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It would likely take hundreds of pages to describe in detail everything that happened at the 2019 SEMA Show. Given deadlines and space constraints, journalists at the Show rely on photography to highlight features and items that are of interest to their readers. While some media focus on a specific niche or segment, other outlets, such as the ones listed below, capture as much content as possible and present it to their audiences through photo galleries with captions to provide them with an overall recap of the world’s premier automotive trade show.

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The primary focus of SEMA’s dedicated market research department is to develop reports throughout the year that provide insights on the automotive aftermarket industry and consumers. From its annual “SEMA Market Report,” which provides an overview on the state of the U.S. specialty-equipment market, to the monthly “Industry Indicators Report” and the “Modern Muscle Car Accessorizer Report,” the market research department’s work helps industry members stay informed and make better business decisions. The articles below mention some of the data highlighted in these reports.

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Fostering the future generation of leaders in the automotive aftermarket industry is one of SEMA’s key initiatives. To do so, the association has several dedicated programs that help identify career opportunities and support young enthusiasts. From educational programs that encourage youth to be a part of the aftermarket industry to providing financial support to students pursuing careers in an automotive field, SEMA keeps young enthusiasts at the forefront of its industry advocacy efforts. Below are some articles that have been recently written about SEMA’s youth outreach efforts.

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SEMA Show exhibitors who manufacture parts for the truck and off-road markets often use pickups to showcase their latest product lineups. Those elaborate builds are easy to spot displayed in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the modifications and additions made to them are clear indications of how and why the truck market segment was responsible for 27% of the nearly $45 billion spent on specialty-equipment products last year. Below are some of the media outlets that kept truck enthusiasts informed about the builds and parts unveiled at the 2018 SEMA Show.

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In addition to producing the premier automotive specialty-equipment trade show in the world, SEMA supports the aftermarket by giving members and the industry a voice before policymakers. Because laws and regulations can impact the way aftermarket products are made, distributed and marketed, SEMA has a proven program led by a professional staff in Washington, D.C., that continually monitors and shapes legislation. To learn about SEMA’s latest legislative efforts, visit or read articles like the ones below.

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The SEMA Show’s worldwide appeal was again evident in 2018, with journalists from more than 40 different countries making the trek to Las Vegas to report on the latest trends, technology and products in the automotive aftermarket. Among the hundreds of international journalists who attended last year’s trade show were 30 from different parts of the world who helped present Global Media Awards to manufacturers whose products, unveiled at the SEMA Show, would have considerable appeal in their home countries.

The Cream of the Customizing Crop


For the last five years, top vehicle builders from all over the world have helped SEMA Show exhibitors showcase their products and stand out by entering the SEMA Battle of the Builders competition. The sixth annual contest will again shine a spotlight on the amazing talents and craftsmanship of these builders, who have already proven themselves by being a part of the premier automotive trade event in the world. All competitors are recognized in SEMA Show publications and on signage at the event, and many are featured in publications like the ones below and in a one-hour, nationwide television special that airs throughout the year. (The next airings of the 2018 competition will be shown June 5 and July 5 on MotorTrend TV Network.)

Discovering Young Leaders

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SEMA will again be giving young business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors opportunities to boost their businesses through the SEMA Launch Pad program. Since 2013, more than 200 innovators have participated in the program, which provides competitors with brand exposure, access to business resources, face time with industry influencers, and a chance to pitch their businesses to industry experts at a live event during the SEMA Show. While one business ultimately wins the competition, all participants receive coverage and exposure while making connections that help their businesses advance. The publications below are examples of the exposure some participants received.

The Number-One SEMA Show Destination


The SEMA Show New Products Showcase—rated as the top feature at the premier automotive trade show—makes it easy and affordable for exhibitors to promote their products. With thousands of entries displayed in a central location, it’s a great way for buyers to keep up with new products and emerging technology. It also makes it easy for media outlets, like those below, to report on them.


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