New Product Innovation: Using 3D CAD Software for Efficient R&D

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play video download pdf Title:New Product Innovation: Using 3D CAD Software for Efficient R&D
Presenter: Mark Scheetz, GoEngineer
Date: SEMA Webinar, June 23, 2011
Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

New product innovation is essential to the survival and competitiveness of your company. In a rapidly changing marketplace, getting new products to market quickly is crucial. Is your company using the latest tools and technology to keep R&D efficient and cost-effective?

Join Mark Scheetz, GoEngineer, as he discusses 3D CAD software applications for the automotive aftermarket. With more than 25 years experience in all phases of design, development and implementation of computer applications, Mark will bring a wealth of knowledge to share with attendees. He will cover:

  • Introduction of 3D CAD design
  • Using OEM provided CAD files for efficiency and accuracy (with SEMA's OEM Tech Transfer Program)
  • Referencing imported data for new designs
  • Testing new designs before making prototypes and parts
  • Reuse of 3D data for tooling and manufacturing  
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