

  • Advanced Accessory Concepts, Trigger POP Display: This auxiliary light module provides safer and more convenient control of turning on or off the lights while driving. The traditional way of adding auxiliary lights requires the mechanic to change the electrical grid, which might lead to damaging the vehicle. Many Chinese tuning industry professionals are on a sharp learning curve to learn all they can about customizing in a short amount of time. This light module simplifies upgrading the auxiliary lights and makes it safer and more convenient. This product applies to all vehicles. It is good for city roads, off-road and racing venues.
  • Chevrolet, Chevrolet Colorado Bedliner With Integrated Pockets: This product provides good protection for the truck bed and makes good use of the space. Most Chinese pickup owners use their vehicles for pleasure instead of heavy-duty work. This product is very appealing to Chinese pickup owners because it provides good protection for the bed and various pockets for different purposes. This product is good for city roads and self-driving.
  • Factor 55, FlatLink Rope Guard: This product reflects outstanding industrial design. This is my favorite brand. I have voted for its new products since I became a GMA judge. They roll out new products every year, and many are very popular in China.
  • Lund International, Lund Max Rack: The roof rack provides additional storage room and auxiliary lighting positions. I ended up voting for this product because I hope that the Chinese market can see this outstanding American design style. It is good for the Jeep Wrangler.
  • Paramount Automotive, R-5 Canyon Stubby Front Bumper for the JK Wrangler: This product is new and very cost-effective. This American brand provides products at a very affordable price. This product applies to the Jeep Wrangler, which is one of the most popular vehicles in China.
  • Pittman Outdoors AirBedz, AirBedz—The Original Camo Pickup Bed Air Mattress: China is witnessing fast development of self-driving trips and outdoor camping life. This product is very convenient and safe in serving that need.
  • Rock-Slide Engineering, Generation 2 Auto Step: This product is beautiful, light and very convenient to install. Unlike the traditional slide door, this product can be manually opened even if the vehicle is stuck in the mud.
  • Topfire, Wrangler Accessories: It is very inspiring to see a Chinese product enter the SEMA New Products Showcase. What is more inspiring is that this product won a SEMA Show award. This indicates that the interaction between China and the United States reached a new height.
  • Transfer Flow Inc., 60-gal. High-Capacity Replacement Fuel Tank for ’17 Ford Super Duty: There are a pretty good number of Ford pickups on the roads in China. This new-material tank is very light and useful for long-distance self-driving trips.
  • Ultimaker, 3 and 3 Extended: This product can print out industrial products. This is very appealing to tuning enthusiasts, who pursue uniqueness.


Alastair Ritchie, NZ Hot Rod

  • 3pConnect/Turbosmart V Series 40mm Wastegate: Turbocharging has become a very popular source of adding power in the tuning world of New Zealand and Australia, with twin-turbo systems becoming more and more common, especially on V8 applications. With water cooling, adjustable hats for easy plumbing, interchangeable actuators and an integrated sensor for monitoring, the redesigned V Series is a game changer.
  • Antigravity Batteries, Antigravity Lithium-Ion Performance Starter Battery: This new range of motorsports batteries have all the usual attributes that come with lithium-ion technology, especially in the weight-saving department over conventional options. Antigravity has also engineered these batteries to handle the rough life inside a race car. This product contains one unique feature in the form of a re-start button, which will restart the car should you end up stranded on the track with a flat battery.
  • Borg Warner, S300SX-E 72mm Turbocharger: Building on the solid reputation Borg Warner has developed with its original aftermarket EFR series, this new product supersedes the old model by increasing the maximum output by 10% but retaining the same size housings with no loss of response. This product will sit perfectly within the fast-growing target market in Australia and New Zealand for 1,000hp street and race applications.
  • Classic Instruments, Autocross Yellow Series: With the huge variety of modern builds and very serious performance options easily locked, it’s usually only a shift light seen in the heat of battle behind the wheel. This new product design from Classic Instruments stands out with brighter colors, and the simple layout will to help relay crucial information, especially during sunny conditions when dash lighting is practically useless.
  • Escort, Redline EX Radar Detector: Having looked into this market recently, it’s hard to find a great product with the right balance of features to suit the challenging roads of New Zealand. The original Redline model was the best in the business for range. Escort has finally released a modern version with all the latest technology, including GPS-based learning capabilities to automatically learn and cut out unwanted false alarms. For those who travel internationally, this product also offers a stealth mode for zones you might pass through that have banned radar detectors.
  • Racepak, Vantage CL1: Racepak products are popular with many builders of serious musclecars and track specials down in Australia. This new product will be a winner for those who can’t afford a full dash and logging option. Using a smartphone as a monitor brings the price point down and within reach of the competitive club racer, and it also has a brand-new compact option for the ever-popular karting scene.
  • MaxTrax, JaxBase: Maxtrax has been innovative with their series of vehicle recovery traction boards, which really suit the sandy and muddy terrain found in Australia and New Zealand. This year, MaxTrax has unveiled a smaller and more robust version called the JaxBase, designed to suit to smaller SUVs and UTVs but with additional strength, allowing it to be used as a jack base in soft or unstable terrain.
  • Mito Corp., Pecca Automotive Leather Kits: The restoration of classic cars is big business, with many creative teams working hard to source and retain the look of yesteryear. It’s sometimes hard to find the right product to suit the era without having to complete a full re-trim. Modern construction, high-quality Pecca leather design and the trim choice of the seat I found on display really encapsulated the ‘80s era and could be a great fit for that market.
  • Mothers, PowerCone 360: Cleaning wheels must rate up there in the least favorite tasks when it comes to car-grooming chores. While this type of product has been around a while, the new version from Mothers is larger, more durable and better designed to work into the nooks and crannies of modern CNC-designed alloy wheels. Working in conjunction with the various wheel- and metal-polishing compounds that Mothers has available, there probably isn’t a better way to bring out the shine without damaging the clear coat on those expensive wheels.
  • Ohlins, Ford Mustang R&T Suspension Kit: The biggest-selling sport car across musclecar-mad Australia is currently the new-generation Ford Mustang. Ohlin’s product lines have been industry leaders in racing circles for a long time. This new bolt-on OEM replacement coil-over kit will be well developed to suit this new platform and won’t be so complicated that you need an engineer to set it up. At this price point, the kit will be popular with spirited road and track enthusiasts.


Chet Kjetil Sveistrup, AMCAR Magazine

  • 4Loader: This product lets you load and haul your ATV without a trailer, in the bed of your pickup. The integrated access ramps make loading and unloading easy, and the loader extends the bed of the truck by up to 36 in. The 4Loader is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast or for commercial use by utility companies and rescue vehicles.
  • Custom Autosound Manufacturing, Three Radio Display: Three Radio Display by Custom Autosound Manufacturing has the look of an authentic original radio for a classic car, built with all modern technology. Not all retro-looking car radios look as authentic as these.
  • Dannmar Lifts, MaxJax: Dannmar Lifts from MaxJax is designed to fit in a residential garage and can be stowed away when not in use. It lifts up to 6,000 lbs. and will serve the need of many hobby restorers.
  • EZ Pulley, EZ Pulley: EZ Pulley is one of this year’s most interesting new products. Instead of trying to locate noise from bad bearings in tensioner pulleys, power-steering pumps, alternators or A/C compressors, the EZ Pulley lets you detect component failures and receive a reading on your smartphone or iPad by using a screwdriver as a listening devise.
  • Flaming River Industries Inc., Aluminum Roadster Column: The Aluminum Roadster Column from Flaming River Industries is a beautiful steering column for your hot rod or classic truck. The column has the right nostalgic look that will fit and look right on many classic rides.
  • Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts, ’93–’02 Camaro & Firebird Suspension Kit: The ’93–’02 Camaro & Firebird Suspension Kit from Heidts is a complete high-end kit for the fourth-generation F-body Camaro and Firebird. You can even order it with C4 rotors and calipers and with Wilwood brakes. Improved handling for street and track.
  • Ningbo Henri Development Trade Co. Ltd., Stain Billet Steering Wheel With Full Leather Wrap: Stain Billet Steering Wheel With Full Leather Wrap from Ningbo Henri Development is a beauty of steering wheel. A classic banjo design that is sure to look great in any hot rod.
  • Retro Manufacturing, RetroSound Wonder Bar Radio: RetroSound Wonder Bar Radio from Retro Manufacturing has the authentic retro look with hidden modern technology. It is beautifully designed, with Bluetooth and connectivity for iPhone and even SiriusXM Radio.
  • Show Cars Automotive Inc., Chevrolet 348 Valve Cover: The Chevrolet 348 valve cover from Show Cars Automotive Inc. has a beautiful finish with the look that will dress up any engine. Casting and shine combines the classic look with high-end upgrades.
  • Vertically Driven Products, VDP Under Seat Storage Vault: Under Seat Storage Vault from Vertically Driven Products solves a very important need. If you need to store valuables in your car in a more secure place than your glove box, this is it. Strong and out of sight.


Vitaly Gavinskiy, Off-Road Drive

  • Advanced Accessory Concepts, Trigger Volt Bluetooth Voltage Monitor: Such a nice gadget for remote-control battery voltage. Very convenient, especially if you’re not using the car every day.
  • Decked, Decked Mid-Size In-Vehicle Storage System: Convenient, strong and 100% waterproof.
  • Hard Korr Lighting, 200W Folding Solar Mat: Flexible solar panels are sometimes much more convenient than solid for portable use.
  • Hunter Engineering Co., Revolution Tire Changer With WalkAway Operation: Fully automatic tire-mounting machine. The new word in the tire-mounting process.
  • King Shocks, ’17 Can-Am Maverick X3 Performance Series UTV Coil-Over Kit: Nice new monotube shocks for Can-Am Maverick from a well-known brand.
  • Optima Batteries, New Optima Yellowtop in Group Sizes H6, H7: So nice to see AGM Optima Battery in a standard, convenient-to-mount form factor. Much more convenient than regular Optima.
  • Rival, Aluminum Bumper: Nice-looking and lightweight bumpers from a Russian manufacturer. So nice to see it at SEMA.
  • Rival, Deep-Stamped 6mm Alloy Skid Plate: Lightweight and strong deep-stamped skid plates from a Russian manufacturer.
  • Titan Fuel Tanks, Titan Trail Trekker Transfer Tank: A new generation of behind-spare-tire auxiliary gas tanks. Very convenient for use.
  • Warrior Products, Mod Box (18-in. Length): This easy idea can help you safely store your dirty recovery gear outside of your Jeep or SUV.


Christofer Willhans, Bilsport Classic Magazine

  • Drake Automotive Group, Scott Drake Legendary Wheels LW-60 GT8 Series: It’s a perfect copy of a much-liked wheel. Sweden has many cars that used this wheel when new, and today, many would like to get new ones for the restored cars, or maybe for any other car it might fit just because it’s such a good-looking wheel.
  • JJ’s Rods & JJ’s E-Z Boots, Brake and Clutch Pedal Rubber Boot Seal: A part we need and at a favorable price, too. We restorers need products like this. I think it would sell well in any country. Same with the steering column firewall rubber boot seal (same company as above and same judgement).
  • Kleinn Air Horns, 6350RC Waterproof Heavy-Duty Air Compressor: This appears to be good quality, and we need that. Waterproof, long-lasting and useful, I and many with me would like to have one.
  • Metra Electronics, iBeam Replacement Mirror Monitor & Camera Kit: The camera is small. You can hide it, and the picture shows up in the rearview mirror. It’s a safety device that every car should have, and I can predict that it might be a law to have backup cameras in the near future, at least in Sweden.
  • Mothers, PowerCone 360: I like it because it will help me to polish areas you normally can’t get to. This product would fit in Sweden as well as everywhere else.
  • NFS Sport International, Need For Speed Accessories: I liked it because it was different and high quality. I believe it would “talk” to Swedish customers. The trend seems to go this way.
  • Show Cars Automotive Inc., Chevrolet 409 Valve Cover: Beautiful 409 valve covers. We have quite a few 409 engines in Sweden, and these valve covers would let the owner show off what kind of motor he/she has.
  • Wheel Vintiques, Jumbo Hot Rod Wheel: Kind of a retro look. An unusual wheel from the past that would fit today’s rodders.
  • Wilwood Disk Brakes, Tandem Brakes and Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Kit: The Wilwood name has an aura of quality to it. Wilwood is already on many Swedish cars, and more will come.


Zlatko Mulabegovic, Top Performance

  • Adams Polishes, Adam’s Professional Line: The car-care field is currently experiencing fast growth and popularity in our market. Many of the leading global brands have already established their presence in the Middle East and are enjoying the benefits of this fast-growing segment. The Adam’s Professional Line caught my attention this year through social-media posts, which led me to dig deeper. I was amazed by their comprehensive range of products, supporting equipment, their professional presentation, and the comments of both professional detailers and end users.
  • American Autowire, ’63–’67 Chevy Corvette Classic Update Wiring System: The classic-car restoration segment and the consequent admiration of classic cars has been growing at a healthy pace in our region, with a number of new restoration specialist shops being set up across the area. One of the biggest challenges faced by the restoration shops is the condition of the electrical components and harnesses, and thus the availability of replacement components. The Classic Wiring Update Systems are an absolute blessing for classic-car specialists, an easy one-step solution to replacing and updating the electrical system of a car several decades old. Our own restoration garage AirWerks, is going to be ordering those shortly, helping us to cut restoration time, avoid all the issues related to the dated electrical components of a classic car, and offer our clients a highly efficient upgrade.
  • BBS of America Inc., BBS FS Wheel: The BBS FS die-forged one-piece aluminum wheel is yet another gem in a star-studded lineup of BBS wheels. Lightweight and with a motorsports-inspired design, this wheel represents a great performance and appearance upgrade for road and track sports cars. In our region, aftermarket wheels are the first upgrade car owners contemplate when deciding to upgrade their vehicles, with a high awareness of the benefits of quality and lightweight wheels. Many of the road-going cars are also serving as weekend racers or track-day cars, where the weight of the wheels is essential. BBS does not have an official presence in our region, yet this brand enjoys immense popularity, and you can find their products gracing many sports and supercars.
  • Bubba Rope, Power Sports Winch Line: Off-road and desert driving is by far the most popular driving activity in the Middle East, deep rooted among the local population and extremely popular with expats. Aftermarket products for 4x4s and off-road vehicles are always interesting from both the practical point of view as well as having business potential in our region. Bubba Rope offers an easy, practical and lightweight alternative to the traditional towing rope and other impractical devices. Every SUV should be equipped with one set of the Power Sports Winch Line, as the occurrence of vehicles stuck in the sand is high in our terrains. This covers off-road driving and very often ordinary cars stuck in sand lots and car parks, all needing a practical and cost-effective towing solution that does not take half of your trunk space.
  • Dakota Digital, HDX Instrument System ’66–’77 Ford Bronco and ’62–’84 Toyota FJ: Dakota Digital is already enjoying immense popularity in our market, loved both by classic-car owners and restoration shop owners. Their products offer the combination of classic looks with the practicality of modern technology. They’re easy to install, set up and use, and they are a popular choice here in the Middle East. The HDX system comes in at a time when the popularity of classic FJ Cruisers is booming and offers a great alternative to the faded and hard-to-find OEM instrument clusters. Another winner from the stables of DD.
  • DeatschWerks Fuel Systems, High Flow Fuel Rails: DeatschWerks entered our region a few years ago and managed to establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers of high-end fuel-system solutions, catering to a range of applications popular is our aftermarket and tuning scene. The new high-flow fuel rail greatly complements the company’s range of fuel injectors and fuel pumps, offering a one-stop solution for all fueling upgrade needs. This new product offers greater fuel flow and distribution, and it includes a fuel-pressure gauge for easy on-the-fly reading while adjusting the required fuel pressure. This kind of product will be highly sought after among the tuners and owners of highly modified Japanese performance cars.
  • Midland Radio Corp., Portable Power Station: As mentioned earlier, off-roading is the single most popular recreational driving activity in the Middle East. Accessories, upgrades and supporting products enjoy an immense popularity in our market, whether you’re upgrading your suspension or simply looking for a cooler box for your off-road adventures. Portable power is one of the bare necessities for those venturing off-road and planning to camp or spend time in the rough without access to any power sources. The Portable Power Station is the ideal solution for both hardcore off-roaders and those planning a picnic or overnight camping in the desert. Waterproof, compact, easily charged and powerful enough to run a mini fridge for up to 48 hours, this is the ideal power supply solution for smaller units. Solar charging is another definite advantage in our region, extending the battery charge while out in the sunny desert.
  • Monti Tools Inc., Vinyl Zapper: For the fast-growing foiling and custom graphics/decals business in the Middle East, the Vinyl Zapper is a safe and practical solution for removing adhesive residue and all kinds of foils, adhesives, decals and the ultra-stubborn double-sided tapes from all kinds of painted and other untreated surfaces. This means that we no longer have to use solvents, silicone removers or other products that are potential harmful to a range of coated and uncoated surfaces. Especially important to refinishing and paint shops is that the Zapper does not damage clearcoats and paint, a major concern when removing any kind of adhesives from a car’s bodywork. Car foiling and wrapping is extremely popular in the Middle East, and many owners opt to have their cars short-term wrapped only for a car show or the weekend, then remove the adhesive film without any damage to their prides. Every body shop should have one.
  • Viking Performance Inc., Viking Berserker Mobile Active Shock Tuning Tool: We see a great potential for this product, attracting both those looking for accurate suspension setups from the comfort of their car seats as well as for those looking for yet another gadget to use with their highly customized car. At a time when we’re moving toward mobile-phone-based solutions for a number of utilities, the Berserker is a great new setup tool, offering detailed calibration of shocks. Compression, rebound, roll, pitch and other criteria can be adjusted by using this phone app. Multiple setups can be stored and loaded, while restoration to the factory settings only takes one click. Many weekend racers in our region use the same car to commute daily, and then they prep it for the autocross event or a track day. The Berserker reduces the time, effort and cost involved in the traditional suspension setup that would otherwise require a visit to your tuning or suspension specialist shop.


William Kimberley, Race Tech

  • Holley/MSD, Racepak Vantage CL1 Cloud Based Data Kit: The Racepak Vantage CL1 cloud-based data kit was one of the most interesting products at the show. Already in use in the karting world, where the system has been thoroughly tried and tested, it replaces the traditional data logger with a mobile phone and the cloud as it utilizes the extraordinary processing power, high-resolution display and internal wireless capabilities of mobile devices. The Racepak team has also developed an app—an entirely new concept in data analysis—that provides a constantly updated difference between the current lap and fastest lap of the outing, current lap number, and the ability to instantly view all lap times upon return to the pit area, along with user-defined warnings for the driver. Data now comes to life with gaming-inspired TouchMap 3D track-mapping capabilities using touch, pinch and swipe commands, with more than 1,500 pre-loaded worldwide track maps, Google map overlays and high-resolution graphing analysis allow the user to understand easily where driver and kart performance gains can be found. Data is stored locally on the mobile phone mounted on the vehicle, ready for immediate review, or available remotely with Racepak’s optional Air Cloud technology. The technology has now been offered to track-day and autocross drivers before being offered even more widely.
  • COMP Cams, Micro Surface Enhancement: The COMP Cams Micro Surface Enhancement received my vote because COMP Cams is the first in the automotive aftermarket to employ a new camshaft finish technology for increased strength and performance that far exceeds traditional polishing. Micro Surface Enhancement (MSE) is a finishing process that improves the traditional camshaft lobe and bearing journal through a 65% reduction in surface peak roughness while providing a 250% improvement in the effective load-bearing area. Spreading the contact area between the roller and cam face allows for much higher loads and lower localized stress. Additionally, MSE utilizes uniform pressure across the camshaft lobe face that reduces the surface waviness common with other finishing techniques, such as belt polishing. The resulting camshaft surface more evenly distributes load for increased durability. MSE also removes the sharp edges and microscopic machining marks that normally result from the grinding process.
  • JE Pistons, Perfect Skirt Piston Skirt Coating: JE Pistons’ Perfect Skirt coating was of considerable interest, the goal being to offer a new coating technology that delivers what JE says is a double-barrel benefit to the engine. Claiming it to be revolutionary, this patented Perfect Skirt coating makes piston slap, false knock, and cold-start wear a thing of the past. For the first time ever, 2618-alloy pistons can be installed with piston-to-wall clearances near those of OEM pistons.
  • Milltek Sport, Liteblox High-Performance Lightweight Batteries: With the continual development in battery technology, Milltek Sport’s Liteblox High-Performance Lightweight Batteries were shortlisted by me for a number of reasons. Engineered and developed by German company WeightWorks, which is a relatively new company that was formed in 2011 with a mission of comprehensive lightweight engineering based on an innovative manufacturing process in carbon-fiber parts for which it also holds a patent. When reflecting on the issue of lightweight saving potential for customers in the automotive industry, its researchers instantly came across the tremendous weight-saving potential for the standard lead-acid/AGM starter battery being substituted by today’s cell technology, based on lithium. After a profound market analysis, the company realized that there was a large opportunity to establish a new product line with strict focus on quality over quantity, while existing products were all strictly price driven and therefore of worse quality when it comes to concept, execution and used materials. The batteries feature the latest LiFePO4 storage technology in an innovative, patent-pending concept, to substitute every standard starter battery with less volume and weight.
  • 3pConnect/Turbosmart, Davies Craig Digital Water Pump and Fan Controller: The Davies Craig Digital Water Pump and Fan Controller is a unique solution giving greater control of the coolant temperature through varying the speed of the electric water pump, operating the engine’s electric fan automatically once the engine has reached +3°C (+5.4°F) above the targeted/set temperature. Another significant benefit is that the controller allows the EWP and fan to run on after ignition shutdown for either three minutes or -10°C (-14°F) of set/target temperature to eliminate heat soak. It is because of its unique characteristics that it would find a ready market in the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • 3pConnect/Turbosmart, V Series 40mm Motorsport Wastegate: The other Turbosmart entry that caught my eye was its new wastegate range with integrated water cooling ports, modular interchangeable actuators, independently orientated actuator base, increased thermal and flow performance, and a diaphragm design that offers linear travel, regardless of spring, pressure and valve positioning, while improving response. It is the result of more than 10,000 hours of design and continual development, incorporating feedback from customers across various forms such as motorsports, high-performance street and OE applications.
  • AP Racing/Essex, Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-Cal CP9668 Competition Brake System Nissan GT-R: The Essex-designed AP Racing Radi-Cal CP9668 competition brake system for the Nissan GT-R continues the very successful high-performance and racing brake caliper design trend introduced by AP Racing a few years ago. It offers a number of advantages over OE brakes systems, including a weight reduction of around 8 lbs. versus the OE standard front iron brake package, and they are the stiffest, lightest and most technologically advanced calipers available at any price. Among the many other features are the ventilated, domes back, stainless-steel pistons, which keep heat out of the brake fluid and provide an ultra-firm pedal, and the anodized caliper finish, which is resistant to wear and deterioration at elevated temperatures.
  • Thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America, Bilstein Clubsport for the ’16+ BMW M2: The Bilstein Clubsport suspension kit is a stunningly engineered suspension solution that has been designed for both road and racing use and offers an unparalleled balance between track performance and road usability. Both bump and rebound settings can be finely adjusted by race-quality thumbwheels with no need for specialist tools. It incorporates high-grade, OEM and racing-quality components and can lower the front and rear of the vehicle between 30 and 55 mm to suit track conditions or personal preferences. Thumbwheels offer 10 levels of rapid and precise bump and rebound, with positive detents to allow the user to feel each stage of adjustment. Bilstein took the active decision to make these units with an internal reservoir design in order to further reduce the weight of the unit as well as increasing under-arch clearance for aftermarket wheel and tire combinations. They are also surface coated using Triple-C technology for long-lasting corrosion resistance and 100 setting variations that can be experienced and manually selected.
  • AutoMeter, Digital II Series Gauges: Autometer’s Digital II series gauges are really quite advanced and include in their package a full sweep, precision stepper motor movement, a peak recall/memory, a user-programmable warning function, and a user-programmable control circuit that allows the user to focus on driving while the instrument activates and deactivates vehicle systems such as the lights, fans, pumps and switches. For oil-pressure gauge installation, an optional 1⁄4-NPT adapter is included. Depending on the type of engine and the accuracy of any number of engineering studies, between 10% and 20% of an engine’s total energy output is lost through friction, of which up to half can be tied up in the piston skirts and rings. Even at the low end of those numbers, it makes good power sense to reduce friction and wear around the piston whenever possible.
  • Driven Racing Oil, SR50 20W-50 Conventional Racing Motor Oil: Driven’s SR50 20W-50 conventional racing motor oil was shortlisted because it is ideal for race engines requiring a 20W-50 weight motor oil. This oil provides consistent protection for flat-tappet engines and prevents lifter skidding in aggressive roller-cam valvetrains using both needle and bushing lifters. It utilizes a proprietary anti-wear and friction-reducing additive package to fight valvetrain wear and internal scuffing. It is principally used where frequent oil changes are needed, such as in dirt track and sportsman bracket racing, to eliminate the build-up of dirt or fuel dilution.


Henry Pierini, AutoZulia International

  • Antigravity Batteries, Micro-Start XP-10 Heavy Duty: The new XP-10-HD is a fundamental tool for vehicle or boat. Its small size is a big plus and makes it easy to bring along.
  • Austin International Mfg. Inc., 2 Ton Big Wheel Jack: The 2 Ton Big Wheel Jack is very advanced and of great utility. It can be used by drivers who need to be prepared to go great distances. This product will be perfect in Venezuela. What a great new tool!
  • BBS of America Inc., BBS RI-S Wheel: The BBS RI-S Wheel is a beautiful product with a modern design for the world customizer. It would sell well in Venezuela among those motorists who want to make their vehicles unique.
  • Chevrolet, Full Size Truck Front 6-Piston Brembo Brake Upgrade System in Red: This is an important safety product that would be welcomed in our market.
  • COMP Performance Group, FAST XR Series Coils for GM LS Engines: FAST XR Series coils for GM LS engines are Coils designed for all GM engines. Ideal for any street application or anyone who needs a reliable and powerful upgrade.
  • Decked, Midsize In-Vehicle Storage System: The new midsize product will sell well in Venezuela. This product fills out the line with the company’s other products and is very useful for those using their vehicles for work, such as in the construction market. We were impressed that it can support up to 90 kilos.
  • Holley/MSD, Racepak SmartWire IQ3S Dash Combo: The Racepak Smartwire IQ3S Dash Combo is a new and versatile product that is easily installable in the dahsboard of the car and promises a simple and understandable reading from the digital instrumentation. It will be well received in Venezuela.
  • R3 Performance Products, ’641/2 to ’70 Ford Mustang Front Suspension: This Ford Mustang front suspension is perfectly marketable Venezuela, which has a wide range of Mustangs, including those with applications matching R3’s products. Drivers want to keep their vehicles in perfect condition, and this product will be valuable for the enthusiast who is looking for a reliable but unique restoration.
  • Superwinch, EXP18SI-12V-Synthetic Rope Winch: The Superwinch-EXP 18SI-12v-Synthetic Rope Winch will be of great use for many vehicles and applications. It will be of great use for off-roading, and I can also see the usefulness of this product for fishing and agriculture, not to mention for boating enthusiasts.
  • Tyredog TPMS, TPMS With Vibration Sensor: The TPMS with vibration sensor is an impressive product for all types of tires. Its vibration feature alerts the driver of a problem, keeping the driver safe and the vehicle running optimally.

Other Comments by Winners of Global Media Awards:

  • “We are honored and proud to receive two SEMA Global Media Awards for the Lund MaxRack Roof Rack. Lund is dedicated to offering solutions that work well and look good on today’s vehicles, and this award helps validate that. Our U.S.A.-based company is full of truck and Jeep enthusiasts who constantly strive to improve vehicle interaction and style.”—Jason Gauci, Vice President of Brand and Product Development, Lund International

  • “We were confident that our new performance springs and stabilizer bars for Civic Type R would be a focal point, as many of the SEMA Show vehicles were using the new product. What we did not anticipate was the global acknowledgement by way of three separate votes from the United Kingdom, Canada and China. This is evidence that the new Civic Type R is a vehicle of interest for enthusiasts worldwide, and Eibach is there to support them.”—Mark Krumme, Head of Marketing, Eibach Springs North America

  • “It’s an honor to be selected for three Global Media Awards. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into developing our new Auto Step, and we appreciate the recognition.—Michael Sampson, Director of Operations, Rockslide Engineering

  • “We at Monti are very proud that our products have been selected as award winners of the Global Media Awards. It was all teamwork and the never-ending belief in our technology, which is unique indeed. Our tools selected—Die Blaster and Vinyl Zapper—are unique tools offering innovative application. It’s an honor for us to have been recognized by the international journalists from South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. Monti has representatives all over the world, in nearly 100 countries, and we continue to expand our distribution network. We’re very pleased to have been selected for winning this prestigious award.”—Michael Fischer, President, Monti Tools Inc.

  • “The new Optima Yellowtop with DIN fitment gives more vehicles than ever the power, durability and performance of the ultimate power source, ranging from modern domestic performance to European models. We’re honored to be recognized by the global media for this innovation, as we know enthusiasts around the world rely on Optima Batteries.”—Cam Douglass, Director of Marketing, Optima Batteries, Johnson Control
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