In Recruiting, AI Gets Real

AIWhile the wonders of artificial intelligence (AI) are often hyped beyond recognition, AI-powered recruitment software is actually offering real advantages to businesses. Scores of firms are currently using AI-driven recruitment software to automatically crawl the web for the kind of job candidates they want, auto-interview them via text chat or video on the spot, and then auto-schedule the most promising candidates for follow-up interviews by the person who does the hiring. Other programs automatically rifle through résumés submitted at your website for candidates with the exact qualifications you want. And still others design neuroscience games your job candidates can play, which glean the people who best exhibit the traits, skills and characteristics you’re looking for.

Breaking Free

InternetBusinesses fed up with overly aggressive spam filters that block their ability to reach out to customers are turning to a new solution: bringing their own email server in-house. It’s a move that offers four major advantages.

Five Ways New Artificial Intelligence Tools Improve eMail Marketing

InternetWhile the wunderkinds in artificial intelligence (AI) labs have been tantalizing us for years with talk of AI products for business, the first money-in-the-bank applications are starting to emerge—especially when it comes to email marketing. Essentially, email marketing appears destined to be infused with AI tools forevermore. And if the promises hold up, the marketer’s job of successfully targeting and closing on prime prospects is going to get a lot easier.

When the Whip Comes Down

WebIn a move to stop the online ad market from imploding, Google will roll out its own ad blocker in early 2018, designed to neutralize annoying, intrusive advertising on the web. The new Google strategy will significantly impact any business that advertises on an internet website. In a phrase: Unless you play nice with your web advertising, Google is going to shut you down in 2018.


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