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Exhibitor Warning: “Free” Listings in Some Show Guides Are Not Free

SEMA is alerting its members that a one-page form they may receive
offering a "free" business directory listing is not free when you sign
the form. Examples of these business directories include “World
Business Guide,” “World Business Directory,” “Expo-Guide” and “The Fair
Guide.” The guides are generally operated from Austria, Mexico, the
Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and other countries. SEMA recommends that
you not complete these types of listing forms.

Estate Tax Set to Die, Then Re-emerge

The federal estate tax will likely be repealed for one year starting on
January 1, 2010, but will then reappear in 2011 under its previous 55%
tax rate on anything above $1 million. Efforts to pass a SEMA-supported
bill to permanently freeze the estate tax at its current 45% rate on
amounts above $3.5 million/individual ($7 million/couple) failed in the
U.S. Senate. The House passed the bill in mid-December.

Law and Order 2009: The Year in Review

The laws and regulations that govern how SEMA members do business
have an increased and growing impact on the way automotive
specialty-equipment products are made, distributed and marketed. As the
nation and our industry struggle with a balky economy, SEMA’s charge is
to stay on top of every relevant state and federal matter of
consequence to its membership to ensure the best possible outcome.
The following are just a few examples of critical
legislative/regulatory issues that the government affairs office was
involved in this year.

Here is a comprehensive review of these issues


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