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New Aftermarket Products

Diesel PowerEvery year, the automotive world converges at the trade-only SEMA Show in Las Vegas where attendees learn about the latest trends and emerging technology in the aftermarket industry. Exhibitors also take the opportunity to introduce their latest product offerings, many of which are displayed in the New Products Showcase, making it the number-one destination for attendees at the event and the subject of many articles (as seen below) by the more than 3,500 journalists covering the SEMA Show.

Making Headlines

More than 250 top vehicle customizers competed in the fourth annual SEMA Battle of the Builders contest—one of the industry’s most prestigious vehicle-build competitions—held during the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

A Competition Built for Builders

MarionFor the fourth consecutive year, the prestigious SEMA Battle of the Builders competition experienced growth, featuring more participants and increased media coverage. The publications below are but a small sample of the many media outlets that informed their readers about the more than 300 builders who entered this year’s contest. The field included not only builders from the United States but also from other countries—some of whom were among the finalists—and aspiring builders 27 years and younger.

SEMA’s Legal Affairs

Hot RodSome legislative initiatives can have a huge effect on the automotive aftermarket, impacting the way products are made, distributed and marketed. Because of those risks, SEMA’s government affairs department—which also includes the SEMA Action Network and the SEMA Political Action Committee—was created to continually fight unjust legislation that hinders the association’s members and the aftermarket industry as a whole. The publications below covered some of SEMA’s recent efforts to stamp out legislative threats.

Fostering The Next Generation

Street MuscleOne of SEMA’s missions is to provide the automotive aftermarket with outstanding professional development and training resources. Through various programs, such as the SEMA Young Executives Network, SEMA Launch Pad and SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund, the association is helping to develop the industry’s next generation of leaders and innovators. To learn more about the results of some of these programs and initiatives, read the articles by the publications below.

Keep On Truckin’

Four WheelerThanks to a better economy and lower gas prices, trucks have made a comeback in the aftermarket. As a result, they had a major presence at the 2016 SEMA Show. From classics such as a ’41 Dodge Power Wagon and a ’58 Jeep FC170 that was named a SEMA Battle of the Builders Top 10 finalist to modern marvels such as a ’17 Ford F-250 and a ’16 Nissan Titan XD with 37-in. tires, almost every type of pickup ever produced was displayed at the SEMA Show.

An Igniting SEMA Show After-Party

Motor 1Since its inception in 1967, the SEMA Show has remained a trade-only event open exclusively to industry professionals. To give the general public a chance to share in the excitement, the association hosts SEMA Ignited at the conclusion of the final day, featuring a parade of the hundreds of cars and trucks displayed at the Show in the SEMA Cruise.

Getting the Message Out

The ShopBecause the entire automotive aftermarket industry is focused on the SEMA Show in November, exhibiting companies use the opportunity to host press conferences or seminars and make announcements relating to their goods and services. The media coverage below is proof that what happens at the SEMA Show reaches far beyond the Show floor.

The Colorful Side of SEMA

The Colorful Side of SEMAEvery year, paint and coating manufacturers use the SEMA Show to exhibit their current palettes and introduce new colors. If early registration trends hold, paint companies will have a larger presence at the 2017 SEMA Show, giving publications such as the ones below even more colors and products to write about.


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