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SEMA News—January 2017


Spy Photos

Photos courtesy SpiedBilde, Brian Williams. Reuse or reproduction without the copyright holder’s consent is prohibited.

’18 Ford Mustang Convertible


’18 RAM 1500 Mega Cab

2018 Mustang Convertible

  '18 RAM 1500 Mega Cab
2018 Mustang Convertible   '18 RAM 1500 Mega Cab

This is the ’18 Ford Mustang convertible.

The Mustang will get some minor changes for 2018 to keep it fresh after its comprehensive redo in 2015. The styling should be tweaked, and new special editions and trim packages will be offered, such as the Mach 1.

More significant changes are expected under the skin, with a new 10-speed automatic transmission finding its way into the Mustang along with likely changes to improve power and economy. It is unclear if the naturally aspirated V6 will continue. Expect to see the ’18 Mustang early in 2017.


This is a mule for the upcoming ’18 RAM 1500 in Mega Cab format.

FCA is working overtime to get the next-generation RAM out. It will come to market with further innovations and refinements that have helped the current truck stand out.

The model’s wheelbase gives a preview into a roomier version, with more space inside for passengers and cargo. Chrysler is expected to upgrade the interior (especially on popular top-tier models) with the latest UConnect systems and other technologies previewed in the ’17 Pacifica minivan. The new RAM should also have a split tailgate as an option. The 1500 will go on sale in early 2018..

Dodge Challenger ADR Prototype

Challenger ADR Prototype    Challenger ADR Prototype

This is a prototype for the Dodge Challenger Hellcat ADR, caught testing near the SRT facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Adding more derivatives to the Challenger family, Dodge is set to introduce a wide-body Hellcat next year. It will feature exaggerated wheel arches for a more aggressive stance and wider tires in the hopes of better applying the Hellcat’s massive power to the road.

Already boasting 707 hp, it’s unclear if the ADR will get even more power to the 6.2L supercharged V8. All-wheel drive continues to be a rumor, but it’s unlikely that any V8 Challenger will get that before a new generation emerges. Expect to see the ADR by next spring.

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