SEMA eNews Vol. 22, No. 35, August 29, 2019

Media Seeking Exhibitors to Interview

By Rachel Tatum

Several media outlets have reached out to SEMA seeking exhibitors to interview for upcoming stories.

Several media outlets have reached out to SEMA seeking exhibitors to interview for upcoming stories. Exhibitors who fit the following profiles and are interested should send the following information to SEMA Public Relations Manager Rachel Tatum:

  • Exhibiting company name.
  • Contact person name, title, phone and email address.
  • Information about the company/product and how your company/product fulfills the reporter’s request.

Media opportunities include:

  • Nationwide magazine dedicated to four-wheel-drive, powersports and utility vehicles is seeking information about new products in the 4WD market. Reporter seeking photography, video, press releases, in-person and phone interviews. All documents must be in Word, jpg or video formats; No PDFs will be accepted.
  • Freelance reporter covering a wide range of markets, including mobile electronics and technology, restyling and car care accessories, tools and equipment, trucks, SUVs and more, is seeking new products in the overland/adventure travel segment. Information will run in print and online. Requesting high-res images, product descriptions and would like to know if the product has already been released or when the ETA is for release.
  • Off-road publication seeking products and companies focused on off-road performance, specifically for high-speed desert-type environments. Looking for high-res product images and information that fits this off-road category, as well as personalities with experience in high-speed desert off-road and can bring insight for fans and racers.

Journalists seeking SEMA members or exhibitors to interview for stories are invited to reach out to SEMA Media Relations Manager Juan Torres. SEMA PR is available to help connect reporters with members and exhibitors throughout the year.

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