SEMA eNews Vol. 16, No. 15, April 11, 2013

Sign Up Now for Upcoming 2013 Ford Ranger T6 Measuring Sessions

By Linda Spencer

The ’13 Ford Ranger T6 4x4 double cab is powered by a 2.5L five-speed gasoline engine. SEMA, in partnership with the United States Department of Commerce, purchased the vehicle in the Middle East. It was designed in Australia and assembled in South Africa.

SEMA-member manufacturers are invited to measure the ’13 Ford Ranger T6—a global one-ton pickup that is popular worldwide but not sold in the United States or Canada. SEMA purchased the vehicle in a partnership with the United States government to provide American companies difficult-to-access vehicles so they can create export-ready products.

The Ranger, which was selected by a panel of automotive press and experts, won the 2013 International Pickup Award, beating out the Isuzu D-Max and Volkswagen Amarok, among other vehicles in the category. Members can choose one of two Measuring Sessions to be held Wednesday, April 17, at SEMA's Diamond Bar, California, headquarters and Tuesday, May 14, at Dearborn, Michigan-based Link Engineering. There is no charge to participate.

Register now to attend one of the Measuring Sessions

Initial sales figures are in for 2012. Of those countries reporting their data, IHS Global Insight reports South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Brazil and Thailand are in the top five in terms of sales.

  CY 2012
  Estimate 2013
South Africa   15,804   17,397
Saudi Arabia   13,503   12,646
Argentina   12,356   18,146
Brazil   8,388   19,892
Thailand   6,632   7,367
United Arab Emirates   4,028   4,486
Indonesia   3,815   4,894
United Kingdom   2,818   2,697
New Zealand   2,815   2,677
Germany   2,183   2,178
Malaysia   1,939   4,229
Kuwait   1,680   1,783
Oman   1,295   1,518
France   1,082   1,595
Chile   1,003   2,971
Mexico   1,001   16,082

Source: SEMA calculations from IHS Global Insight data.

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