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’18 Jeep Wrangler 


Nissan Titan Sport Truck? 

Jeep Wrangler


Nissan Sport Truck

Jeep Wrangler    Nissan Sport Truck

The new Wrangler should resemble the outgoing one, but various aerodynamic tweaks will make it less upright.

A fixed windshield and possibly longer front end will be the main giveaways. Noticeably different are the bulging front fenders. There will be significant amounts of aluminum underneath, although the body will be mostly made of steel.

The Pentastar V6 and eight-speed automatic will be the mainstream powertrain, but the big news will be a 3.0L V6 turbodiesel for North America and likely global markets. A hybrid powertrain is also rumored.

The Wrangler should appear sometime early next year.


Nissan looks to be capitalizing on more configurations of the redesigned Titan, with both the standard and XD models and the upcoming single-cab version of the fullsize truck.

Now it looks as though Nissan will add more derivatives of the standard-cab variant, with what looks to be a more aggressive version.

While fleet-oriented regular cabs will have a V6 and sparse interiors, this version sports the larger wheels from the Platinum models, suggesting a heavier-duty suspension and more power from the 5.6L V8 in the four-door trucks.

It also appears to have the short 5½-ft. bed rather than the longer 8-ft. version seen on work-truck examples.


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