SEMA eNews Vol. 23, No. 15, April 9, 2020

MOTOR Media and D1 Productions Launch “The Aftermarket Insider” Podcast Hosted by Joe Sebergandio

By SEMA Editors

  Tom Gattuso
Tom Gattuso
Ron Coleman
Ron Coleman

MOTOR MEDIA Inc. and D1 Productions have announced a new, original podcast, “The Aftermarket Insider,” launching April 14, at 11:00 a.m. (PDT). Hosted by automotive aftermarket industry veteran and personality Joe Sebergandio, owner of MOTOR MEDIA Inc., “The Aftermarket Insider” will feature candid and insightful interviews with the biggest names and personalities from the automotive industry, and explore today’s hottest automotive trends and important issues affecting the aftermarket.

Tom Gattuso, SEMA’s vice president of events, and Ron Coleman, president of Driven Racing Oil, will headline the premier episode, in which viewers will be encouraged to send in questions or comments during the podcast for the guests to answer.

“The Aftermarket Insider” will also react to urgent matters in a timely fashion. For example, one of the first episodes will focus on how exactly the aftermarket is dealing with novel coronavirus, particularly as it relates to legendary automotive events and shows that are immediately feeling the impact of the quarantine, including HOT ROD Power Tour, NHRA, SEMA and PRI. Another upcoming episode will take listeners inside the first-ever Riyadh Auto Festival in Saudi Arabia to get the inside scoop on the process of putting on a show of this magnitude in the Middle East.

Sebergandio has worked in this industry for decades in various roles, including as publisher of multiple Petersen Publishing Co. automotive brands, such as Four Wheeler magazine, vice president of automotive events for eMAP and Primedia, and host of his annual Joe’s Minibike Reunion, for which he is also host of the podcast with the same name.

No topic will be off limits. “I have enough relationships, stories, curiosity and questions to entertain an audience and to give them very truthful and sometimes unbelievable stories of my own—and to get my guests talking, too,” Sebergandio said.

“The Aftermarket Insider” podcast will air a minimum of once per week starting April 14, then will expand to a minimum of twice per week in June. It will be offered in a 45–60-minute format. All “The Aftermarket Insider” podcasts will available at in addition to Facebook ( and Instagram (@TheAftermarketInsider).

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