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’18 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Diesel


’18 RAM 4500 HD Facelift

Wrangler Rubicon Diesel


RAM HD 4500

Wrangler Rubicon Diesel   RAM HD 4500
This is a first look at the ’18 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon diesel mule, seen testing in the desert.

The next Rubicon’s suspension will remain similar to the current model’s setup, with no sign of an independent suspension. Models such as the Rubicon are also expected to get beefier axles and tires.

The biggest news is this prototype’s DEF tank for the diesel’s emissions system, which even has its own skidplate. It’s all but confirmed that the ’18 Wrangler will offer a diesel option in the United States, likely the 3.0L V6 already in other FCA models.

The new Wrangler is likely to be a refinement underneath rather than a reinvention. Expect to see it next year.

This is the revised RAM 4500 HD Chassis Cab. The basis for tow trucks and other heavy hauling trucks, the Ram 4500 will get some cosmetic upgrades to fall in line with the latest Ram trucks.

Unlike the ’17 Power Wagon Heavy Duty trucks, the 4500 appears likely to get more of the changes made to 1500s over the year rather than the more aggressive Rebel.

Still, the wheel arches and grille are more aggressive than in recent years. An updated interior that mimics changes to the 1500 last year is also likely.

Expect to see the RAM 4500s early in 2017.

Special-Edition Viper ACR?   ’17 F-150 Diesel “Lion”
Special-Edition Viper ACR   ’17 F-150 Diesel “Lion”
Special-Edition Viper ACR   ’17 F-150 Diesel “Lion”
Is this another final special-edition Dodge Viper? This particular prototype was caught running outside a Roush test facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and it didn’t want to hold still for the camera. In fact, there was no catching this V10 monster after the camera was spotted.

Dodge has released a number of Viper ACR special editors to commemorate the Viper’s last year of production, and this appears to feature a color scheme of matte black and stripes, different from other editions currently planned. Performance upgrades aren’t expected, however.

Dodge is piling on the special Viper editions this year and will likely continue to do so as production comes to a close.

Spy photographers bring further proof of a ’17 Ford F-150 with a turbodiesel engine destined for sale.

Caught earlier testing on Michigan roads, the emissions certificate on the prototype truck indicates that it will be a 3.0L unit. The JFC1-3.0-966 on the sticker is the emissions-calibration code. The JFC1 is the control unit catchword. The 3.0 is the engine displacement, and the 966 is the last three digits of the vehicle tag number. This further confirms that Ford will use the Lion V6 found in Jaguar Land Rover products, such as the Range Rover. The engine was developed while Ford still owned Jaguar Land Rover.

Expect to see the diesel-powered F-150 by next year.

Bumblebee Camaro and Barricade Mustang   Drift and Lone Sniper Filming Together
Bumblebee Barricade   Drift Lone Sniper
Bumblebee Barricade   Drift Lone Sniper

These are shots of Bumblebee and Barricade from the upcoming Transformers film. Michael Bay teased the cars early on and low-res images leaked, but this is the first complete look at both cars.

Transformers: The Last Knight will debut in 2017 and feature these modified pony cars. Bumblebee is the yellow Chevrolet Camaro, with a blacked-out roof, wild spoiler and possibly removable top.

Barricade, meanwhile, sports enforcement gear based on the current Ford Mustang. It also features a wild spoiler but with sporty hood scoops on the front.


These are the latest shots of the cars being used in the upcoming Transformers film. New to the Michael Bay franchise will be a Corvette Z06 called Lone Sniper, painted in green and black, and a Mercedes-AMG GTR called Drift to accompany the Bumblebee Camaro that is already a staple of the films.

These cars join the already-spotted Barricade Mustang, and all but the Mercedes appear to be outlandishly customized for their respective roles.

Transformers: The Last Knight, the last Michael Bay Transformers film, is currently scheduled to be released June 23, 2017.

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