Market Snapshot

Top Products and Trends in the Restoration Industry

This compilation of restoration products that were introduced at the 2010 SEMA
Show runs the gamut from traditional numbers-matching reproductions to
modernization components for handling and power. We’ve also interspersed
comments from the owners and executives of some of the industry’s leading
restoration specialists. Both say a lot about how the marketplace has changed.

Best Practices for Restoration Businesses

The bedrock of the automotive specialty-equipment industry is the parts that are used to build, restore and modify vehicles of all types. Every segment of the industry counts on parts that are properly designed, engineered and manufactured to operate as promised. Within the restoration segment, however, those standards are complicated by the fact that the vehicles involved are anywhere from two decades to nearly a century old.

SEMA Financial Benchmarking Program: Retail Sales Stay Strong; Trucks/SUVs Remain Largest Segment

Realizing that the industry needs new tools to help companies survive,
in January 2009, SEMA launched the monthly SEMA Financial Benchmarking
program. More than 6,500 companies have participated to date, giving the
automotive aftermarket industry unparalleled access to benchmarks and
key performance indicators.

The Hottest Vehicles of 2011

Each year, a few vehicles dominate the automotive landscape. It stands
to reason that the most popular vehicles among consumers and
specialty-equipment manufacturers would also be among the most
profitable for all SEMA members. To help sort the vehicular wheat from
the chafe, we examined a series of forward-looking “SEMA Indicators” to
see what they might suggest about the crop of cars and trucks that are
likely to make the biggest sales impact in 2011.


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