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SEMA News—December 2015


Odyssey Battery Portable Chargers

Odyssey Battery Portable ChargerEnerSys introduces its new line of Odyssey Battery portable chargers. With automatic six-stage charging, the chargers facilitate full and proper charging. Charger safety features include spark-free connections as well as built-in over-voltage, overload, over-temperature, reverse polarity and ignition protection. The all-digital power-charging platform is packaged in a rugged housing of extruded aluminum, providing weatherproof protection. A user-friendly interface with an innovative LED battery-charge monitor provides users with a relative charge level status at a glance during operation.

Odyssey Battery by EnerSys


AEM Performance Electronics High-Flow In-Tank Fuel Pumps

AEM In-Tank Fuel PumpBlue Sea Systems bus bars now available at Del City. These engineered products are designed, tested, and built to meet the stringent requirements of the boating, emergency and commercial vehicle industries. Single power inputs can be re-distributed across the entire bar so that multiple output connections can be added. Select from a variety of single- and dual-bus bars, ranging from 100A to 1,000A. Battery terminal-mount bus bars (both positive and negative) can be easily added to a threaded-post battery terminal.

AEM Performance Electronics


McLeod Racing RXT 1200 Twin-Disc Clutch

McLeod RacingThe new RXT 1200 elevates the holding power of the patented McLeod twin-disc clutch lineup to 1,200 hp. The McLeod RXT 1200 twin disc was designed with increased diaphragm pressure to hold up to 1,200 hp while still keeping the pedal feel like stock. With twin ceramic discs, the engagement is smooth, and the strapped floater makes for a quiet, rattle-free clutch. Combine those features with ease of installation, and McLeod says that it’s a great clutch for any skill level of driver or street enthusiast.

McLeod Racing


Norma Group Torca SEC Kit

Norma GroupThe Norma Group’s Torca Brand has developed a simple-to-use kit that allows technicians and automotive enthusiasts to easily route exhaust pipes to accommodate engine, chassis and exterior body panel changes. The Torca aftermarket kit comes with two 8-in. pipes and one SEC band clamp. The innovative joint is created by providing one 8-in. pipe with a unique stepped ball end and a second 8-in. pipe with a mating flare. Together, they form a spherical connection that is secured by the patented SEC band clamp. This joint technology allows a range of adjustment up to three degrees in any direction, while maintaining seal integrity and joint strength.

Norma Group


Covercraft SeatHeater Kit

CovercraftCovercraft presents new SeatHeater kits. Unlike many other seat-heating systems, each SeatHeater kit includes four heating elements for both the seat base and seat back (both driver and passenger seats) for toasty, full-body comfort during cold weather. The wiring harness simply plugs into the vehicle accessory power outlet. Each kit also includes a dual switch for individual heat control. The self-regulating heating elements are made in the U.S.A. with patented heating technology that provides uniform warmth and prevents overheating.



Classic Instruments Fuel Link

Classic InstrumentsClassic Instruments releases its all-new fuel link. Inspired by Classic Instruments’ Zeus Speedometer technology, this device corrects fuel-ohm-range mismatch and erratic pointer movement due to fuel slosh. There is no need to remove the fuel tank, sending unit or gauge to make a mismatched set work correctly. The unit installs inline between the fuel gauge and fuel sender to correct the mismatch. The link includes pushbutton programmability and LED readout for quick setup, signal dampening for a steady fuel pointer and easy electrical connectivity with labeled wire terminals.

Classic Instruments


Amp Research BedStep2 for ’15–’16 Ford F-150

Amp ResearchAmp Research releases a new BedStep2 application to fit the ’15–’16 Ford F-150. The BedStep2 is a deployable side-mounted bed access step that mounts behind the vehicle’s cab, allowing easy access to bed-mounted toolboxes, fifth-wheel hitches and cargo. The BedStep2 can be installed on either side of a pickup and easily mounts to the vehicle’s underside. Made with high-strength aluminum-alloy components and precision stainless-steel pivot pins, the BedStep2 is designed for rock-solid stability and durability.

Amp Research


Redline Goods SnapRest

RedlineThe SnapRest is a patented armrest that is designed to make driving more enjoyable by providing ideally positioned cushioning to rest the user’s arm. Installs in seconds without use of tools. The SnapRest fits in the door-pull recess snugly and will not fall out. To remove, pull it up—it will require a bit of force due to the tight fit. The
SnapRest built-in door pull is strong, durable and provides an easy grip during normal use. Available for ’09–’14 Ford F-150s; soon to be available for the ’09–’15 RAM trucks and ’07–’13 Silverados.

SnapRest by Redline Goods


Restomod Air Atmosphere App

Restomod AirRestomod Air has released its climate-control app, Atmosphere. The app works with iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone to wirelessly control vehicle A/C systems. The look and feel of the controls is customizable by the user, who can pick from the color wheel for a perfect match of the vehicle’s interior. With the Atmosphere app, users can have two preset settings for their rides, eliminating the need to set up or dial in the desired temperature.

Restomod Air


DJ Products CarCaddy

DJ ProductsDJ Products introduces a tug specifically for pushing cars, trucks, buses, campers or anything on wheels. Called the CarCaddy, this unit is designed for automotive, bus and truck repair centers, dealers, manufacturers and government highway service organizations. Features unique to the CarCaddy over competing products of its kind are its weight, size and strength. Although it is small and compact, it weighs nearly 750 lbs. The CarCaddy’s weight advantage allows it to easily move most vehicles from a parking spot without relying on transferred weight from the cars’ bumpers to gain its traction.

DJ Products

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