2017 New Products Showcase Preview

SEMA News—October 2017


By Alex Perez

2017 New Products Showcase Preview

Buyers’ First Glimpse of the SEMA Show’s Product Lineup

Located in the Skybridge between the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central and South Halls, the SEMA Show New Products Showcase displays about 3,000 products each year, all organized by Show section. In addition to new releases, there is also a “Featured” category, where exhibitors highlight their signature or best-selling products. Each entry is displayed with detailed product and contact information, making follow-up easy for buyers and media. With all these products gathered in one area, it’s the most efficient way to find new products and generate new business. Plus, the New Products Showcase is open from 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m., giving you seven extra hours to research products during the week. On the following pages, you’ll find a preview of products you’ll see at the 2017 SEMA Show.

CAN-based GPS module  

AEM Performance Electronics
Booth #24313

AEM’s CAN-based GPS module allows CD-7 digital dash users to quickly add track mapping for viewing lap times, vehicle speed and an odometer function.

GPS data is transmitted via AEMnet CAN bus through a one-plug connection for fast installation. This unit is designed for CD-7 users who want to display vehicle speed and view lap times but are not logging their data channels.

Information: www.aemelectronics.com or 310-484-2322.

Fender Extension Moldings  

Classic Industries
Booth #23975

Classic Industries, manufacturer of GM restoration parts and accessories, announced the introduction of OER-authorized reproduction fender and fender extension moldings for ’55 Chevrolet Bel Air models (not for use on Nomad models).

Each stainless-steel molding features the correct finish, shape and contours for a perfect fit and appearance. Sold individually; mounting hardware sold separately.

Information: www.classicindustries.com or 855-357-2787.

E3 Spark Plugs  

E3 Spark Plugs
Booth #71000

Offering part numbers for the most common Chevy, Ford and HEI applications, all E3 DiamondFire racing distributors are designed to fit compact spaces. They come with a CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum housing that has O-ring grooves.

Other features include a precision-stamped and blanked cam plate with weights, a proprietary nitrocarburized surface treatment, fully adjustable mechanical advance, and TIG welding throughout.

Information: www.e3sparkplugs.com or 904-567-5994.

Air Flow Research  

AFR—Air Flow Research
Booth #20527

The LS3 Mongoose cylinder head is offered in six-bolt and standard four-bolt patterns. The head is created using 100% CNC-ported intake runners, exhaust runners and combustion chambers.

It is designed for applications using a 4-in. or larger bore size with displacements up to 454 ci with a maximum rpm of 7,000.

Information: www.airflowresearch.com or 877-892-8844.

Kooks Headers & Exhaust  

Kooks Headers & Exhaust
Booth #24419

Race-tested and dyno-proven, the LS engine turbo-swap stainless-steel shorty headers are available in both upswept and downswept universal designs for use in a variety of applications.

The shorty headers feature heavy-duty, thick, 14-gauge stainless-steel construction and are available in 13/4x21/2-in. and 17/8x3-in. sizes.

V-band assemblies can be installed, and it all comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Information: www.kooksheaders.com or 866-586-5665.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics  

Icon Vehicle Dynamics
Booth #31193

The RXT rear suspension system has three new shock options, including a 2.5-series remote-reservoir shock, a 2.5-series CDC valve shock and a two-tube Omega bypass.

It is outfitted with a side-mount eyelet, which allows for a shock that is shorter in collapsed length, longer at extension and still fits in the factory mounting location.

A 10-in. remote reservoir was added to aid in heat dissipation and resist shock fade.

Information: www.iconvehicledynamics.com or 951-689-4266.

Air Lift  

Air Lift
Booths #23733, #30255

Air Lift’s LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus air spring suspension line features stainless-steel mounting hardware, roll plates and a braided air line. Also new are military-grade AN fittings threaded together for a metal-to-metal seal with no cutting required.

The springs are built with light- and corrosion-resistant two-ply fabric and nylon composite end caps.

Most kits do not require drilling and are compatible with fifth-wheel and gooseneck hitches.

Information: www.airliftcompany.com or 800-248-0892.


Booth #30017

Bestop offers soft tops in five new color options. Available for the first time, the new color lines for ’07–’17 model-year Jeep Wranglers are made from high-quality acrylic twill and come with window panels and all necessary hardware.

The new soft-top color selection includes crushed red pepper, navy blue, granite grey, pebble beige and oak tan.

Information: www.bestop.com or 800-845-3567.


Vortech Superchargers
Booth #22827

Vortech releases its LS-swap systems for truck front-end accessory drives. This budget-minded system is a match for a repurposed 4.8L, 5.3L or 6.0L LS truck engine being swapped into a hot rod, project car/truck or off-road vehicle.

The single belt-drive system allows for a clean, simple installation.

Steel supercharger plates provide for rigid supercharger mounting; a multiple-position idler location for a wide range of belt and pulley options; mandrel-bent aluminum discharge ducting for high flow and minimal weight; and a Vortech race bypass valve and filter for surge-free compressor operation.

Information: www.vortechsuperchargers.com or 805-247-0226.


Booth #12339

Xpel paint-protection film products provide a tough urethane protective outer layer to preserve special paint jobs, and vinyl graphics with sponsor logos.

Featuring advanced elastomeric polymers and a non-yellowing clearcoat, Xpel Ultimate is designed for durability and to retain its high-gloss finish for years.

A self-healing feature eliminates swirl marks and scratches over time.

Information: www.xpel.com or 800-447-9928.


Booth #10509

The Lufkin Centerline Balance wheel is mounted directly in line with the handle for better balance and accuracy.

The wheel’s counter has a gear drive that is more durable and delivers greater long-term accuracy than belt-drive counters, according to the company.

The counter readout is top-mounted above the wheel, bringing it closer to the user for maximum visibility.

Information: www.lufkintool.com or 866-907-9716.

Aries Automotive  

Aries Automotive
Booth #34017

The new Jeep heavy-duty spare-tire carrier features a fully adjustable design to accept larger tires up to 37 in. in diameter.

The tire mount includes a third brake light, which can be adjusted to eliminate
interference issues.

The HD tire carrier also replaces the factory Jeep JK door hinges, strengthening the rear door to hold off-road tires.

Information: www.ariesautomotive.com or 888-800-2743.


Booth #34017

Curt’s new tray-style bike racks feature an adjustable cradle system to hold a wide variety of bikes and an ergonomic design for easy loading and unloading of bikes.

The ratcheting vertical arms provide security for bikes during travel.

The ratcheting mechanisms are also key-operated, deterring theft and tampering while bikes are left unattended.

Information: www.curtmfg.com or 877-287-8634.

Arslan Automotive Canada Ltd.  

Arslan Automotive Canada Ltd.
Booth #15127

Arslan Automotive Canada Ltd. will introduce AccuVision-3D at the SEMA Show. Cars can be on the floor, lift or bench.

Just place the camera on its heavy-duty stand and point and measure with the hand-held pointer.

Once all points are done, click the print button and receive a full 3D report.

Information: www.arslanauto.com or 514-694-1113.


Booth #41221

Plombco launches the StickPro 1-oz. steel segment adhesive wheel weight rolls.

The new 520Fe rolls, available with standard white tape or cold-weather gray tape, may appeal to truck wheel professionals.

Plombco manufactures 1-oz. steel, lead and zinc adhesive wheel weights for passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks.

Information: www.plombco.com or 800-611-7074.


Booth #22351

The Hurst Elite-series axle-back kit features tandem Delta 40 and Outlaw mufflers and 4-in. polished stainless-steel tips.

Includes functional exhaust valves to work with OE actuator motors to select between sound levels.

Designed for an easy fit on both coupe top and convertible models with the factory NPP option (identified by quad tips).

Information: www.hurst-shifters.com or 707-544-4761.


Booth #34227

Superlift offers 14 lift configurations that include Bilstein upgrades and the ultimate Superlift-edition King shocks.

Lift kit options include a four-link conversion, replacement brackets, or a budget spacer kit. Tubular replacement radius arms are designed for better performance and better looks.

All ’17 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty lift kits qualify for Superlift’s exclusive factory warranty assurance program.

Information: www.superlift.com or 800-551-4955.

J.W. Speaker Corp.  

J.W. Speaker Corp.
Booth #30273

The J2 series offers Jeep owners three LED upgrades:

The model 8700 Evolution J2, a 7-in. round LED headlight offering dual-burn high- and low-beam optics; the model 239 J2-series 3.5-in. round LED turn signal designed specifically for Jeeps, with a smoked-lens option; and the model 6145 J2-series LED foglight kit, which is available in black or a hydro-dipped carbon-fiber design.

Information: www.jwspeaker.com or 800-558-7288.

Buggy Whip Inc.  

Buggy Whip Inc.
Booth #30276

The LED Buggy Whip is a lighted safety antenna designed to reduce accidents and injuries by improving visibility and safety on powersports and industrial vehicles.

The lighted whip is up to 8-ft. long, with a full 360 degrees of light output at up to 8,800 lumens and up to 1,440 LED chips. The defining components are a 316 stainless-steel base, a 6061 billet-aluminum cap, and 100% proprietary tubing.

Information: www.buggywhip.com or 760-789-3230.

Hellwig Products  

Hellwig Products
Booth #33137

The pro-series helper spring line for the ’17 Suburban features a two-leaf stack rated for 2,500 lbs. These bolt-on helper springs improve tow/haul performance by keeping the vehicle level even as loads approach the manufacturer’s maximum rating.

The progressive rate of the pro-series helper spring withholds activation until a load is present, allowing the vehicle to drive like stock when unladen.

Information: www.hellwigproducts.com or 800-435-5944.

Baja Designs  

Baja Designs
Booth # 24325

Baja Designs’ 30-in. S8 grille LED light-bar kit pumps out big light-bar power with a clean design for the ’17 Raptor.

This lighting unit tucks behind the grille and plugs directly into the factory up-fitter switches.

Baja Designs’ OnX6 Hi-Power lower grille LED kit is a 10-in. light-bar option that delivers on-trail lighting using six LEDs focused on different distances and projects 11,650 lumens.

Information: www.bajadesigns.com or 800-422-5292.

B&M Racing and Performance  

B&M Racing and Performance
Booth #30289

B&M HoleShot 3,200-stall converters for GM transmissions are designed for vehicles with engine modifications, particularly big cams.

HoleShot converters feature a furnace-brazed impeller and turbine, a precision steel-alloy pump drive tube, heavy-duty needle bearings between the stator and impeller (not a thrust washer), and needle bearings between the stator and turbine.

Information: www.bmracing.com or 707-544-4761.

Husky Liners  

Husky Liners
Booth #30115

Husky Liners introduces its fresh new Cocoa-flavored X-act Contour floor liner.

Not only do the liners look great in black, tan and brown interiors, but they’re also loaded with all the features users have come to know and love.

Husky Liner’s signature FormFit Edge contains a unique spill.

Information: www.huskyliners.com or 800-344-8759.


Booth #22643

Edelbrock universal EFI sump fuel kits are designed to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI applications in vehicles equipped with a low-pressure carbureted fuel system.

It’s a self-contained compact system that can be easily installed in any vehicle.

A key feature is that the kits are now adjustable from 35–90 psi and also include a vacuum reference port.

Information: www.edelbrock.com or 310-781-2222.

Hunter Engineering  

Hunter Engineering
Booth #41029

Hunter’s Quick Tread inspection technology automatically measures tire-tread depth and captures vehicle identification in seconds as motorists drive into the service lane.

The compact console provides a clean installation virtually anywhere in or near the service drive.

The Quick Tread console includes everything needed to run a fully automatic inspection lane and can be connected to a network printer at the service desk for inspection result printouts.

Information: www.hunter.com or 314-731-3020.

Skull Krushers  

Skull Krushers Offroad Inc.
Booth #51044

Skull Krushers’ customizable inner fender liners are designed to give users a unique wheelwell while providing functionality and strength.

The customizable inner fenders are made from .063-in.-thick aircraft-quality aluminum.

These fenders are easy to install with factory two-hole bolt positioning and can be fitted on Jeep models from 2007 to 2017.

Information: www.skullkrushers.com or 800-837-1597.


Booth #20313

Using precise 3D scanning, Coverking creates a replica of every curve and contour of the vehicle’s factory seat to produce a perfect seat cover.

Aside from providing a new look and additional protection for the upholstery, the molded seat cover is designed without seams or additional stitching, which cause wear points.

Available for a wide variety of vehicles in black, gray and taupe.

Information: www.coverking.com or 800-268-3754.

Vintage Air  

Vintage Air
Booth #22579

The Heritage series of under-dash evaporators is offered in two configurations: heat and cool or cool only.

Features include a three-speed, a high-output blower fan, four directable ball vents and an adjustable electronic servo heater valve.

Available in mother of pearl, engine turned aluminum, brushed aluminum or black-anodized engine turned aluminum face design.

Cases are precision injection molded to minimize weight and size.

Information: www.vintageair.com or 800-862-6658.

GForce Engineering  

GForce Engineering
Booth #73006

Featuring custom-built CV joints CNC-machined from proprietary aerospace billet and a strong 28-spline axle bar, GForce S550 Mustang axles are rated to 850-plus hp.

As with all GForce axles, S550 Mustang axles feature single-piece inner and outer stubs CNC-machined from billet steel and finished with black e-coat to protect against harsh conditions without impeding spline engagement.

The axles also feature anti-wheel-hop technology.

Information: www.gforce1320.com or 316-260-8433.

Eibach Springs Inc.   

Eibach Springs Inc.
Booth #23531

Eibach Pro-Truck Sport shocks are designed to tackle any road.

For vehicles with factory front coil-over configurations, Eibach offers Pro-Truck Sport Leveling (RHA) with front ride-height adjustability up to 2.5 in. (depending on application), allowing users to go with a bigger wheel-and-tire combo and clear most obstacles on the trail.

Available for stock or slightly lifted trucks and SUVs.

Information: www.eibach.com or 800-507-2338. 

Liqui Moly  

Liqui Moly
Booth #50233

German motor oil and additive specialist Liqui Moly has developed an additive line especially for pickups.

The truck series is made up of five petrol, diesel and oil additives designed to ensure that strong motors remain strong.

The series includes a complete diesel system cleaner, diesel performance and protectant, a complete fuel cleaner, DPF protector, and oil treatment.

Information: www.liqui-moly.com or +49-731-1420-0.

Kleinn Air Horns  

Kleinn Air Horns
Booth #32169

Designed for ’07.5–’17 GM 1500 fullsize trucks and SUVs, the GMTRK-1 dual train-horn kit produces a 153.1-dB blast.

The kit comes with a 130-psi compressor and a 1-gallon air tank mounted in the spare battery tray, while the dual train horns are mounted on the skidplate behind the front bumper.

Model 220 train horns with individual solenoid valves produce a rich, deep train-horn sound.

Information: www.kleinn.com or 520-579-1531.

Design Engineering Inc.  

Design Engineering Inc.
Booth #20019

Heat Shroud Gold is a metalized polyamide polymer laminated to a 20-oz., heat-treated glass cloth material capable of handling continual temperatures up to 850°F.

Heat Shroud Gold provides protection against oil, dirt and road grime and is resistant to UV degradation. No need to remove wires or hoses to install.

Heat Shroud Gold is available in multiple diameters from 1/2-in. to 11/4-in. inner diameter in a 3-ft. length.

Information: www.designengineering.com or 800-264-9472.

Rockford Fosgate  

Rockford Fosgate
Booth #11839

Rockford’s bag lid speaker kits for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are designed to mount into the existing factory lids and deliver output that is clear no matter how loud the ride.

The kits feature a lightweight speaker frame. Rockford will also offer Element Ready 6x9-in. replacement speakers.

Later this year, Rockford will begin shipping bag lid audio kits designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, model years ’98–’13.

Information: www.rockfordfosgate.com or 800-669-9899.

Wilwood Disc Brakes  

Wilwood Disc Brakes
Booth #24849

Wilwood’s competition front brake package for ’97–’13 Corvettes features black-anodized Aerolite 6R radial-mount calipers equipped with stainless-steel pistons and internal damping springs, and it accepts a wider 20mm-thick brake pad.

The 14-in.-diameter two-piece rotor assemblies featuring Spec37 alloy SV-GT directional vane competition rotors mounted to the OE hubs with weight-saving aluminum hats.

BP-40 compound SmartPads provide fast response and high friction throughout their entire temperature range.

Information: www.wilwood.com or 805-388-1188.


Booth #1000

Soundstream’s dual-display multimedia system enables multitask functionality in a car stereo application. Concurrent operating systems allow users to operate the two different platforms.

Users have the option to control the included iGO-powered GPS system on the upper display or Android Phonelink, which mirrors the screen-enabled smart devices.

The second operating system includes DVD, Bluetooth connectivity, audio/video media playback by USB, FM receiver and rearview camera features.

Information: www.epsilonelectronicsinc.com or 323-722-3333.

Retro Manufacturing  

Retro Manufacturing
Booth #24593

RetroSound’s Wonderbar is SiriusXM-ready and connects to the SiriusXM SXV300 Connect vehicle tuner (sold separately, subscription required).

The SXV300 plugs directly into the Wonderbar without the need for special adapters or cables. The compact size installs easily and discreetly behind the dash for a fully integrated look.

Wonderbar is made for iPod/iPhone and also features built-in Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone calls and wireless audio streaming.

Information: www.retromanufacturing.com or 888-325-1555.

Forgeline Motorsports  

Forgeline Motorsports
Booth #25063

The forged ML3 features 10 semi-rounded, soft-sided spokes for a retro look that is combined with Forgeline’s modern lightweight engineering and manufacturing techniques.

It is available in both deep and shallow concave profiles in a wide range of sizes, including 18-, 19- and 20-in.

In addition to the standard brushed aluminum, the ML3 is offered in several other finish options.

Information: www.forgeline.com or 800-886-0093.

Gen-Y Hitch  

Gen-Y Hitch
Booth #31303

Gen-Y has released a hitch that is designed to not only deal with the up and down of towing but also the forward inertia.

According to the company, the torsion suspension hitch takes the inertia out between truck and trailer by up to 90%, which greatly decreases wear and tear on vehicles and trailers, ultimately improving ride quality and decreasing driver fatigue.

Information: www.genyhitch.com or 574-218-6363.

UEM Pistons  

UEM Pistons
Booth #23313

United Engine & Machine’s new KB super-duty piston series for Harley twin cams features Line2Line abradable coating as standard.

The coating abrades in on startup to hone for the perfect fit per cylinder and eliminates piston rock for the best possible ring seal with no piston-slap noise.

The piston’s dome shape accepts bathtub 85cc or teardrop 95cc heads.

All applications use a standard 4.937-in. cylinder length.

Information: www.uempistons.com or 800-648-7970.


Booth #38009

New to the OptiMate market is the USB O-108, delivering 3.3A to charge the latest smartphones with built-in microprocessor-controlled battery protection to prevent the motorcycle’s battery from being discharged.

Charging is limited to three hours, and the O-108 USB automatically cuts charging to the USB device if the vehicle’s battery voltage drops below 12.3V.

Information: www.tecmate.com or 905-337-2095.


Booth #10509

GearWrench introduces two new master tool kits:

a 168-piece metric set, and a 232-piece metric/SAE set. Both contain 72-tooth ratcheting combination wrenches; 84-tooth fully polished teardrop ratchets (1/4-in. and 3/8-in. drives); standard and deep sockets with an off-corner load fastener anti-rounding design; hex, torx, and e-torx bit sockets; allen long-arm hex keys; a magnetic bit driver with a 30-piece screwdriver/nut driver bit set; and a sturdy blow-molded case with a steel-hinged lid and three independently sliding drawers with rugged locking closure flaps and a reinforced handle.

Information: www.gearwrench.com or 800-688-8949.


Booth #22989

ididit’s ’40s-style steering features a brushed stainless-steel finish and ’40s-style dressup kit with brass knobs.

Features include a vintage-style brass shift indicator and a cutting-edge locking detent. Self-canceling turn signals, four-way flashers, horn wiring, a 37/8-in. GM-style wiring plug and a 3/4-36 lower shaft are also included.

The column accepts most aftermarket steering wheels witha ’69–’94 GM adaptor and is available in two lengths.

Information: www.ididitinc.com or 517-424-0577.


Booth #23057

Designed for applications requiring steel-body shocks, the Bilstein SN2/SNS2 series features optimized shock lengths and a modular monotube design that enables the flexibility to revalve and rebuild as needed.

End caps are available in aluminum (SN2 series) or steel (SNS2 series) to meet various sanctioning-body requirements.

Fill tool allows plug installation for sanctioning-body requirements that restrict Schrader valves.

Information: www.bilsteinus.com or 858-386-5900.

Steck Manufacturing  

Steck Manufacturing
Booth #11561

The steel tapered end of the right-angle Sure Grip trim clip plier allows the tip to grab the stem of the trim clip.

The right angle provides the access to reach tight areas to lever out the trim clips without breaking them.

The textured handle allows for comfortable, easy grip of the pliers. Like its companion Sure Grip trim clip plier, it works on trim pad, hood insulation, etc.

Information: www.steckmfg.com or 800-227-8325.


Booth #30294

JcrOffroad’s Falcon Shock inner fender kit is designed specifically to fit Teraflex Falcon Shocks while providing the most protection possible.

It clears the shock reservoir and allows for full access to the shock selector knob. It is designed to fit ’07–present Jeep Wrangler JKs and JKUs.

It is cut and formed from rigid aluminum and includes perforated panels.

Information: www.jcroffroad.com or 269-353-1184.


Booth #23667

Proform’s heavy-duty valve spring contains extra reinforced gussets, dual pins on the adjustable arm and a reinforced compression-hold handle.

This adjustable spring compressor is designed for expert engine builders and cylinder-head professionals to compress even the largest high-pressure valve springs and handle up to 1,000 lbs. of pressure.

The spring cup includes two aluminum inserts that help square up the valve stem within the cup.

Information: www.proformparts.com or 586-774-2500.


Booth #52036

The Mishimoto ’11–’14 F-150 EcoBoost intercooler pipe kit features cold-side and hot-side piping in polished aluminum or wrinkle black.

Accompanied by silicone couplers with DuraCore technology, Mishimoto’s F-150 EcoBoost intercooler piping is engineered to eliminate restrictive bends while improving durability and airflow.

Compared to normal silicone, DuraCore provides superior resistance to heat, pressure, fuel and oil.

Information: www.mishimoto.com or 877-466-4744.

JE Pistons  

JE Pistons
Booth #22818

JE Pistons announces its VW/Audi 23mm pin 2.0T TSI piston lineup for ’13+ European and ’15 U.S.

The company also expanded its VW offerings to include TSI 22mm pin motorsports 2.0T engines.

Offered in standard and forged side-relief (FSR) forgings. FSR forging allows for a narrower wristpin, reducing the weight of the rotating assembly.

Oversize valve reliefs allow for the use of oversize valves and more-aggressive camshafts.

Information: www.jepistons.com or 888-494-7326.

Sinister Diesel  

Sinister Diesel
Booth #30300

Sinister Diesel’s Degas (coolant overflow) bottle for Ford ’99.5–’03 Powerstrokes is made from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, which is TIG welded and pressure tested for maximum strength.

Aluminum dissipates heat in the coolant system better than plastic, improving performance and longevity.

Information: www.sinisterdiesel.com or 888-995-0766.

King Engine Bearings  

King Engine Bearings
Booth #71004

The Subaru EZ30/EZ30D bearings include King’s racing line features,
such as the pMax black unique tri-metal structure, designed to provide greater load capacity.

The EZ30/EZ30D series features greater horsepower and torque than the previous EJ-series engines.

By incorporating features such as SmartLug, Elliptix oil ingress and 360-degree oil grooves, the King XP series main bearings shut the oil leakage path found in the original bearings and increase load capacity.

Information: www.kingbearings.com or 800-772-3670.


Booth #22957

Mothers’ California Gold clay kit value pack includes two 100-gram bonus-sized clay bars at no extra cost.

Mothers clay bars shear off and remove tree sap, embedded grains of metal, airborne environmental deposits such as pollen and paint overspray, and leave the car’s surface clean, smooth and ready for waxing.

Information: www.mothers.com or 714-891-3364.

Rocket Racing Wheels   

Rocket Racing Wheels
Booth #23381

Rocket’s new dual-direction, flow-form, semi-forged wheel production method allows the cast center to be moved within a wide range of offsets inside the spun-forged outer rim.

This technology delivers weight and metal strength characteristics similar to those of traditional high-dollar forged wheels.

Rocket Attack wheels feature generous caliper clearances for performance brake systems, multiple offsets, premium low-maintenance finishes, and ready-to-ship inventory.

Information: www.rocketracingwheels.com or 888-307-7525.

 MSD Performance  

MSD Performance
Booth #22367

With the ECU and built-in sensors integrated into the throttle body, the Atomic EFI throttle-body kit is an easy upgrade to electronic fuel injection for musclecars, trucks or hot rods.

It is CARB-approved, contains fewer wiring connections than previous systems and, in some cases, requires only a single fuel line.

No laptop is needed, and there’s no bulky ECU to mount, which ensures a clean underhood look.

Information: www.msdperformance.com or 888-258-3835.


Booth #24859

Amsoil added new Diesel All-in-One to its line of premium diesel fuel additives, and Diesel Injector Clean and Diesel Cold Flow have also been reformulated for improved performance.

Diesel All-In-One combines the detergency, lubricity, cold-flow and cetane benefits of Diesel Injector Clean, Diesel Cold Flow and Diesel Cetane Boost in one convenient package.

Information: www.amsoil.com or 800-777-8491.

Big Ass Solutions  

Big Ass Solutions
Booth #10179

Big Ass Solutions’ latest innovation is the AirEye, a quiet, easy-to-clean and high-efficiency fan that detects motion and shuts off automatically.

AirEye is available with a variety of mounts, including I-beam, C-channel, wall, swivel and portable pedestal. Its IP65 rating means washing it is as simple as hosing it down.

AirEye comes in 20-, 24- and 30-in. diameters.

Information: www.bigasssolutions.com or 877-244-3267.

Power Bass  

Power Bass
Booth #11810

The XL-1200 is a 12-speaker, 500-watt system with four mylar tweeters, two poly-cone midrange speakers and six built-in active subwoofers, providing more low-end bass response and creating a full sound.

Developed for powersports applications from UTVs to Jeeps or even boats where electronics must withstand harsh environments, the system is a great way to enjoy one’s favorite music.

Information: www.powerbassusa.com or 909-923-3868.

Intro-Tech Automotive Inc.  

Intro-Tech Automotive Inc.
Booth #24775

Intro-Tech Automotive Inc.’s patented folding stand-up shade has been redesigned to eliminate the issue of sagging universal shades.

Designed using a sophisticated computer system, the two stand-up pillar shapes fit almost all vehicle applications, according to the company.

Available in two patterns.

Information: www.intro-techautomotive.com or 866-319-8500.

Dan-Am Co.  

Dan-Am Co.
Booth #10609

Dan-Am’s advanced air pipe system is made of lightweight, aircraft-grade, powdercoated aluminum, which provides clean, dry air up to 232 psi.

The reinforced composite nylon fittings have dual seals, which rest on unscraped pipe.

The press-to-connect fittings feature a full-bore design.

A large array of threaded connectors and adapters are also available for integrating into existing systems without compromising performance.

Information: www.danamair.com or 800-533-8016.

Sata Spray Equipment  

Sata Spray Equipment
Booth #10609

The Sata trueSun LED lamp allows for professional color shade evaluation and identification within the paint shop.

Due to the uniform distribution of light across the light cone, the trueSun LED lamp allows a near-perfect reproduction of daylight, the company said.

There are three defined positions, but the trueSun’s light intensity can be adjusted into nine different positions, depending on the color.

Information: www.sata.com or 800-533-8016.


Booth #23283

Ringbrothers introduces a carbon-fiber universal exterior mirror to its line of CNC-machined billet accessories for classic American vehicles.

The mirrors have been designed to fit a wide variety of makes and models.

Fabricated in the United States from carbon fiber and chrome-finished billet aluminum, these mirrors are direct replacements for factory mirrors.

They can be purchased as a set or individually for the driver or passenger side.

Information: www.ringbrothers.com or 608-588-7399.

Driven Racing Oil  

Driven Racing Oil
Booth #22713

Formulated for engines requiring 0W-16, 0W-20 and 5W-20 viscosity oils, and for overhead-cam engines with tight bearing clearances, BR20 conventional 5W-20 break-in oil promotes proper surface mating during the break-in process.

An anti-wear formulation chemically assists with piston ring sealing.

Features a low detergent level, which allows the “fast burn” ZDDP additive to adhere directly to all ferrous metal wear surfaces for scuffing protection.

Information: www.drivenracingoil.com or 866-611-1820.

Redhorse Performance  

Redhorse Performance
Booth #23917

Redhorse Performance’s high-performance stainless hose has a smooth-bore, dual-layer conductive core PTFE inner tube that is covered by a stainless-steel outer braid that allows it to handle extremely high pressure.

Engineered for use with Redhorse Performance’s 1200-series hose ends.

Available in red/blue, black and clear colors, and sizes 4- through 10-in. straight, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 degrees.

Information: www.redhorseperformance.com or 708-430-1603.

EZ Lip Colors  

EZ Lip Colors
Booth #13131

EZ Lip Colors are pre-colored universal spoiler lips made from EPDM foam rubber.

The patented InvisEdge design offers professional style and seamless appearance, while 3M automotive tape endures all climates, car washes and high speeds.

The one-size-fits-all lip lowers cars up to 1 in. and protects paint from driveways, speed bumps and curbs.

Applicable on the front, sides or rear of the vehicle.

Information: www.ezlip.com or 425-753-6814.


Booth #21457

Now available in more lengths and with the option of a dust cover, QA1’s custom mount Hot Rod series shocks are intended for street rodders looking for modern-day adjustability while maintaining a show-quality, traditional look.

The low-profile, slot-style adjuster provides 36 options of rebound adjustment with a comfortable compression setting.

This adjuster tailors the shock for any setup, weight, spring rate and driving comfort.

Information: www.qa1.net or 800-721-7761.


Booth #22543

The new FAST Ford 2.3L (2300) XDi Sportsman distributor uses an advanced optical trigger for stable ignition timing throughout the entire rpm range.

Its advanced optical trigger was designed in-house to deliver precise trigger signals. The distributor is constructed with a billet housing, a precision-ground stainless shaft, and premium bearings.

Each distributor comes with a precision-machined bronze gear and must be used with an external ignition box.

Information: www.fuelairspark.com or 877-334-8355.


Booth #24601

PPG Nexa Autocolor P190-6920 production clearcoat is engineered expressly for use with Aquabase Plus waterborne basecoat and is compliant with requirements in all regions of the United States and Canada, the company said.

The clearcoat has been designed for easy, fast application and exceptional finish.

Information: www.ppgrefinish.com or 800-647-6050.

Luverne Truck Equipment  

Luverne Truck Equipment
Booth #34017

The Journeyman HD is a bumper/brush-guard combination built from 10-gauge steel and schedule-40 pipe, welded into a one-piece design.

The standard 2-in. receiver tube was tested to ensure safety and a dependable straight-line pull rating of 30,000 lbs.

The Journeyman HD features a dual-layer, rust-, scratch- and chip-resistant finish. Currently available for the Ford Super Duty F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550, with more applications coming soon.

Information: www.luvernetruck.com or 800-533-0506.

Pacific Performance Engineering  

Pacific Performance Engineering
Booth #20555

PPE’s heavy-duty aluminum rear differential cover for GM 1500 trucks is equipped with internal heat sinks and external cooling fins, increasing the pan’s surface area to help dissipate heat.

PPE installed its high-powered Neodymium-magnet-equipped fill plug to pull harmful ferrous metal particles out of the oil.

This cover also features a pre-tapped 1/8-in. NPT port for a temperature probe, capped with a stainless-steel plug.

Information: www.pacificp.com or 714-985-4825.


Booth #23643

Hot Shine Reflect Foam is a spray-on foam tire dressing that cleans, shines and reflects.

Its thick foam powers through buildup while conditioners prevent cracking, browning and premature aging in a wide variety of tires.

Designed to give tires a sparkling shine in the light and provide a deep, wet-look shine in the shade.

Information: www.meguiars.com or 800-347-5700.

Dentec Safety Specialists  

Dentec Safety Specialists
Booth #52037

The fit of Dentec’s Comfort Air full-face compression mask allows one size to fit most.

The five-point harness is designed for an even, comfortable fit with no slippage.

It has an anti-fog hard-coated lens with an optional prescription lens insert. The inner mask prevents CO2 buildup, and the quick-release shielded buckles make removal easier.

Extra-large inhalation valves decrease resistance when inhaling. Available in silicone or neoprene.

Information: www.dentecsafety.com or 888-533-6832.

Manley Performance  

Manley Performance
Booth #22331

Manley Performance introduces forged-aluminum pistons and forged-steel connecting rods for the Ford 2.3L EcoBoost engine.

An offset wristpin contributes to quiet startups. The skirts are moly-coated for extra durability, and the pistons are equipped with a pressure-balance groove. Pistons can accommodate +1mm valve sizes.

The new H-beam rod is precision CNC-machined to remove unnecessary weight.

All rods are heat-treated, stress-relieved, shot-peened and 100% magnafluxed.

Information: www.manleyperformance.com or 732-905-3366.

Alcon Specialist Brakes & Clutches  

Alcon Specialist Brakes & Clutches
Booth #35233

Alcon announces the latest addition to its motorsport caliper range. Alcon’s new R5 caliper is intended primarily for use in R4T, R5 and Rallycross competition.

Its optimized design allows for integrated cooling features and stainless-steel ventilated piston end caps for heat management.

Versatile enough to be used in any area of motorsport where a disc range of 300-355mm is required.

Information: www.alconusa.com or 704-799-2723.

Northern Radiator  

Northern Radiator
Booth #20257

The Northern Radiator line of direct-replacement parts includes popular and hard-to-find applications for ATV/UTV enthusiasts.

Applications available include Arctic Cat, Bobcat, Bombardier, Club Car, Cub Cadet, Honda, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kubota, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Products available are radiators, electric fan kits and heater units.

Information: www.northernfactory.com or 800-328-8900. 

Colby Valve  

Colby Valve
Booth #43332

The Colby Valve Emergency Valve quickly solves the problem of a broken valve stem for powersports users out on a trail.

The Emergency Valve requires no tools for installation, and the “winged spacer” design makes tightening the valve as easy as twisting a wing nut.

Colby valves are made from solid brass bar stock and fit any .453-size hole.

Information: www.colbyvalve.com or 866-442-6529.


Booth #33339

With a set of Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 2+ desktop 3D printers, engineers and line technicians can design and print gauges, jigs and fixtures on demand, reducing tool development time and saving in production costs.

Ultimaker can produce tools with complex designs and geometries.

Revisions can be easily made by tweaking the CAD file and reprinting.

Information: www.ultimaker.com or 888-229-9046.

The Right Stuff Detailing  

The Right Stuff Detailing
Booth #23775

The Right Stuff Detailing now offers a wide variety of high-performance drum-to-disc brake conversion kits for street machines, including at the wheel, complete standard conversions and complete power front disc-brake conversions.

Kits are available for GM fullsize (’55–’64 and ’65–’68), GM G-body, GM A/F/X-body, Ford 8- and 9-in. (rear), and MOPAR 83/4-in. and Dana 93/4-in. (rear).

Information: www.getdiscbrakes.com or 800-405-2000.

COMP Cams  

Booth #22543

Custom GM Sportsman tool-steel camshafts feature core technology widely used in NASCAR, NHRA and other professional race engine applications for high strength and profile flexibility.

Because they are through-hardened, GM Sportsman tool-steel camshafts can handle aggressive profiles and virtually any combination of duration, lift, lobe separation and advance.

The camshafts can be reground multiple times for fine tuning or annual refreshes without material degradation.

Information: www.compperformancegroup.com or 800-999-0853.

Angular Concepts  

Angular Concepts
Booth #50615

Angular Concepts introduces KrankItUp!, a patent-pending angular audio accessory for Jeeps.

KrankItUp! requires no modifications and easily installs between the rollbar and the stock speaker bar.

This simple installation allows the stock or aftermarket speaker bar to be rotated 90 degrees, projecting to the rear of the vehicle.

Information: www.krankitup.net or 919-818-7870.

XIX Wheels  

XIX Wheels
Booth #46035

The X15 joins XIX Wheels’ line of wheels for Porsches, Corvettes, American sports cars and European exotics.

The 19-in. X15 wheel incorporates a deep lip and bidirectional flow-form design.

It is designed with an EH2+ rim profile to allow run-flat tire applications (the newest safety requirement by BMW).

Available sizes 19x8.5, 19x9.5, 19x11 and 19x12 in.

Information: www.xixwheels.com or 888-666-4438.

Atlantic Safety Products  

Atlantic Safety Products Inc.
Booth #10404

Red Lightning gloves are designed to maintain a strong and reliable hold in the toughest conditions.

This nitrile glove provides an aggressive tire-treaded exterior to give it more grip, even when working with oil, grease or water.

These industrial-grade gloves are not only durable but also provide users with added protection through their high-visibility red coloring.

Available in sizes small to XXL.

Information: www.atlanticsafetyproducts.com or 800-540-4397.

Walkabout Platforms  

Walkabout Platforms
Booth #51419

The Walkabout is a portable, lightweight aluminum platform mounted on heavy-duty polyurethane casters for mobility and storage.

It was designed to allow auto technicians and mechanics to walk around the front end of the vehicle without having to move stepladders or equipment.

It can be used with auto-lifts, and several accessories are also available.

Information: www.walkaboutplatforms.com or 844-925-5226.

True Spike Lug Nuts  

True Spike Lug Nuts
Booth #47197

True Spike Lug Nut’s Muzzle Brake series takes inspiration from the latest military-rifle muzzle brake and compensator designs.

The anodized billet-aluminum muzzle brakes screw onto the patented True Spike forged steel lug nut, giving wheels a unique and aggressive look.

This is just the latest addition to the more than 50 different cap designs
available only from True Spike Lug Nuts.

Information: www.truespikelugnuts.com or 305-463-0680.


Booth #33097

Trimax introduces a solid-aluminum adjustable hitch system called the Razor 2.5. The hitch is 100% solid polished aluminum and fits 2½-in. receivers.

The hitch is available in 6, 8 or 10 in. and is fully adjustable in 1-in. increments up and down.

The unit is attached easily and can be removed at any time.

Information: www.trimaxlocks.com or 303-796-8500.

Atturo Tire  

Atturo Tire
Booth #43265

Atturo Tire’s AZ610 tire is designed for SUVs and crossovers.

The tire combines a smooth, quiet ride with all-season performance qualities. Offered in a range of T-, H- and V speed-rated Euro-metric sizes.

The sidewall matches the angular design trends in SUVs and crossovers.

According to the company, this tire has a 60,000-mi. tread life.

Information: www.atturo.com or 855-632-8031.


Booth #11573

Autocap’s brightly colored vinyl wheel nut bags help to eliminate the expense in replacing a lost locking-wheel-nut key.

The pouch has polyester-fabric backing and zips closed. Designed to be easily found by service technicians or customers in case they need to replace a tire on the road, it is inexpensive and can be a useful gift for customers.

Customized logo printing is also available.

Information: www.autocap.com.mx or 877-861-0985.


Booth #43207

The AT171 performance tire features a special directional and extra-deep tread design to provide excellent traction in wet and muddy conditions, with an exceptional self-cleaning tread pattern for mud removal.

The design accentuates the looks of the new class of lifted UTVs.

Multiple-angled lugs are used to reduce vibration while cruising on hard-pack conditions.

The tubeless tire design allows the use of more attractive rims.

Information: www.bkt-tires.com or 330-836-1090.

Transfer Flow  

Transfer Flow
Booth #34050

Transfer Flow releases a 60-gal. replacement fuel tank for ’17 Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty shortbed and crew-cab diesel trucks.

The hot-dipped aluminum alloy steel tank features exterior fuel lines and a relocated water separator to make the most of the available chassis space.

This system comes with a full installation kit.

Information: www.transferflow.com or 530-893-5209.

Bremer Shifters  

Bremer Shifters
Booth #50545

The Bremer Sequential Shifter is a bolt-on upgrade to convert stock H-pattern street car transmissions into sequential race machines.

The shifter replaces the stock unit without taking up additional cabin space or requiring modifications to gearbox internals.

A 40% reduction in throw reduces time in shifting gears. The shifter can be rotated 360 degrees and lets drivers shift using a forward- or a reverse-pattern motion.

Information: www.bremershifters.com or +61-414-535-266.

Titan Fuel Tanks  

Titan Fuel Tanks
Booth #31179

Titan Fuel released a 50-gal. fuel tank for the Nissan Titan XD. The tanks are made of cross-linked, military-grade polymer.

They are designed and made in the U.S.A. and carry a lifetime warranty.

Being direct replacements means no cutting and no fabrication required; the giant tanks fit right into the Nissan.

Information: www.titanfueltanks.com or 800-728-4982.

Castel Technologies  

Castel Technologies
Booth #50732

Castel Technologies transforms the oldest car into a connected car with its Internet of Things kit connected to the cloud and the user’s phone.

The kit enhances car functionality and improves safety and security, and it adds infotainment features. The system adds cameras for security and parking assistance.

The kit also includes a cellular speaker and microphone with internet access, a navigation system and a high-fidelity radio.

Information: www.castel-tech.com or +972-97444988.

TKO Clamping Systems  

TKO Clamping Systems
Booth #50203

The patented design of TKO clamps consists of a multi-hinged, three-part aluminum band, which incorporates a negative-angle locking-latch system.

The clamps are custom machined from 60/61 aluminum and fit any hose or rollbar with clamps that range from 5/8-in. OD up to 2½-in. OD.

The mount/anchor clamp for rollbars can be used to secure accessories such as fire extinguishers, Go Pros, flags, light bars, etc.

Information: www.tkoclamps.com or 208-380-9860.

Classic Instruments  

Classic Instruments
Booth #23093

Classic Instruments debuts its ’73–’87 Chevy/GMC truck direct-fit cluster.

The “Square Body” cluster is completely electric and designed for a seamless, direct installation into the stock dash of ’73–’87 Chevy/GMC trucks, Suburbans and Blazers.

It uses the existing factory bezel to maintain the stock look.

Information: www.classicinstruments.com or 800-575-0461.

Shell Lubricants  

Shell Lubricants
Booth #60005

Shell’s Rotella T5 Ultra 10W-30 synthetic blend is a low-viscosity oil formulated to provide better fuel economy, improved high- and low-temperature performance and meet the requirements for many low-emissions engines built beginning in 2017.

The low-ash formulation helps protect the exhaust catalysts and particulate filters found in on-highway low-emission vehicles.

Suitable for use in on-highway engines requiring an API FA-4 diesel oil.

Information: www.shell.com or 800-237-8645.

Shell Lubricants  

Teng Tools USA
Booth #50709

Teng Tools has developed a new way to organize tools, even when on the go.

The Teng Tools Service Case is an extension of the Teng Tools storage system. The kit contains: ¼-, 3/8- and ½-in.-drive socket sets, spanners, screwdrivers, pliers and T-handle hex keys.

It is also available without tools so that customers can choose any combination of tools.

Information: www.tengtoolsusa.com or 888-379-5075.

Full Throttle Battery  

Full Throttle Battery
Booth #33301

The Full Throttle line of high-performance AGM batteries is said to be the perfect upgrade for vehicles.

The thin-plate pure lead technology, brass terminals and high shock and vibration resistance give users confidence that their batteries will handle everything they’re put through.

Information: www.fullriverbattery.com or 800-522-8191.


Booth #23889

ColorBond’s leather, vinyl and hard-plastic refinisher is a multi-surface car interior paint that bonds to seats, door panels, dashboards and carpets, among many other interior components.

Available in more than 190 OEM-certified colors, this urethane solvent-based coating won’t flake, crack or peel.

The two-step application process is designed to be simple enough for DIYers.

Information: www.colorbondpaint.com or 877-882-6567.


Booth #51331

Rim Ringz sets fit to the size of the wheel and are available in a wide range of sizes, starting from 15-in. all the way up to 20-in. wheels.

Nine colors are offered to enhance the appearance and beauty of
a car like nothing else.

Information: www.rimringz.com or 323-337-3669.


Booth #37181

The Hammerhead Armor cargo carrier provides a storage area measuring 20x52 in., with 5-in. sides, multiple tiedown points and an included 5/8-in. pin for the receiver.

The heavy-duty steel construction is designed to hold up to 500 lbs. and is coated with a two-stage black powdercoat.

The carrier folds up when not in use, and an optional fully functional taillight system is available.

Information: www.hammerheadarmor.com or 855-448-6844.

Midland Radio  

Midland Radio
Booth #36005

Midland Radio’s PPG100 is a robust and durable portable power source.

The product utilizes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 950Wh and is integrated into a compact and weather-resistant case measuring 12.87x11.10x8.58 in.

The PPG100 weighs only 25 lbs. With AC and solar DC charging input options and numerous output options, it is ideal for powering and charging electronic devices, laptops, and larger appliances.

Information: www.midlandusa.com or 816-241-8500.

Equipment Supply Co.  

Equipment Supply Co.
Booth #43299

Equipment Supply’s Pro-Series Trolley Jacks are available in 2-ton and 3-ton lifting capacities and are loaded with safety and functionality features to make them useful for professionals and enthusiasts.

A double-pump design raises the jack quickly with a foot pedal.

The lift-and-twist controlled lowering system uses a two-speed action release that allows the user to lower the vehicle with precision.

Information: www.esco.net or 800-352-9852.

Mighty Auto Parts  

Mighty Auto Parts
Booth #41063

The M-Pak lube system was developed to provide auto shops with a method for stocking and dispensing lubricants to meet manufacturers’ requirements.

It consists of a durable heavy-gauge steel rack that holds eight 6-gal. boxed/bladder containers of lubricants in two rows of four, each with separate transfer jugs positioned directly below each lubricant.

It can be stocked with many combinations of Mighty Engine Guard lubricants.

Information: www.mightyautoparts.com or 800-829-3900.

Griot’s Garage  

Griot’s Garage
Booth #13065

Griot’s Garage Black Shine High Gloss tire spray is designed to create a dark, uniform color and adds a durable, glossy shine to tires.

It is sprayed directly onto the tire and the longer it sits, the glossier the look.

For a satin look, spray on an applicator pad and wipe on the tire until the desired effect is attained.

Information: www.griotsgarage.com or 888-252-2252.

Goizper Spraying North America  

Goizper Spraying North America
Booth #50604

IK foam sprayers come in two sizes: the Foam 9 with a 1.5-gal. capacity and the Foam 1.5 with a 35-oz. capacity.

The sprayers are made of injection-molded translucent tanks with a level indicator in both gallons and liters and a funnel in the tank.

The base can be used to wind the hose for storage.

Two line attachments are included for wet foam and dry foam.

Information: www.goizperna.com or 877-529-8722.

Nitrous Express Inc.  

Nitrous Express Inc.
Booth #24713

This standalone battery mount powers 12-volt accessories for racing vehicles without the need to wire it to the power supply.

There’s no need to worry about the nitrous bottle’s heater running down the primary battery in the staging lanes.

This mounting plate will bolt to a flat surface or work with Nitrous Express rollbar mounts.

Made for use with M18-series Milwaukee lithium batteries.

Information: www.nitrousexpress.com or 940-767-7694.

Miller Electric  

Miller Electric
Booth #23113

The Multimatic 215 delivers MIG, flux-cored, DC TIG and DC stick processes, welding up to 3/8-in.-thick mild steel in a single pass.

It provides up to 230 amps of power and can quickly be ready for stick or TIG welding with the addition of an electrode holder.

It weighs just 38 lbs., and its Auto-Set Elite technology makes setup easy for multiple materials and processes.

Information: www.millerwelds.com or 800-426-4553.

Consider This Technology  

Consider This Technology
Booth #38205

Larry Alert on-the-go Smart Security introduces an extended-range antenna model, for when Wi-Fi connectivity distance is a concern.

It still contains the same 3D radar motion sensor security detection with camera, siren and speaker features.

No SIM card is required and there are no monthly fees. Powered by exclusive 3D Radar sensing technology, the latest in embedded Wi-Fi networking, and a convenient rechargeable eight-hour LiPo battery.

Information: www.larryalert.com or 805-275-0190.

Impact Plastics Automotive  

Impact Plastics Automotive
Booth #38181

The car-top cargo carrier by Impact Plastics Automotive delivers 9 cu. ft. of storage space and is designed to fit on most factory and aftermarket cross-rail systems rated at 110 lbs. and greater.

It is aerodynamically designed with dimensions of 47x27.4x17.3 in. and is rated at a 100-lb. carrying capacity.

It fits round, square and aero bar designs up to 4 in. wide.

Information: www.cartopcargo.com or 877-454-3748.

Oracle Lighting  

Oracle Lighting
Booth #20677

Oracle Lighting’s LED light-bar side mirrors integrate functional LED lighting into late-model F-150 and Raptor trucks.

They’re designed for easy installation using only the factory hardware for an OEM appearance while providing functional peripheral illumination for the driver.

They each feature a total of 24 LEDs, producing approximately 2,250 lumens.

Each unit also has a 45-degree beam angle to optimize the driver’s peripheral visibility.

Information: www.oraclelights.com or 800-407-5776.

T-REX Grilles  

T-REX Grilles
Booth #35033

ZROADZ series grilles bring a full assortment of mounts and brackets specifically designed for the ’17 Ford Raptor.

If you prefer to be discreet, the ZROADZ Factory Grille hidden LED Light Mounting Kits are the way to go.

These brackets are easily installed with common hand tools, retain OEM factory grille look and locate two 6-in. slim-line single-row LED light bars behind the grille.

Information: www.trexbillet.com or 800-287-5900.

MiG Buddy  

MiG Buddy
Booth #32335

MiG Buddy is a welding-gun holder designed to fit many welding guns.

With its universal mount, the MiG Buddy adapts to any work environment: welding table, bench, welding cart, fabrication station or directly on the workpiece.

With easy retrieval and docking of a welding gun, MiG Buddy is like having a third hand.

Information: www.migbuddy.com or 888-253-6703.


Booth #23392

Con2r’s wood steering-wheel grips are created from 18 segments of select solid hardwoods.

The grips are created from a single species or with various arrangements of mixed species.

Walnut and maple are the current standards, but any species can be provided upon request.

Wood spoke covers and horn buttons with laser engraving are also available.

Information: www.con2r.com or 503-626-6390.

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