German Customizing Association Going to Court Over Porsche Restrictions

German“The threat for the aftermarket will remain until VDAT achieves a broader, industry-wide legal judgment, banning all monopolistic action such as that taken by Porsche,” said Harald Schmidtke, VDAT’s managing director. “Without such a ruling, other vehicle manufacturers could well follow suit and thus greatly harm our industry.”

SEMA Members Explore Middle East Market Potential

McLeod RacingThe 2018 trip to Abu Dhabi, held April 3–8, 2018, once again provided SEMA members with the opportunity to explore firsthand why the region is an important market for U.S. specialty-equipment companies. This year’s program, like the six before it, provided an opportunity for SEMA members to participate in a low-cost, efficient way to meet with pre-vetted buyers, exhibit in a turnkey booth at the largest specialty-equipment show in the region—the Custom Show Emirates (CSE)—tour aftermarket shops, and participate in a series of briefings, including an informative session with U.S. government officials in the region. To date, 149 SEMA member companies have traveled with SEMA to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Overseas Exports

Middle EastSEMA recently conducted a survey regarding the exporting activities of its U.S.-based member manufacturers. The 243 SEMA members that completed the survey represent nearly 11% of SEMA-member manufacturers located throughout the United States.

SEMA-Member Companies Go to China to Pursue Qìche GaizhuAng (Car Customization) Business

China Business DevelopmentA customizing car culture is blossoming in China, and a group of SEMA-member companies flew to Shanghai to check it out. They spent a week at the China Auto Salon promoting their brands and gaining insights into how Chinese enthusiasts obtain products and use their vehicles in the market of 1.4 billion people. The U.S. delegation saw many signs of the developing Chinese car culture and eagerness among Chinese enthusiasts to upgrade their rides to take them to the race track or off-roading.


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