Cover Story

Just because a company has a highly detailed Excel spreadsheet that
provides two dozen fields jammed with product data doesn’t mean that it
has good data.

Yesterday, when I unlocked the door to my store, there was a line of people waiting.

About seven or eight months ago, a successful retail chain with a
20-year, 10-location brick-and-mortar history decided that it was time
it competed on the web with a full e-commerce solution.

The list contained below should be used as a very basic litmus test as to the usefulness of your electronic product information.



  • A new virtual edition of SEMA News is now available online via SEMA’s website—

  • It is critical that we reach out to our fellow business acquaintances to learn from them, to share our stories of success and failure and to discover those new business opportunities that come from these interactions.

  • What if your company had access to some of the brightest minds in your field?

  • Armando Zambrano of Wet Okole Hawaii spends hours measuring the seats in the Kia Soul at a SEMA measuring session.

  • It seems like everyone gets a trophy these days. Our children’s sports
    teams don’t keep score anymore; everyone’s a winner just for showing up.

Chris Kersting

  • “The most rigid structures, the most impervious to change, will
    collapse first,” wrote Eckhart Tolle in “A New Earth.” The poet
    Claudian put it even more directly: “Change or die.”

From The Hill

Government Affairs

  • Law and Order is an update of some of the most recent federal and state legislative and regulatory issues that could potentially impact the automotive specialty-equipment industry.

Industry News

  • SEMA is employing highly targeted methods to attract tire and wheel buyers to this year’s SEMA Show. More than 11,000 tire, wheel and equipment buyers attended last year’s Show.

  • The images and information provided in “Spy Photos” are supplied by the spy shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co. “Spy Photos” are included each week in SEMA eNews, the association’s electronic newsletter.


  • More than 50 personnel from SEMA-member companies as well as
    association executives visited Dubai recently to explore business


  • While most businesses have soundly rejected Vista and are tenaciously
    hanging on to Windows XP until Microsoft comes up with a better
    operating system (OS), the day of reckoning approaches.


  • Mentor Jason Bruce and mentee Dan Biezonsky are the perfect success story for the SEMA Mentoring Program, powered by the SEMA Businesswoman’s Network (SBN).

New Products

  • Agri-Cover announces the release of the all-new Autolock electric tarp system.

Required Reading

  • Enthusiasts and car lovers throughout the world look to the SEMA Show for flashy cars and custom vehicles, but the automotive accessories industry relies heavily on the annual event for conducting business.


  • In 2008, the restoration market held its ground and fended off economic troubles by sticking to its classic formulas.

SEMA Heritage

  • The big man in the Milodon T-shirt is none other than Don Alderson, Milodon’s cofounder (and the “don” in Milodon).