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A Golden Ticket: Enthusiasts Enter the SEMA Show and Tell All

A special group of enthusiasts entered the Las Vegas Convention Center on the final day of the 2010 SEMA Show.
Despite the trade-only attendance rule, this select group was granted a
“golden ticket” through the SEMA Opinion Leader Program. Participants
received access to the SEMA Show on one condition: Their experiences
had to be shared via feedback surveys and, when possible, across a
variety of Internet-based social networks. This was the second year of
the project, and the feedback and enthusiasm were inspiring.

Why Cooler Tires and 18-inch Wheels Are the New Market Sweet Spot

The economy and the environment have been the major drivers for many
markets over the last three years, and they have also been consistent
topics of conversation among tire and wheel experts. The tire industry
underwent a sort of accordion buckling in inventory as the economic
slowdown led consumers to balk at anything other than critical
expenditures and then pent-up demand caused a sudden resurgence.

12 Trendsetting Builders Forecast the Future of Hot Rodding

When word got out that SEMA News was looking to identify future industry trends, our friends at Popular Hot Rodding
presented us with the opportunity to feature their "What's Next?"
hot-rod builder story. The forecast on the future of hot rodding
originally ran in the September issue of Popular Hot Rodding and will
no doubt be of interest to SEMA News readers. Special thanks to the
folks at Popular Hot Rodding for allowing us to reprint the article in its entirety.

Consumer Demand Index Reaches Highest Level Since July 2009

With just a few days left before the start of the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the October Consumer Demand Index Report has been released with some great news. Recovering from a recent 12-point decline experienced in August, the index jumped 26 points to 57 for October. This is the highest level the index has seen since July 2009, when the index also reached 57. The following chart shows the overall index, in blue, as well as the three-month moving averages, in red.

Following the Hot-Rod Industry's Evolution in "The Business of Speed"

If you scan no farther than these next few words, know this: You should
read The Business of Speed: The Hot Rod Industry in America, 1915–1990
by David Lucsko. Since you're browsing through SEMA News, you must be
favored with some interest in the automotive specialty-equipment
industry, and Lucsko's book offers a primer about where it began, how
it evolved and, if not precisely where it's heading, at least an
optimistic appraisal of why it will live on. [Read more]

Modern Tastes, Technology Open New Markets for Classic Car Parts

The August 2010 issue of SEMA News is available to view online.
This month's issue provides an in-depth look at the accomplishments of
2010 SEMA Hall of Fame inductees Richard "Dick" McMullen, Chuck
Schwartz and Van Woodell. Learn more about their careers and how their
contributions and service have left an indelible mark on the automotive
specialty-equipment industry.

SEMA News also goes inside the restoration market to see how
modern technology, enthusiasts' tastes and the popularity of resto-mods
have helped reshape the market. While a significant portion of the
market continues to desire traditional recreations of the original
vehicle, others want a combination of modern conveniences and
factory-spec. These changes in the market have created new
opportunities for product lines that incorporate the traditional style
with modern accessories.

The restoration market is not the only area where traditional
approaches are being altered. Automaker Local Motors methods to auto
manufacturing is based on open source and open design, and its
customers help design and develop the cars that the company creates.
With the feedback and direction from a community of artists,
enthusiasts and designers, Local Motors uses the traditional
tier-supplier network and the specialty-equipment aftermarket to
construct its vehicles.

Get started with the August 2010 issue of SEMA News.

Lasting Shine: DIY Enthusiasts, Stagnant Auto Sales Reshape Car Care Market

Barry Meguiar’s family has been in the car-care business for 109 years,
and he’s personally headed up the company that carries the family name
for more than four decades. As the president of Meguiar’s Inc., he’s
seen the economic roller coaster trundle up and down many times before,
but he’s never seen anything like the past couple of years. Despite the
fact that his company not only weathered the storm but actually
prospered, posting a double-digit gain in 2009 alone, he said that the
recession has battered the car-care industry like none other in his
lifetime. [Read more]


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