How to Gain Media Exposure

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play video download pdf Title: How to Gain Media Exposure
Presenter: John Stewart, Off-Road Industry Magazine; Steve Campbell, Campbell Media
Date: SEMA Webinar, April 22, 2010
Duration: 1 hour

The media receive hundreds of product releases and story ideas each month. Do yours see the light of day, or are they lost in the pile? Find out how to cut through the clutter and gain the attention that will get your news noticed! In an exclusive SEMA webinar entitled “How to Use the Media to Promote Your Products,” automotive publishing and web veterans will explain:

  • How to create a winning press release
  • How to generate exposure for your products
  • How to build a press kit
  • How to develop media contacts
  • How to organize and promote a press conference
  • How to generate and select project vehicle opportunities
  • Why you should treat all media as equals — even though some are more important than others

John Stewart and Steve Campbell have been members of the automotive media for more than three decades. They have edited top-flight publications such as 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Four Wheeler and Hot Rod, and have overseen dozens of other titles in executive management positions at leading publishing houses, including Petersen Publishing Company, General Media, EMAP and Primedia. Stewart was the editor-in-chief of Off-Road Industry magazine at the time of this webinar, providing web and print content for a variety of automotive entities. He now serves SEMA as Editorial Director of Performance Aftermarket Publications, Inc. Steve Campbell remains a frequent contributor to SEMA News as well as consumer publications in all automotive segments.

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