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Most economists are predicting a longer-than-usual recovery after a
very sharp entry into the current recession. In conjunction, the auto
industry is predicted to be in for drastic changes, not only in what it
will look like and how it does business, but also in the technologies
that will emerge in new vehicles. In a recent interview, SEMA Vice
President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak detailed not only where
the automotive world appears to be headed, but what the association is
doing to help its members ready themselves for the coming opportunities.

Over the years, quite a bit of attention has been paid to both the
compact-performance and urban-lifestyle markets.


Chris Kersting

  • We all are working harder than ever at keeping businesses and the
    industry alive and moving forward. Your time is at a premium. SEMA
    knows this. Here are a handful of quick, easy-to-use silver bullets to
    help your company make progress. Take 60 seconds, and load up.

From The Hill

Government Affairs

  • Law and Order is an update of some of the most recent federal and state legislative and regulatory issues that could potentially impact the automotive specialty-equipment industry. These include issues affecting small-business owners and their employees.

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  • While web  software has been around nearly as long as the web
    itself, the latest crop of upgrades make it easier than ever to
    precisely study what’s working best on your site and ensure that those
    best practices are replicated on every page.

Member News

New Products

  • Omix-Ada/Rugged Ridge says its Wrangler Wheel represents one of the toughest designs in custom wheels. Hub-centric design centers the wheel, providing the best fit possible and proper clearance for rotors, steering components and the suspension.

Required Reading

  • Magazines in and outside the United States are eager to highlight the
    newest specialty-equipment product offerings, and they often do so by
    including New Product Showcases in their magazine. This month’s
    “Required Reading” features a few of these columns and provides tips on
    how to increase your chances of being included.


SEMA Heritage

  • Craig Breedlove’s Spirit of America was arguably one of the prettiest
    land-speed racers to tackle Bonneville, but it certainly met an ugly