SEMA eNews Vol. 18, No. 16, April 16, 2015

Nevada Bill to Restrict Classic Vehicle Registration Approved by Committee; Moves to Full Assembly

The Nevada Assembly Transportation Committee amended and approved legislation to alter the requirements for vehicles eligible for registration as a classic vehicle.

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

Legislation to alter the requirements for vehicles eligible for registration as a “classic vehicle” was amended and approved by the Nevada Assembly Transportation Committee. The bill will now be sent to the floor of the assembly for a vote by all members. Under the amendment, only vehicles manufactured prior to 1996 would be eligible for a classic vehicle registration.

Currently, vehicles 25 years old and older are eligible. The bill also changes the depreciation schedule for the governmental services tax to provide that passenger vehicles and trucks will be valued at 10% less of their initial value than they are currently valued. A separate bill to repeal the emissions test exemption for all classic vehicles, classic rods, street rods and old-timer vehicles was also approved. Under that bill, all vehicles manufactured before 1996 would instead be exempted. These bills contain a mixture of pro- and anti-hobby provisions.

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