SEMA Education Institute Online - Online Marketing Sessions

Exhibitor Series: Develop a Pre-Show Marketing Plan Guaranteed to Make your SEMA Show a Success
Chuck Schwartz, ConvExx; Tom Gattuso, SEMA

The Psychology of Search & The Findability Formula: What is Really in the Mind of the Online Searcher?
Heather Lutze, Findability Consulting

Pinterest: The Basics and Beyond
Natalie Carmolli, WhizBang! Training

PR Primer: Promoting Your Brand in the Digital Age
Dan Kahn, Kahn Media

Take Your SEO to the Next Level
Leisa Hall, Anvil Media, Inc.

Email Marketing 301
Grant Johnson, ClickMail Marketing

Email Marketing 201
Michael Kelly, ClickMail Marketing

Email Marketing 101
Michael Kelly, ClickMail Marketing

2011 SEMA Show Education Days
Online Marketing

Online Marketing Essentials
Hallie Janssen, Anvil Media, Inc.

The No B.S. Guide to ROI and Social Media
Jason Falls,

How to Fast Track Your Facebook Page: 5 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Fans
Amy Porterfield, Social Media Strategist

Google Series: Understanding Your Customers
Linda Boudiab, Google

Google Series: Using YouTube to Sell Parts & Accessories
William Ponkowski, YouTube

Google Series: Using Google Analytics
Courtney Khademi, Google

10 Free Search-Engine Tips That Will Increase Your Business Online Now
Matt Bailey, SiteLogic Online Marketing

Increase Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Mastering the Conversion Trinity
Bryan Eisenberg,

How to Profit with Google AdWords
Perry Marshall, Perry Marshall & Associates

Online Video Production: Preparing to Shoot
DC Chavez, DC Chavez Creative; Josh and Matt Martelli, The Martelli Brothers, Mad Media; and Eric Schumacher, powerTV Media

SEMA Social Media Course
Hallie Janssen, Anvil Media

Local Search: Free & Low-Cost Strategies to Get New Customers to the Web
Jennifer Brunacini, WebVisible, Inc.

How the Internet Can Help Your Business: Internet Marketing on a Budget
Tyler Tanaka, CIE Studios; Robert Basha, Auction 123, Eric Saltrick, Steele Rubber Products

9 Killer Facebook Advertising Tips
William Leake, Apogee Results

Social Media Trends for Business in 2011
Tyler Tanaka, PostRelease; Hallie Janssen, Anvil Media

From Desktop to Pocket: The Future of Internet Information, Sponsored by eBay Motors
Gregory Boutte, eBay Motors; Famous Rhodes, eBay Motors; Jad Dunning, DriverSide; Glenn Rogers, CarDomain; Martin Lauber, Swirl Marketing; Lauren Dale, Google; Bryan Murphy, WHI

Integrated eMarketing
Joel Book, Exact Target

Overview: Online Marketing
David Bayer, DataBanq

Advanced SEO Strategies
William Leake, Apogee Results

Facebook: The World Has Gone Social
Tom Chisholm, Facebook

SEO: Effective Local Search Campaigns
Bill Leake, Apogee Results

Advanced PPC Tactics
Lauren Dale, Google

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) 101
Lauren Dale, Google

Using Analytics: Gaining Insight Into Data
Ray "Catfish" Comstock, Business Online

New Media Basics: Connecting With Customers on Blogs
Rick Calvert, BlogWorldExpo

Mobile Marketing: The Unstoppable Medium for Successful Consumer Engagement
Michael Becker, Mobile Marketing Association

21 Secrets of Top-Performing Websites
Bryan Eisenberg,

5 Simple Ways to Build Your Business with YouTube
Serena Satyasai, YouTube

5 Tips To Improve Your Website Now
Craig Cervenka, PowerSports Network

Connect with Customers on Blogs: What You Need to Know
Rick Calvert, BlogWorld & New Media Expo

Increase Your PPC ROI: Mastering the Conversion Trinity
Bryan Eisenberg

10 SEO Tips That Will Increase Your Online Business Right Now
Matt Bailey, SiteLogic

How to Select & Prepare for a Web Designer
Luanne Brown, eTool Developers

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 101
Mandy Mathis, Google, Inc.

The Essentials of Online Marketing
William Leake, Apogee Results

How to Make Money with the Right Social Media Tools
Chad Israel, Engauge Digital

Best Practices & the Future of Email as a Marketing Tool
Michael Kelly, ClickMail Marketing

Increase Parts Sales Using the Internet the Smart Way
Famous Rhodes, eBay Motors

Pay Per Click: Strategies for Cost-Effective Online Advertising
Dan Jondron, Advanced Digital Strategies; Natasha Dennis,

QUESTIONS? Contact Byron Bergmann, Education Coordinator, 909-378-4849 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific) or

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