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Exhibitor Series: Preparing Yourself for a Successful SEMA Show - On and Off the Floor
Tom Gattuso, SEMA’s Trade Show Director; Zane Clark, SEMA’s Director of Education

Webinar: Exhibitor Series: Are You Prepared for the SEMA Show? Webinar for First-Timers (and Veterans)
Tom Gattuso, SEMA’s Trade Show Director

Getting Media Coverage at the SEMA Show
Larry Edsall, Freelance Contributor

Are You Missing Out? Introduction to the R&D Tax Credit
Kirk Chen, Meritum Consulting

OSHA Enforcement Trends & Managing Inspections
Eric J. Conn and Amanda Strainis-Walker, Epstein Becker Green

2014 SEMA Show Student Program
Zane Clark, SEMA

Fuel Your Sales with Better Product Data: An Introduction to the SEMA Data Co-op
Jim Graven, SDC Director of Membership

411 Customer Service: 8 Words that can Kill the Deal
Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor

10 Ways to Better Product Development-The SEMA Garage Industry Innovations Center
Mike Spagnola, SEMA OEM and Product

Opportunities for Growth: Working with the Top Auto Manufacturers, Powered by PRO
Dave Lalain, VP of Commercial Development for AIAG

Twenty Ideas in Twenty Minutes - Driving Business Growth & Fueling High Performance: How to Create a Sales-Service Excellence Culture
Christine Corelli, Christine Corelli and Associates

Attendee Webinar: Are You Ready for the SEMA Show?
Tom Gattuso, SEMA; George Lathouris, Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc.

Exhibitor Series: Are You Prepared? Last-Minute Webinar for First-Timers
Tom Gattuso, SEMA; Eric Hoffend, Freeman

Exhibitor Series: Everything You Need to Know About Exhibiting at the 2013 SEMA Show
Tom Gattuso, SEMA; Jennifer Carr, CEM, ConvExx

Confused about the Healthcare Reform Law? What SEMA Members Need to Know About “Obamacare”
Kelly A. Davis, Clifton Larson Allen

Fuel Your Sales With Better Product Data
SEMA Data Co-op Executive Team

Exhibitor Series: How to Get the Most Results From Your Trade Show Experience
Tom Marx, The Marx Group

Exhibitor Series: It Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Tougher
Susan Schwartz, CEM, ConvExx

Exhibitor Series: 25 Tips Guaranteed to Make Your SEMA Show Profitable
Chuck Schwartz, CEM, ConvExx

Industry Trends: Who's Your Target Customer
Gavin Knapp, SEMA Market Research

Industry Trends: 2012 Annual Market Study Overview
Gavin Knapp, SEMA Market Research

3D Design and Additive Manufacturing: Technology that Will Change the Aftermarket
David Gurrola, President, GROWit

New Product Innovation: 3D CAD Software for Efficient R&D
Mark Scheetz, GoEngineer

Industry Trends: Annual Market Study Overview
Gavin Knapp, Senior Manager of Market Research

Industry Trends: How Accessories Influence New Car Sales
Gavin Knapp, SEMA

Maximize Your SEMA Show ROI: Exhibitor Promotional Tools
Chuck Schwartz, ConvExx; Jason Siefken, Exhibitor Invites

Simulation Technologies to Speed the Aftermarket Product Development Process
John Waraniak, SEMA; Ed Browalski, ACEC; Santhosh Jogi, dSPACE; Tom Gillespie, Mechanical Simulation (CarSim)

SEMA Black Book: Meeting Federal, California Emissions Regulations for Specialty Aftermarket Parts While Avoiding Costly Compliance Problems
Jim McFarland, SEMA Technical Consultant

Fast Track Product Development with 3-D Design Technology
Oscar Munoz, SEMA Vehicle Data Analyst

Stay Current with Specialty Aftermarket Industry Data
Ty Michael, SEMA Market Research

SEMA Show: Money Well Spent for Your Business
Chuck Schwartz, CEM, Chairman, ConvExx

Making the Most of Your Media Moments at the SEMA Show
Griff Allen, ESPN, Motorsports Broadcaster

Urban Lifestyle Report
Ty Michael, SEMA Market Research

Car Care One Credit Program
Dane Rice, GE Car Care One

SEMA’s Freight Savings Program
Donn Buenafe, Siriani & Associates

Training and Preparation for the ASE A6 Electrical Certification Exam: Part I
Jim Cowen and Tracy Pospeshil, Webasto

Training and Preparation for the ASE A6 Electrical Certification Exam: Part II
Jim Cowen and Tracy Pospeshil, Webasto

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