SEMA eNews Vol. 20, No. 40, October 5, 2017

Meet Top-10 Finalists in the Launch Pad Corral

By Katie Carson

The SEMA Launch Pad top-10 finalists will pitch their new automotive products and services in front of a live audience, Monday, October 30, in the Westgate Theater, from 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Show attendees are encouraged to come see who will be named the 2017 SEMA Launch Pad winner, which will be determined by a panel of judges.

However, the live event isn’t the only place the contestants can be found. Each contestant’s business will have its own kiosk-style booth in an area called the “Launch Pad Corral,” located within the Performance Pavilion.

The SEMA Launch Pad Corral is an exclusive opportunity for Show attendees to meet each finalist, Tuesday–Friday during Show hours, and learn more about their products, ask questions and discuss potential partnerships.

Visit the following companies and meet the Launch Pad contestants:

Mike Alexander, president/owner – FLO Airride Manufacturing
Product: FLO Modular Billet Tank (FLO-MBT)

The all-new FLO Airride modular air tanks feature patent-pending TwistLock technology, which allows for the world’s most customizable and modular air tank with an extremely easy and quick install time. High-pressure burst rates exceeding 2,500 psi also make it a safe air vessel in today’s rapidly advancing air-suspension aftermarket.

Mike Alexander
Mike Alexander

Carl Borkholder, owner – Gen-Y Industries
Product: Gen-Y Adjustable Drop Hitch

GEN-Y’s Adjustable Torsion Drop Hitch is a shot in the arm to an industry that’s been stagnant for decades. Heavy-duty rubber Torsion Flex cords help mitigate 90% of up-and-down inertia, leaving your truck, trailer, cargo and you feeling less beat up, and providing a much smoother ride.

Carl Borkholder
Carl Borkholder

Tom Burden, CEO/founder – Grypshon Industries LLC
Product: Grypmat

Grypmat is a tool mat designed for versatility. The Grypmat Trio is made from patent-pending, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, rubberized material. It sticks to curved surfaces, such as car bodies and composite race cars. Using a Grypmat reduces surface damage, shortens maintenance times and is a mechanic’s most valuable tool.

Tom Burden
Tom Burden

Matt Corish, co-founder –
Product: V12 LS Engine

The V12 LS engine puts excitement under the hood of any project by offering something never released by an OEM. Build a 1,000+ hp monster with your favorite LSX parts or drop in a turnkey package for the ultimate LS swap. Take your build to the elite level today.

Matt Cornish
Matt Corish

Gregor Hanuschak, founder – Smack Innovations
Product: SafeConnect

Drive and safely control every app on your phone for $69. Clamp SafeConnect onto your steering wheel and use voice commands and buttons on SafeConnect to control apps and features of iPhones or Android phones. Always keep eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and phone in your pocket.

Gregor Hanuschak
Gregor Hanuschak

Ben Horst, president – Eddy Motorworks
Product: Electric Vehicle Conversion

The Eddy Motorworks Electrocet is the track car of the future. Borrowing much of the chassis from the Exomotive Exocet and the electric powertrain from a Tesla, the Electrocet delivers supercar-rivaling acceleration, intuitive handling and more than 250 miles of range, with zero emissions.

Ben Horst
Ben Horst

Brian Pierce, CTO – Delicious Tuning
Product: Flex Fuel Conversion Kit

Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Conversion Kits give fuel flexibility for vehicles that are not able to run ethanol from the factory. Being completely plug-and-play, the kit installs using factory connections. The system safely unlocks an engine’s performance potential by taking advantage of the high-octane fuel ethanol provides.

Brian Pierce
Brian Pierce

Irina Slavina, COO – HUDWAY
Product: HUDWAY Drive

HUDWAY Drive is a next-generation portable head-up display for any car. It projects a color image onto a transparent lens positioned in the driver’s line of sight. Paired wirelessly with a smartphone, it allows drivers to control navigation, music, phone calls and texts without taking their eyes off the road.

Irina Slavina
Irina Slavina

Brock Templeman, president – Savior Products Inc.
Product: Savior Battery Cases

Savior Battery Cases were engineered with ShockStop Technology that protects a battery from shock and vibration damage—two leading causes of premature battery failure. Independent tests show that Savior’s ShockStop Technology can isolate up to 99.3% of harmful vibration and drastically reduce the negative effects of impact shock.

Brock Templeman
Brock Templeman

Edward Uehling, co-founder – King Tailgates LLC
Product: King Tailgate

The KT1 is an upgraded replacement option for OEM tailgates. Its utility patent-protected design conceals comfortable seating and an innovative center console with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, auxiliary and charging ports and dual oversized cup holders.

Edward Uehling
Edward Uehling
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