SEMA eNews Vol. 23, No. 40, October 1, 2020

New Products From Oracle Lighting, Redline, TRAC and More

By Fredy Ramirez

SEMA eNews highlights products from member-companies each week. This week’s submissions are listed below.

Hooker Blackheart
Rear Suspension Crossmember

Hooker Blackheart announces the release of its rear suspension crossmember for ’63–’72 Chevrolet C10. The crossmember is engineered to eliminate driveshaft clearance issues while maintaining proper pinion angles. The dual-exhaust cutouts allow the exhaust system to go through the crossmember instead of under the frame for extra ground clearance. The crossmember replaces the OE crossmember in the stock location and is constructed to work with the factory trailing arms.

Note: Requires use of one-piece driveshaft. Only for 2WD trucks utilizing trailing-arm rear suspension.

PN: BHS510

Hooker Blackheart

Gen III HEMI Swap Oil Pans

Holley has launched its Gen III Hemi engines oil pans swap for ’63–’74 Mopar A-Body, B-Body, C-Body and E-Body vehicles. The cast-aluminum construction and integrated windage tray combined with O-ring sealing are designed to provide a leak-free solution. The complete pan kit includes all parts required for installation (i.e. oil pan, pickup assembly, O-ring seal, windage tray, baffling and mounting bolts.


PN: 302-60


Hooker Blackheart
Jeep Wrangler TJ Gen-III Hemi Swap Parts

Hooker Blackheart announces the release of its Gen-III Hemi Swap Parts for the ’97–’06 Wrangler TJ. The lineup features engine swap mounts, transmission adapter brackets, headers, Y-pipes and steering shaft support brackets. The mounts are designed to work together with the stock skid plate/transmission crossmember to mount the transmission and stock NP231J transfer case. The transmission bracket is constructed to mount the 545RFE transmission and transfer case to the factory skid pate. The headers and the Y-Pipe are for ’87–’06 Jeep Wranglers with the Gen-III Hemi Engine. The support bracket bolts to the existing steering support bracket and relocates it.


PN: Vary

Hooker Blackheart

Redline Detection

Redline Detection has launched its SpeedSmoke diagnostic leak detector. The detector is designed to address the proliferation of boosted vehicles in repair shops. It is engineered to feature diagnostic capabilities to pinpoint faults in boost leaks, naturally aspirated, high-pressure turbo, diesel and supercharged engines. The machine is constructed to run low-pressure diagnostics for general repair and naturally aspirated engines, plus high-pressure diagnostics for turbo, diesel and supercharged engines. It also features an onboard micro air compressor and 12V DC battery for total portability and includes all needed accessories.

PN: 95-0135


Zero Rust Topcoat

Gemini announces the release of its Black Gloss Zero Rust Topcoat primer. The primer is manufactured to be VOC-compliant in all 50 states and available in aerosol cans only.



Tire Jack

TRAC announces the release of its tire jack. The jack is constructed with welded steel for durability. The steel base rollers are designed to offer tire support and rolling convenience.


PN: Vary


Oracle Lighting
Oracle Fog Halo Kit

Oracle Lighting announces the introduction to its Dynamic ColorSHIFT RGB+A Projector Fog Halo Kit for the ’15–’17 Ford Mustangs. The integrated RGB+A turn signal features “Motion Flow” sequential effect. The LEDs on the ring illuminate sequentially for a turn signal effect. The rings are encapsulated in a polymer resin designed to make them waterproof with an IP68 rating (can be submerged underwater). Oracle Lighting recommends purchasing the ’15–’17 Ford Mustang ORACLE Dynamic ColorSHIFT Headlight DRL + Halo Kit along with the fog kit, as the fog light kit alone will not include the Bluetooth controller.

PN: 1235-332


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