A First Look at the 2016 SEMA Show’s New Products

SEMA News—October 2016


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A First Look at the 2016 SEMA Show’s New Products

Preview the Industry’s Innovative Offerings

Attendee feedback consistently indicates that buyers’ top priority at the SEMA Show is to find new products. Each year, the New Products Showcase makes this goal achievable by gathering more than 3,000 new and featured products in one place. Located in the Skybridge between Central and South Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Showcase includes products from every section represented at the trade show.

All registration data for 2016 points to a bigger and more innovative Show than ever before, making it even more important to include the New Products Showcase in your strategy for the week. Here’s a look at some of the products you’ll see there in November.

Centerforce Clutches
Booth #23813Centerforce Kit

Centerforce Clutches releases its Dyad DS twin disc for the ’16 Chevrolet Camaro SS equipped with the 6.2L LT1 eight-cylinder engine. The Dyad DS can handle up to 1,300 lb.-ft. of torque.

The pressure plate features Centerforce’s patented centrifugal weight system and patented ball-bearing pressure plate, designed to increase clamp load while maintaining light pedal effort.

The discs are equipped with segmented “puck”-style facings on both sides, providing increased holding capacity and longevity.

Information: www.centerforce.com or 928-771-8422.

Booth #11861Kicker System

The Kicker VSS line of products fits many makes and models of trucks, including RAM, Silverado and Colorado, Sierra and Canyon, F-150, F-250, F-350 and Jeep Wrangler.

It requires no cutting or drilling and fits in factory locations and into the existing stereo system.

Information: www.kicker.com or 405-624-8510.

AEM Performance Electronics
Booth #24313AEM

AEM’s flex-fuel wideband Failsafe gauge displays air/fuel ratio, boost/vacuum and ethanol content and can actively protect an engine from damage if it runs lean or excessively rich.

The 52mm flex-fuel wideband Failsafe gauge includes a Bosch 4.2LSU AFR wideband sensor for monitoring and feedback of AFR and an onboard boost sensor to read vacuum or boost pressures up to 29 psi. It is available with or without an ethanol content sensor for users who may already have one.

Information: www.aemelectronics.com or 310-484-2322. 

TR Tools
Booth #10505


TR Tools introduces their new ½-in. drive extension wrench. According to the company, the tool has been tested by heavy-equipment mechanics and farmers over the past two years.

The ½-in. is rated on impact for up to 1,200 lb.-ft. and 225 lb.-ft. of direct torque because of its durable yet lightweight die-cast aluminum frame, #40 chain, and roller bearings instead of bushings. This wrench comes with 14 in. of reach. Comes with a 3/8-in. adapter so users can easily switch between 1/2-in. and 3/8-in. sockets.

Information: www.tite-reach.com or 866-721-9399. 

USAuto Performance
Booth #24716USAuto Performance

The Drenth sequential gearbox is available in a five-speed version capable of handling up to 1,000 hp.

Many different gear ratios are available and can be rapidly changed to match the requirements of the application—from Dakar to rally cross and for various race-circuit purposes.

Direct bolt-on for Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler and many other makes.

Information: www.usautoperformance.com or 941-504-8686.

Booth #50335EAE

EAE’s new two-post lift can be operated with one hand and is equipped with the company’s latest APS technology, adjustable to any required height.

Available with an electrical lock release and a manual handle. Both clear-floor and base-plate types are available.

Information: www.eae-ae.com or +86-021-32500726.

Brierly Technologies Inc.
Booth #5140Brierly Technologies Inc.

The Battery-Guard is a Bluetooth device that can be connected to 6-, 12- or 24-volt batteries to enable remote monitoring via a smartphone.

With a range of approximately 20 ft., it turns a phone into an accurate voltmeter while eliminating the need for a multimeter or access to the battery terminals. The open-ended terminals allow for easy installation on any battery just by loosening the terminal hardware.

Information: www.battery-guard.net/en or 905-636-9865.

Forgeline Motorsports
Booth #25161Forgeline Motorsports

Forgeline Motorsports unveils a one-piece, forged, monoblock VX1-Truck wheel for trucks and SUVs. Engineered to be lightweight while delivering minimal deflection and excellent fatigue strength.

The wheel’s powerful Y spokes wrap around the lug holes, creating striking sharp angles and a deep concave profile. The VX1-Truck is available in 20- and 22-in. diameters with a range of widths and offsets.

Information: www.forgeline.com or 800-886-0093.

Design Engineering Inc.
Booth #20013Design Engineering Inc.

EXO Series exhaust and pipe wrap is constructed with a dual-layer design of high-temperature glass fiber encased in a 304-grade stainless-steel exoskeleton. This unique construction maintains great heat protection while offering superior abrasion and impact protection, as well as creating an air gap for additional cooling. Available in a 30-ft. length in both colors.

Information: www.designengineering.com or 800-264-9472.

Booth #22931AutoMeter

A range of direct-fit replacement dash panels perfectly house AutoMeter instruments. This direct-fit gauge dash panel replaces original instruments in ’55–’56 Chevrolet passenger cars and accommodates five AutoMeter gauges.

Gauges flush mount from behind the plate. The panels are pre-drilled to accept three LED lights (optional PN 3283) for turn signals and high-beam indicator. It retains the factory chrome bezel (not included). Shipped with mounting hardware.

Information: www.autometer.com or 866-248-6356.

Booth #25035CTEK

CTEK’s 100A Off Road Power System is designed to ensure that a vehicle’s batteries are kept in optimum condition when venturing off-road and off-grid, especially for extended periods.

The bundle includes a 20-amp CTEK D250S dual charger and an 80-amp Off Road SmartPass charger. A digital display provides the current state of charge with the number of hours of power available at current usage rate.

Information: www.smartercharger.com or 330-963-0981.

Warn Industries
Booth #30059Warn Industries

Warn Industries releases the Ascent rear bumper for fullsize pickups. Ascent rear bumpers can accommodate oversize tires.

The angled design sits high to maintain maximum ground clearance and approach angles and features built-in corner steps for easy access to the truck’s bed.

The bumpers feature dual ports to mount auxiliary lights (sold separately) and are compatible with bumper sensors. Finished in a durable, black, textured powdercoated finish.

Information: www.warn.com or 800-543-9276.

Dana Holding Corp.
Booth #36097Dana Holding

The Dana 44 front axle is designed for a variety of applications, including off-road vehicles, forklifts, pickups, pushback tugs, rock-crawler buggies and small mining shovels.

The axles do not include brackets or brakes, allowing for customization to meet the customer’s specific application.

Information: www.spicerparts.com or 800-621-8084.

DanAm Air
Booth #10608DanAm Air

DanAm Air is made of lightweight, aircraft-grade powdercoated aluminum that provides clean, dry air up to 232 psi. The composite Nylon 66 fittings have dual seals, which rest on unscraped pipe. Press-to-connect fittings feature a full bore design intended to deliver turbulence-free air.

The company also stocks an array of threaded connectors and adapters. All fittings are built to arrive pre-torqued for immediate assembly and pressurization. All components are reusable.

Information: www.danamair.com or 800-533-8016.

Booth #51437V12LS.com

The LS12 from V12LS.com is a boutique engine for elite street rods, customs or musclecars. These small-batch V12s retain the inherent benefits of the LS V8 platform but with four more cylinders.

With a street-friendly camshaft, the 519ci stage-two package produces 717 hp on pump gas with a monstrous torque curve, according to the company. Available as a long-block or turnkey to the user’s specifications, the LS12 is just 8.8 in. longer than a standard LSx V8.

Information: www.v12ls.com or 410-971-0477.

BD Diesel Performance
Booth #20171BD Diesel Performance

Designed around the large-frame Borg Warner S467.6SX turbocharger, BD’s Scorpion kit includes a custom 4-in. cold-air intake with an 8-in.-OD, high-flow, velocity-stacked washable filter, a complete high-flow aluminized 4-in. downpipe and meth/NOS/boost-pressure sensor bosses.

Information: www.dieselperformance.com or 604-853-6096.

Go Rhino
Booth #34045Go Rhino

Go Rhino’s total bumper system for ’07–’16 Jeep JKs and JKUs features a center bumper rich in features that can be used with a series of optional end caps and lightbar mounts to create 16 custom bumper combinations.

The Go Rhino BRJ40 front bumper is a modular bumper system that consists of a center bumper, three different end-cap options and three different light-mount bar accessories.

Information: www.gorhino.com or 888-427-4466.

Booth #23643Meguiar’s

Meguiar’s introduces three new scents to its Air Re-Fresher line: sparkling berry, spring blossom and spiced wood fragrances.

These easy-to-use products work quickly to eliminate unpleasant odors and leave behind a fresh, fragrant-smelling interior.

The aerosol dispersion technology provides a solution for the whole car by using the car’s air-duct system to circulate the Air Re-Fresher’s vapor throughout the cabin.

Information: www.meguiars.com or 800-347-5700. 

Ingersoll Rand
Booth #10160Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand Power Tools releases the IQV20 W5132 Impactool—a powerful, cordless 3/8-in. impact wrench.

The W5132 impactool has 550 lb.-ft. of torque, 365 lb.-ft. of max reverse torque and the best power-to-weight ratio of any cordless impact tool on the market.

To top it off, this impactool has four power and control settings, ranging from max power to hand tight, so technicians don’t need to switch tools to remove a stubborn fastener, saving time and money.

Information: www.ingersollrand.com or 704-655-4000.

TI Automotive
Booth #61039TI Automotive

The TI Automotive VW fuel-pump module comes complete with a fuel-level sensor and has application coverage for the’98–’10 Beetle with a plastic fuel tank; the ’99–’06 Golf with a plastic fuel tank; and the ’99–’05 Jetta with a plastic fuel tank.

The fuel-pump modules feature the company’s PACE award-winning dual-channel, single-stage fuel pump.

The product combines a high-performance fuel pump with filtration, level sensing and storage.

Information: www.tiautomotive.com or 248-296-8000.

Maradyne High Performance Fans
Booth #22819Maradyne High Performance Fans

The rugged Fast & Cool Air Blower is designed with durability and high performance in mind.

Able to be positioned at three convenient angles—0 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees—Maradyne’s Fast & Cool Air Blower is ideal for the race track or the shop, where rapidly cooling engines, brakes and clutches is essential.

The air blower is also useful in drying a shop floor or in dyno settings.

Information: www.maradynehp.com or 216-362-6342.

Booth #22643Edelbrock

The cross-ram LS3 intake manifold is designed for performance between 1,500 and 7,000 rpm. The dual-plenum design features 13-in.-long runners with flanges intended to accept 90mm GM LS3 throttle bodies This manifold is also designed for twin-turbo applications.

The fuelrail kit (available separately) is located under the manifold base and is designed to eliminate obtrusive plumbing and have a cleaner appearance.

Information: www.edelbrock.com or 310-781-2222.

American Fastbacks
Booth #33312American Fastbacks

American Fastbacks introduces new Jeep JK/JKU and Jeep TJ hardtops that are easy to install and are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Features high-quality weather stripping and optional features such as a rear window wiper as well as single or dual electronic sunroofs.

American Fastbacks offers free factory installation (some restrictions apply), and each hardtop comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Information: www.americanfastbacks.com or 800-901-8438.

Consider This Technology
Booth #38183Consider This Technology

Consider This Technology’s LarryAlert programs radar signals to create a motion-detecting power shield. A smartphone alert contains 15 stop-motion photos, allowing the user to see the progression of the action. The built-in speaker allows users to make announcements remotely.

LarryAlert has 3D radar, a wide-angle camera, an optional siren and voice speaker—all controlled via a smartphone app. LarryAlert is designed to be weather resistant.

Information: www.larryalert.com or 805-275-0190.

Booth #22563Holley

VR1 and VR2 fuel pumps feature brushless pump technology and a twin-screw rotor design, allowing them to maintain pressures up to 130 psi and flow up to 323 gph at 13.8 volts.

The pumps include a two-step controller for pump speed control, which allows the pumps to be run at either high or low speed, depending on fuel consumption requirements.

Includes two controllers for precise control of both pumps independently of each other.

Information: www.holley.com or 866-464-6553.

Westin Automotive
Booth #31059Westin Automotive

Westin’s HDX winch-mount grille guard holds a winch up to 10.25 in. tall and with a rating of up to 12,000 lbs.

Winch trays are tested and capability confirmed to a minimum straight-line pull of 16,500 lbs. HDX winch-mount grille guards are available in 304 stainless steel and black powdercoat.

Information: www.westinautomotive.com or 800-345-8476.

Booth #35193Bawarrion

Bawarrion presents a new beadlock wheel for the off-road market. The Bawarrion Bon’Z beadlock is designed specifically for the Jeep Wrangler JK, so that mud, dirt and water can easily exit the wheel.

The wheel is 17x8.5 in., with a 10mm offset and 5x5-in. bolt pattern. Compatible with all commonly used tires.

Bawarrion wheels are hub centric and TPMS compatible. European TüV, DOT and SAE approved.

Information: www.orz-california.com or 619-836-2935.

Cequent Performance Products
Booth #30087Cequent Performance Products

Cequent offers the OEM AutoGlide by Reese. This 20K fifth-wheel hitch allows those with a shortbed truck the ability to tow without worry.

The AutoGlide attaches to underbed rails like a traditional fifth-wheel hitch, but the sliding mechanism allows the AutoGlide to move up to 33 in. front to back. Fits any Ford F-250, F-350 or F-450.

Information: www.cequentgroup.com or 800-632-3290.

Booth #35039Leer

The most popular fiberglass cap models from Leer are now available for the ’16 Nissan Titan XD. For Nissan Titan pickups with 5-ft., 6-in. beds, Leer now offers the high-performance 100XL, 100XR and 100R caps as well as the stylish, full-featured 700 tonneau.

For Nissan Titan pickups with 6-ft., 6-in. beds, Leer makes the rugged, reliable 100R cap for work or recreational use.

Information: www.leer.com or 800-755-5337.

Vintage Air
Booth #22579Vintage Air

Vintage Air releases its all-new Gen IV SureFit air-conditioning system for ’61–’66 Ford F-100 pickups. This system is available as a complete kit or an evaporator kit and is designed to install with minimal modifications to the original firewall. The Gen IV air-conditioning system employs an exclusive, fully electronic microprocessor control system that eliminates cables or vacuum connections.

Separate high-capacity copper parallel-flow heat coils and aluminum plate-and-fin cooling coils provide outstanding performance and instant temperature adjustments. An integrated temperature blend door allows for precise control over air temperature, and an integrated defrost door provides air to keep the truck’s windows free from fog.

Information: www.vintageair.com or 800-862-6658.

Mickey Thompson
Booth #43035

Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson expanded the ET Drag tire line with the introduction of two new sizes for the dragstrip: 24.5/9.0-13 and 33.0/15.0-15S.

The new sizes feature X8 compound—a tougher, cooler-running compound designed for a variety of race environments.

Information: www.mickeythompsontires.com or 330-928-9092.

Astro Pneumatic Tools
Booth #11229Astro Pneumatic Tools

Astro Pneumatic Tools introduces the PRN series of pneumatic rivet nut setting guns, offered in both metric and SAE sizes. Model 4980–a 0.498-in.-shank super duty air hammer/riveter is designed for heavy-duty off-road, industrial and automotive applications.

The latest addition to the program is the Astro 1452 XL nut/thread setting hand riveter kit, with up to ½-in. capability.

Information: www.astrotools.com or 800-221-9705.

Eddie Motorsports
Booth #23481
Eddie Motorsports

Measuring 5¼ in. wide by 6¾ in. long, Eddie’s bezels are available in three distinct designs and come with an aluminum backup plate.

Kits are available with or without a Naugahyde boot.

The billet shifter-bezel kits are available in bright polished or raw machined finishes with three distinct bezel styles: plain, ball milled and contoured. Precision CNC machined from ½-in.-thick 6061 T6 aluminum.

All shifter-bezel kits come standard with a backup ring.

Information: www.eddiemotorsports.com or 888-813-1293.

Comp Cams
Booth #23043Comp Cams

New rockers, featuring a stronger and more durable trunnion and captured-bearing design. These upgraded rockers are designed to increase lift capacity.

They utilize caged precision roller bearings, and the trunnions are secured by snap rings.

The rockers feature a black-oxide finish and are available for LS1, LS3 and LS7 valvetrain geometries. A DIY upgrade kit is also available for users with stock rockers.

Information: www.compcamps.com or 901-795-2400.

Toyo Tires
Booth #43115
Toyo Tires

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. introduces two new additions to the popular Open Country family of tires:

Open Country Q/T, a touring all-season tire specially designed for CUVs and SUVs; and Open Country C/T, an on-/off-road commercial-grade tire designed to fit ½- to 1-ton pickups.

Information: www.toyotires.com or 714-236-2080.

Booth #36237

CorBox releases three truck storage solutions: Trove, Titan and Traverse. Every CorBox mounts below the rails of the truck (allowing a bed cover to be installed) and has lockable drawers.

The CorBox locks to the truck, the tailgate locks and a bed cover completely hides the box. If the user needs to use the full bed of the truck, simply pop the front latch and remove the box.

Information: www.corboxstorage.com or 844-486-6539.

Rightline Gear
Booth #34212
Rightline Gear

The pair of side storage bags are designed for off-roading, road trips and everyday storage and are angled to perfectly fit over the rear wheelwells of a Wrangler JK (four-door).

These weatherproof bags feature welded seams and urethane-coated zippers.

They are made from PVC-coated mesh.

Information: www.rightlinegear.com or 828-665-1007.

Weld Racing
Booth #21501
Weld Racing

The 13-in. Magnum Import Bead-Locs offer a single Bead-Loc design, all current 13-in. Magnum Import Drag Series bolt patterns, back-spacing widths from 7 to 10 in., black and machined contrast or polished finishes.

The 17-in. RT-S Bead-Locs offer a single Bead-Loc design, all current 17-in. RT-S bolt patterns, back-spacing widths ranging from 9 to 12 in. and black, machined or polished finishes.

Information: www.weldwheels.com or 800-788-9353.

Booth #31073

Putco’s Chevrolet Bowtie emblem kits are a way to customize vehicles.

Made of solid 304 stainless steel and available in black powdercoat, chrome and gunmetal.

Each kit includes front and rear emblems unless otherwise indicated.

Information: www.putco.com or 800-247-3974.

Oracle Lighting Technology
Booth #20631
Oracle Lighting Technology

Oracle high-powered LED mirrors feature a set of LED lightbars integrated into factory-style side mirrors. Designed for late-model Ford Raptor/F-150 trucks, these LED mirrors feature a total of 24 Cree LEDs.

Each unit has a 45-degree beam angle designed to optimize the driver’s peripheral visibility.

Heat sinks wick heat away from the LEDs and use the airflow through the mirror housing to increase cooling. The mirrors utilize the factory vehicle mirror mounts.

Information: www.oraclelights.com or 800-407-5776.

Booth #22989

ididit, in collaboration with Detroit Speed, developed a new, lightweight steering column called the Pro-Lite. Coming in under 6 lbs., the Pro-Lite is half the weight of a standard ididit.

A full 5 in. of collapsibility is built into the column. Standard features including self-canceling turn signals, four-way flashers and horn wiring are designed to make the transition from the track to the street seamless. Columns are available to fit ’67–’75 Camaros, the ’65–’66 Mustangs and the ’62–’66 Novas. Comes with standard matte black.

Information: www.ididitinc.com or 517-424-0577.

Tapeworks Graphics
Booth #48163
Tapeworks Graphics

The Stripe-it-All installation tool now ships pre-assembled and ready to install 1/4-in. wide stripes. Assembly configurations dramatically expand the installation capabilities.

An optional extension rod expands the range of adjustment. The Stripe-It-All is capable of installing 25 parallel and concentric tape stripes and fits rims up to 24-in. in diameter.

New Rimstripe colors match ’16 Chevy Laguna Blue, ’16 Dodge TorRed, ’16 Dodge B5 Blue and ’16 Dodge Plum Crazy Purple.

Information: www.tapeworks.com or 800-232-8273.

Weapons Grade Fabrication
Booth #33255
Weapons Grade Fabrication

Utilizing a patented Bomber Rack, Weapons Grade Fabrication adds a headache rack to its arsenal. The headache rack window-protection insert is manufactured from laser-cut 1/8- and ¼-in. steel using reinforcing ribs for rigidity and shape contour.

The insert pattern is designed to complement the style of the racks. As with all of the company’s racks, these are designed to match the contours of the bed, cab and roofline for a precise fit on the user’s specific model of truck.

Information: www.wgfab.com or 530-320-5260.

Booth #23283

Ringbrothers adds a new billet trunk hinge for the first generation of Chevrolet Camaro.

A direct replacement for the stock trunk hinges, these trunk hinges are machined from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum for uncompromising performance and durability.

The solid-frame-design trunk hinges are available in black anodized or natural finishes and are compatible with fiberglass or steel trunks. For added style, the gas springs can be finished in black carbon steel or stainless steel.

Information: www.ringbrothers.com or 608-588-7399.

Booth #43247BKT USA

BKT USA introduces the new Sierramax tire, with cut- and chip-resistant tread compounding, six-ply rating and radial design for strong durability. Deep tread is designed to improve traction while angled lugs are designed to improve soil displacement.

This tire is designed for use in a wide array of soil conditions. Features tread shoulder and sidewall protectors, sturdy casing and supple sidewall compound to accommodate high speed operation.

Information: www.bkt-tires.com or 330-836-1090. 

Retro Manufacturing
Booth #24593

Retro Manufacturing

The SXV300 plugs directly into a Long Beach radio without the need for special adapters or cables. The compact size is designed to install easily and discreetly behind the dash for a fully integrated look. Long Beach is a full-featured radio with made-for-iPod/-iPhone compatibility and built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming.

A 25-watt, four-channel amplifier is built in, and RCA pre-outs and subwoofer output are provided for adding external amplifiers. Long Beach has a 32,000-color display to customize to a vehicle’s interior. Two USB inputs for iPod/iPhone or USB flash drives and two standard auxiliary inputs are on the product. Long Beach is available in five styles: chrome face and pushbuttons; black face and pushbuttons; chrome face with black pushbuttons; black face with chrome pushbuttons; and chrome face with ivory pushbuttons. Officially licensed radio dial screen protectors with all the popular GM, Ford and MOPAR logos are available separately.

Information: www.retromanufacturing.com or 888-325-1555.

Salutica Allied Solutions
Booth #31329Salutica Allied Solutions

FOBO Ultra is an advanced wireless tire-pressure monitoring system for heavy vehicles using the latest Bluetooth 4.1, which works directly with Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. With an intelligent in-car monitoring unit that works on its own or simultaneously with smart devices, FOBO Ultra monitors up to 188 psi and gives an alert in the absence of a smart device.

The user can set upper and lower thresholds of air pressure. FOBO Ultra will monitor pressure based on the thresholds with its smart algorithm and will provide three levels of alerts when the thresholds are breached.

Information: www.salutica.com or 605-320-6800. 

Booth #21262

PML now manufactures an extra-capacity, heavy-duty pan for the AS69RC transmission. It is designed for ’13-and-newer RAM 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500 work trucks. The PML transmission pan is designed to aid in dissipating heat with cooling fins, aluminum construction and extra capacity.

PML makes the pan out of sand-cast aluminum, keeping the walls and flange thick. The pan clears the cooling lines routed next to the stock pan and the frame crossmember so that no modifications are needed to install a PML pan. PML includes a magnetic drain plug and mounting bolts.

Information: www.yourcovers.com or 310-671-4345.

Booth #12317


Now available exclusively from Roadwire, the limited-edition designer series for the ’16 Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe and GMC Yukon masterfully combines elegant styling with cutting-edge technology.

Precision manufactured to exacting specifications in Roadwire’s state-of-the art facility, the ’16 Chevrolet/GMC designer series fits models with 60/40 middle-row seats and features premium-quality automotive leather and European-style perforated inserts offset with elegant double diamond contrast stitching that adds an extra dash of sophistication.

Information: www.roadwire.com or 877-762-3947.

Street Legal Products Corp.
Booth #13139
Street Legal Products Corp.

Street Legal Products Corp. brings to market a new cleaning line featuring a multi-purpose cleaner that combines a car wash and a degreaser in one formula. It can be used on all types of surfaces safely.

The cleaner is designed to tackle grease, dirt and grime without harming the surface it is applied to. Features include excellent foaming action, grease buster and carnauba wax all in one.

Information: www.streetlegalproducts.com or 407-826-5136.

WD-40 Co.
Booth #62129
WD-40 Co.

WD-40 Co. is launching Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant to its WD-40 Specialist line of products. Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant is a no-drip, no-mess lubricant, making it the ultimate solution for vertical surfaces and moving parts, such as chains and cables where lubrication needs to stay put.

The gel-like formula is engineered with self-healing technology that softens to lubricate when there’s friction.

When the friction stops, it solidifies again to protect against rust and corrosion. WD-40 says that Spray & Stay Gel prevents rust for up to one year.

Information: www.wd40.com or 888-324-7596.

AP Exhaust Technologies
Booth #22427
AP Exhaust Technologies

AP Exhaust Technologies introduces the new Cherry Bomb M-80TM. This muffler features a single-chamber wing plate design packaged in a compact 5-in. round body for an aggressive sound.

Produced using 100% aluminized steel and coated in classic high-temperature Cherry Bomb Red paint.

The mufflers are directional, non-reversible and come in a variety of pipe sizes.

Information: www.apexhaust.com or 800-277-2787.

Aries Automotive
Booth #34031
Aries Automotive

Aries Automotive now offers kitted part numbers for its running boards and side bars with the universal track mounting system.

The kits include both the boards and vehicle-specific mounting brackets to provide one complete package without the need for separate ordering.

Boards and brackets can be ordered separately.

Information: www.ariesautomotive.com or 888-800-2743.

Booth #37063

CalTrend custom seat covers are tailored to slip over the original upholstery in Mustang models from ’64½ through ’73 coupes and convertibles.

CalTrend custom seat covers are available in a variety of fabrics such as I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather, DuraPlus, NeoSupreme and more. Available in a range of color combinations.

All CalTrend custom seat covers come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Information: www.caltrend.com or 800-846-8621.

Rugged Ridge
Booth #34101
Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge expanded its line of Eclipse sun shades for ’07–’16 Jeep Wranglers to include two new looks. Design options now include bright red and American-flag designs.

Available in two configurations, Jeep owners have the option of shielding the front and rear passengers at the same time (full) or each separately (half). Featuring mesh construction, the sun shades are held between the windshield and rear crossbar, eliminating the need for a header channel.

The built-in elastic straps allow for easy access to the Jeep’s top clamps, so Wrangler owners can keep the shade in place and still use the factory top.

Information: www.ruggedridge.com or 770-614-6101.

Booth #15119

Permatex offers its Spray Nine heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser, a solution for tackling tough, hard-to-clean dirt and grime. Spray Nine cleans, degreases and disinfects in one easy step.

Spray Nine heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser is a non-corrosive, non-bleach formulation that is safe to use on door panels, consoles, equipment, motors, tools, work benches, conveyors, walls, floors, garbage bins, painted metals, upholstery, fiberglass and much more.

Spray Nine does not contain petroleum or chlorination chemicals and is offered in 22- and 32-oz. spray bottles, 1-gal. jugs, 5-gal. pails, and 55-gal. drums.

Information: www.permatex.com or 877-376-2839.

BDS Suspension
Booth #30204BDS Suspension

BDS Suspension adds to its lineup of Recoil traction bars with new kits designed specifically for ’07–’16 Toyota Tundra trucks.

These patent-pending traction bars use heavy wall construction and a full-floating design intended to eliminate binding of the suspension during articulation.

The new mounting kit is built from ¼-in. steel and is a bolt-on installation requiring only a few holes to be drilled at the frame.

These traction bars are designed to fit stock and lifted trucks.

Information: www.bds-suspension.com or 517-279-2135.

Diode Dynamics
Booth #37169
Diode Dynamics

The Diode Dynamics universal RGBW Demon Eye is designed for use with Mini H1 projectors but can also be custom mounted. Utilizing Diode Dynamics’ RGBW technology, it features a white chip next to the color chips to maintain an OEM appearance as well as multicolor control.

The optical sensor is designed to shut the LEDs off when the main beam is activated. It is powered by a constant-current RGBW driver that is designed to be fully shockproof and waterproof.

Demon Eye was designed, tested and manufactured in the United States.

Information: www.diodedynamics.com or 314-205-3033.

Rostra Precision Controls Inc.
Booth #11717
Rostra Precision

Rostra announces the availability of an all-new backup camera system for the ’15–’16 Ford F-150. PN 250-8645 includes a CMOS color camera integrated directly into a replacement tailgate handle, a 30-ft. extension harness with thread-together/weatherproof connectors, an adaptor to connect to any RCA-equipped video monitor, and selectable parking grid lines designed to blend OE style with increased driver visibility.

Information: www.rostra.com or 800-782-3379.

Rockford Fosgate
Booth #11839
Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate launches the autolink smart control app for remote-start systems. The multi-brand compatible autolink add-on interface module allows control of an aftermarket remote-start system through a downloadable smartphone application.

Control up to four additional functions, such as trunk release, heated seats, defrost, windows and more. (Functions are dependent upon the remote-start system installed in the vehicle.)

App control will function when smartphone has a cellular connection or WiFi.

Information: www.rockfordfosgate.com or 480-967-3565.

Booth #30306

JCR’s Dagger Frame Chop front bumper is CNC cut and formed from 3/16-in. steel and then hand welded and finished. It is intended to accept most industry-standard truck winches.

It features a removable winch fairlead mount so that it can easily be used without a winch. JCR offers the bumper in both pre-runner and stinger-style tube work. Customers can order it with no tubing at all.

Cutting of the frame is required for installation, but new mounting hardware is included. Available both bare steel and black powdercoated and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Information: www.jcroffroad.com or 269-353-1184.

HeatShield Products
Booth #24013
HeatShield Products

Cobra Skin exhaust wrap is designed to sustain 1,350ºF continuously. With the HPTC coating, the fibers may remain flexible so that the wrap will expand and contract with the metal of the exhaust system.

The HPTC coating is also intended to deliver increased abrasion resistance in order to reduce fraying.

Information: www.heatshieldproducts.com or 844-723-2665.

Impact Plastics Automotive
Booth #38181Impact Plastics Automotive

The car-top cargo carrier by Impact Plastics Automotive delivers 18 cu. ft. of storage space. The carrier is rated at 110 lbs. and is made from HDPE with a UV inhibitor.

Three bale latches are intended to ensure a weather-tight seal. Three-side easy entry and a covered keyway lock are designed to provide security. Zero-tool assembly and installation.

Mounting hardware and instructions are included. Fits round, square and aero bar designs up to 3.75 in. wide.

Information: www.cartopcargo.com or 847-426-3831.

Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc.
Booth #41135
Nitto Tire

The Ridge Grappler features noise-reducing variable-pitch tread blocks. When taken off-road, the alternating shoulder grooves help to clear mud quickly while the lateral Z grooves give more biting edges for traction.

The Ridge Grappler is available in 30 popular sizes, including fitments for Jeep Wranglers as well as ¾- and 1-ton trucks and features two unique sidewall designs.

Information: www.nittotire.com or 800-648-8652.

CMYK Grafix
Booth #33319
CMYK Grafix

CMYK Grafix has teamed with Kryptek Outdoor Group to develop and produce a new line of superior-quality Kryptek vinyl products as well as the industry’s first metallic Kryptek camouflage vinyl, produced and distributed exclusively by CMYK Grafix.

All standard Kryptek patterns—from Altitude to Yeti as well as metallic Kryptek vinyl products—are available in CMYK Grafix’s online store.

Information: www.cmykgrafix.com or 208-377-1556.

Griot’s Garage
Booth #12467
Griot's Garage

The Boss G10 Air and its 10mm throw are designed to deliver powerful paint correction.

Compatible with Griot’s Garage 5- or 6-in. vented orbital backing plates. The motor is designed to require only 2 cfm at 90 psi and a maximum of 12,000 orbits per minute at 90 psi. It is built with an exhaust silencer for quiet operation.

The system includes long-throw machines, a line of proprietary pads and targeted creams.

Information: www.griotsgarage.com or 253-922-2400.

Hellwig Products
Booth #34075
Hellwig Products

Hellwig Products releases its upgraded front and rear sway bars for the ’16 Toyota HiLux 4WD pickup. The sway bars are 1⅜ in. in diameter at the front and ¾ in. out back.

Both are forged from a single piece of 4140 chromoly steel and then heat-treated for added durability.

The rear bar is adjustable and features forged three-hole ends designed to allow for three different roll-stiffness rate settings.

Information: www.hellwigproducts.com or 800-435-5944.

Kleinn Air Horns
Booth #37057
Kleinn Air Horns

The Kleinn onboard air system for the Ford Diesel Super Duty is 100% bolt-on. The 150-psi compressor and 3-gal. tank are designed to power airbags, air lockers and some air tools.

The kit includes The Beast model 230 train horn, a quick-connect tire inflator with a 30-ft. hose and a storage bag.

The kits install with simple hand tools. Fits ’11–’16 F-250s and ’11–’15 F-350s.

Information: www.kleinn.com or 520-579-1531.

Advanced Clutch Technology
Booth #23921
Advanced Clutch Technology

Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) introduces high-performance twin-disc clutch kits for GM eight-bolt LSX engines.

The kits offer torque capacities ranging from 875 to 1,515 lb.-ft. These kits offer two discs and include ACT’s proprietary Positive Lift Floater system, which automatically compensates for disc wear.

Each kit offers a choice of three different clamp-load designs.

Information: www.advancedclutch.com or 661-940-7555.

Advanced Accessory Concepts LLC
Booth #38013
Advanced Accessory Concepts LLC

Nitrous Power is designed to be used as a backup battery and a charger for mobile devices and to start cars, trucks, UTVs, ATVs and motorcycles in seconds.

Includes an 11,400 MaH lithium battery pack inside. Provides 400 amps peak, 200 amps continuous. Two USB ports are rated at 2 amps each, and there is a 2.1mm output plug for charging or powering devices.

The unit can also be easily hardwired to the vehicle so that it charges whenever the engine is running. The lid can be removed while intact or in a cradle for quick device charger access.

Information: www.aacbrands.com or 951-852-0469.

Kooks Headers and Exhaust
Booth #24019
Kooks Customs Headers

Kooks’ new Shelby GT350 system features unique step primaries and is complemented by a choice of Greencats, tuner catalyst and non-catalyst pipes.

A Shelby-specific X-pipe and cat-back system completes the package.

Information: www.kooksheaders.com or 866-586-5665.

Performance Distributors (D.U.I.)
Booth #24379
Performance Distributors

The new cross-fire cap is designed to allow users to route their plug wires neatly on each cylinder bank. Comes with a 50,000-volt D.U.I. coil and a high-dwell Dyna-Module.

The unit features a slip collar with 7/8-in. of adjustability. The carbon Ultra-Poly composite gear is designed to be compatible with any camshaft.

Every D.U.I. is calibrated on a distributor machine to attain a very smooth advance curve.

Information: www.performancedistributors.com or 901-396-5782.

Napier Outdoors
Booth #31171Napier Outdoors

Napier presents its new Sportz Cove tent, an awning that attaches to the back of an SUV or minivan and is designed to provide shade and shelter on the go.

The Sportz Cove will come in two models to fit sizes from a small Honda CRV to a large Cadillac Escalade.

Information: www.napieroutdoors.com or 604-607-7890.

PPG Refinish
Booth #24601
PPG Refinish

PPG launched EC550 En-V ultra-gloss clearcoat, a new production-friendly clearcoat formulated specifically for use with Envirobase high-performance waterborne basecoat. It is intended for overalls and multi-panel applications.

EC550 uses the same hardener/reducer combination as EC530 En-V performance clearcoat with a simple 3:1:1 mix ratio.

Refinish technicians find that EC550 can be sprayed in extreme temperatures and humidity, and no polishing is required.

Information: www.ppgrefinish.com or 800-647-6050.

Gear Aid
Booth #51235
Gear Aid

Gear Aid offers two new hands-free light and portable power stations, the Arc and the Flux, designed to provide light and power for days, handle tough weather and even transform into lanterns.

Both are IP65-rated and feature three-color temperatures, adjustable brightness, an SOS setting and aluminum.

They include a storage bag/light diffuser and hang hook.

Information: www.gearaid.com or 360-671-2227.

Rigid Industries
Booth #34169
Rigid Industries

This Rigid Industries LED grille is designed specifically for the lower grille opening of the ’14–’16 Polaris Sportsman 850 and allows for a clean, OE-quality installation of Rigid Industries’ high-output lighting.

This grille accepts one 6-in. SR-series LED lightbar (not included). The grille is made from laser-cut 304 stainless steel and features a high-quality black powdercoat finish.

It mounts using OEM mounting locations for an easy installation—no drilling or cutting required.

Information: www.rigidindustries.com or 855-760-5337.

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners
Booth #23125
Stage 8 Locking Fasteners

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners created a full-floating rear axle retaining-bolt kit. This new kit locks the eight bolts that hold the axle (commonly known as the GM Corporate 14-bolt or the Dana 60, 70 and 80 rear-axle shaft) to the rear-drive hub.

The innovative kit is comprised of 161/2-13x11/2-in. six-point grade-eight bolts and all the locking hardware to go with them.

Stainless-steel locking retainers are designed to add strength and snap rings to add superior dependability.

Information: www.stage8.com or 415-485-5340.

SATA Spray Equipment
Booth #10609
SATA Spray Equipment

The new SATA Dry Jet 2 relies on the venturi principle like its predecessor. In addition to the compressed air feeding the system, a multiple of ambient air is drawn in that serves directly to accelerate the drying process.

Thanks to its special shape, the SATA Dry Jet 2 has an extra-large air footprint.

An integrated 125 sieve serves to filter contamination from the aspirated air. This disposable sieve is simply inserted prior to operating the blower gun and can be easily replaced with a new one, depending on usage and degree of contamination.

Information: www.satausa.com or 800-533-8016.

Transfer Flow
Booth #34052
Transfer Flow

Transfer Flow introduces a 70-gal. toolbox and fuel-tank combo for ’99–’16 Ford, RAM and GM fullsize diesel trucks. The adjustable toolbox storage area ranges from 5½ to 9 cu. ft.

The tank is made from 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and rust resistance. It’s baffled in two places on all four sides to reduce fuel slosh and is powdercoated black for a durable finish.

An aluminum diamond-plate lid comes standard, with the option of having it powdercoated black.

Information: www.transferflow.com or 800-826-5776.

Sinister Diesel
Booth #31301
Sinister Diesel

Sinister Diesel’s new high-performance injectors for the ’03–’07 Ford Powerstroke feature all-new parts from the nozzle to the connector.

Built on a re-manned body to save truck owners money, Sinister’s injectors are designed to work as stock replacements and also work with tuned, upgraded trucks.

The injectors feature new injector coils, new harness assemblies, a new electrical connector and a redesigned spool valve to help prevent stiction.

They’re also etched with Sinister’s logo and come with a 24-month, unlimited-mileage warranty.

Information: www.sinisterdiesel.com or 888-995-0766.

Booth #10851Valspar

Valspar has created a new metallic bright red mixing color for the Debeer Refinish Waterbase 900+ series and BeroBase series 500 that aims to deliver a perfect match on any red vehicle with a candy effect.

The three-stage system includes a color-matched undercoat, tinted transparent basecoat and clear. It is intended to be easy to mix and spray with no intermediate mixes and no trial and error.

The end result is a bright metallic red with an even finish that matches the original color.

Information: www.valspar.com or 800-798-6147.

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