2016 Cybersecurity Outlook

Intel FacilityBusinesses still reeling from seemingly endless reports of hacker break-ins last year should brace for even more sophisticated capers in 2016 as IT security departments simultaneously roll out new tactics for thwarting the criminals. Security experts say that the image of yesteryear’s hacker—the pimply faced teen on a lark for grins and giggles—has given way to organized-crime teams who are hell bent on stealing and monetizing stolen data.

Customer Relationship Management

CRMMarketers looking for a dashboard to manage every aspect of their interactions with customers will want to take a detailed look at—the number-one-selling customer relationship management (CRM) solution on the market today, according to Capterra, a company that advises businesses on the best software to buy.

Beyond the Password

Beyond the PasswordThose vague promises that hackable passwords would one day be replaced with much more secure alternatives to protect our digital lives are finally coming true. Yahoo has come out with a new app called Account Key for smartphones that has completely eliminated the need to use an ID and password to access e-mail. Instead, users trying to log onto Yahoo e-mail can now be sent a message to their smartphones asking, “Are you trying to log on?” When the user provides a single tap “Yes” on the smartphone screen, Yahoo instantly provides access to the e-mail, completely eliminating the need to enter an ID or password.

Content Marketing Dashboards

Facebook Data CentersMarketers looking for a single software dashboard to create, manage, distribute and analyze all the content they use for their marketing will want to seriously consider Percolate (, according to market researcher Forrester. The solution was ranked number one in Forrester’s in-depth evaluation of such tools, which Forrester dubbed “content marketing platforms.”

Email Marketing

Email MarketingMarketers looking for a reliable, state-of-the-art e-mail marketing solution have a ready resource: Capterra’s ( 2015 list of the top five solutions on the market. Capterra specializes in advising businesses on the best software to buy. Heading the pack for e-mail marketing solutions is MailChimp, one of the pioneers in the industry, followed by Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Campaign Monitor and Get Response.

Windows 10

Windows 10 ScreenWindows 10’s official release mid-summer was greeted with mostly well-deserved glowing reviews, but business users need to tread carefully before powering it up for the first time. The reason: Amid many great improvements, Microsoft has auto-programmed the newest version of its operating system to vacuum up as much of your personal data as possible and even listen in on your PC’s microphone.

Score One for the Little Guy

Score One for the Little GuyAs of June 2015, telecommunications and cable companies were knocked back on their heels when new government regulations took effect prohibiting those companies from allowing some company websites to download faster than others. The move restores what has commonly become known as net neutrality—or equal access to the Internet.


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