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A wide variety of businesses attend the SEMA Show each year, but the companies in the buyer category—identified with a red badge—enjoy a few special benefits. “Buyers” are companies that fall into the retailer and distributor segment of the industry. Non-SEMA-member buyers are encouraged to sign up for a SEMA membership at the Show so that they can not only receive perks at that event but also receive year-round member benefits.

Does Your Insurance Agent Understand Your Business?

SEMA has partnered with the Specialty Equipment Insurance Alliance (SEIA) by Alliant Insurance Services for more than 25 years to provide exclusive savings to association members. SEIA specializes in protecting businesses within the automotive aftermarket, and because of that, its representatives understand the needs of automotive specialty-equipment companies and offer solutions to protect almost every aspect of their businesses.

SEMA Launch Pad: Voting Season

YEN LogoThe SEMA Launch Pad Business Competition Powered by the Young Executives Network (YEN) has entered its fourth year. The competition is designed to give the people behind a new product or company in its early stages the tools and connections to take it to the next level. New this year, SEMA decided to open the competition to nonmembers in hopes of reaching young entrepreneurs to show them the resources SEMA provides and the benefits of membership.

The Power of “No”: Finding a Balance

SBN LogoOne of the biggest challenges facing career professionals these days is finding balance in our excessively fast-paced world. We try to maximize each minute of every day, downing energy drinks to try to squeak out an extra hour wherever we can. We run ourselves too hard, stretching our time too thin. Stress always seems to be one of those “handle it tomorrow” problems. Many people in high-powered careers love the high energy of a fast-paced lifestyle.

Meet MRN’s New Volunteer Leaders

MRN LogoVic Bennett of Gantt-Thomas & Associates moves into the chair position of the Manufacturers’ Rep Network (MRN), and Nathan Kunzman of Kunzman and Associates has moved into the chair-elect position. The MRN is dedicated to providing a forum for manufacturers’ representatives with the purpose of increasing their impact on the industry, exploring issues of common interest and concern, creating new business opportunities for reps, and elevating the overall image of the profession.

ETTN Benefits Portfolio

ETTN LogoThe Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN), a community of engineers, product developers, programmers, designers and company owners, has been one of the fastest-growing SEMA networks since its inception in 2013, reaching more than 100 members within the first six months. The foundation for this community is to identify, understand and communicate emerging trends and technologies to help members improve. The leadership of the group understands that, in today’s world, technology and automotive trends are ever evolving, and it can be difficult for professionals to stay up-to-date.

Building a Bridge

WTC LogoThe annual SEMA Wheel & Tire Council (WTC) long-range planning meeting (LRP) was held in February at SEMA’s headquarters in Diamond Bar, California. The council gathered to clarify and discuss current projects and initiatives and to explore new possibilities.

Annual PRO Awards Recognize Restyling Industry Influencers

PRO LogoFor more than a decade, SEMA’s Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) has paid tribute to industry influencers who have made significant contributions to the growth and stature of the restyling industry. The PRO awards program was created to give back to the companies—and the individuals within those companies—who continuously break barriers with innovation, a vision for the future and the pursuit of excellence.


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