SEMA 101 Course


SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association has a long an exciting history. It began almost as soon as the automobile was invented when intrepid inventors and drivers pushed for faster speeds and more comfortable and safe rides. There quickly developed a performance and accessory aftermarket industry that over the ensuing century has grown to be a multi-billion dollar, world-wide industry employing millions of people. The industry and the people who populate it have also been responsible for hundreds of life-saving inventions: Hot rodder Barney Navarro developed heart and lung pumps for Kaiser. George Hurst invented the life-saving “Jaws-of-Life” while racer and promoter Mickey Thompson invented, among other things, water-filled crash barriers. Many other racers pioneered safety innovations and the industry has had an immeasurable impact on our lives.

The SEMA Education Team has collaborated with subject-matter experts to develop this comprehensive 5-Module training course. The course is designed to educate students, teachers and industry members about the specialty equipment industry, the history of SEMA and its role in the automotive world.

What you'll learn:

  • A high level overview of the specialty equipment segment
  • History of the specialty equipment segment
  • History of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association)
  • Overview of SEMA’s niche markets and representing councils and committees

Module 1: Overview of the Aftermarket
Duration: approx. 15 minutes

Module 2: The Early Years: Birth of an Industry
Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Module 3: Boom Time: The Industry Goes Full Throttle
Duration: approx. 15 minutes

Module 4: SEMA’s Role in a New World
Duration: approx. 15 minutes

Module 5: SEMA Maintains a Leadership Role
Duration: approx. 15 minutes


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