SEMA Education Institute Online - Marketing & Public Relations

Exhibitor Series: Preparing Yourself for a Successful SEMA Show - On and Off the Floor
Tom Gattuso, SEMA’s Trade Show Director; Zane Clark, SEMA’s Director of Education

Webinar: Exhibitor Series: Are You Prepared for the SEMA Show? Webinar for First-Timers (and Veterans)
Tom Gattuso, SEMA’s Trade Show Director

Getting Media Coverage at the SEMA Show
Larry Edsall, Freelance Contributor

Fuel Your Sales with Better Product Data: An Introduction to the SEMA Data Co-op
Jim Graven, SDC Director of Membership

411 Customer Service: 8 Words that can Kill the Deal
Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor

10 Ways to Better Product Development-The SEMA Garage Industry Innovations Center
Mike Spagnola, SEMA OEM and Product

So, You Want to Be in Pictures? A Guide to Product Placement in Film
Mark McFann, Cast a Long Shadow

Opportunities for Growth: Working with the Top Auto Manufacturers, Powered by PRO
Dave Lalain, VP of Commercial Development for AIAG

Twenty Ideas in Twenty Minutes - Driving Business Growth & Fueling High Performance: How to Create a Sales-Service Excellence Culture
Christine Corelli, Christine Corelli and Associates

Attendee Webinar: Are You Ready for the SEMA Show?
Tom Gattuso, SEMA; George Lathouris, Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc.

Exhibitor Series: Are You Prepared? Last-Minute Webinar for First-Timers
Tom Gattuso, SEMA; Eric Hoffend, Freeman

Exhibitor Series: Everything You Need to Know About Exhibiting at the 2013 SEMA Show
Tom Gattuso, SEMA; Jennifer Carr, CEM, ConvExx

Exhibitor Series: Develop a Pre-Show Marketing Plan Guaranteed to Make your SEMA Show a Success
Chuck Schwartz, ConvExx; Tom Gattuso, SEMA

Capture Your Competitors' Customers and Keep Them
Christine Corelli, Christine Corelli & Associates, Inc.

Exhibitor Series: How to Get the Most Results From Your Trade Show Experience
Tom Marx, The Marx Group

Retail Sales: Make The Most Out of This Year's Holiday Season!
Bob Negen, WhizBang! Training

Exhibitor Series: It Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Tougher
Susan Schwartz, CEM, ConvExx

The Psychology of Search & The Findability Formula: What is Really in the Mind of the Online Searcher?
Heather Lutze, Findability Consulting

Exhibitor Series: 25 Tips Guaranteed to Make Your SEMA Show Profitable
Chuck Schwartz, CEM, ConvExx

Effective Mobile Marketing
John McPhee, Formic Media

Pinterest: The Basics and Beyond
Natalie Carmolli, WhizBang! Training

PR Primer: Promoting Your Brand in the Digital Age
Dan Kahn, Kahn Media

Take Your SEO to the Next Level
Leisa Hall, Anvil Media, Inc.

The Road to Customer Service Excellence: From the Mom & Pop Store to The Nordstrom Way
Robert Spector, Robert Spector Consulting

2011 SEMA Show Education Days
Dealer Day Sessions

2011 SEMA Show Education Days
Marketing Sessions

Direct Mail Strategies: How to Profit with Lumpy Mail
Jon Goldman, Brand Launcher

TPMS 101: Identifying and Understanding the Opportunity
Russ Fuller, Revolution Supply, Inc.

Exhibitor Series Part 2: Online Exhibitor Manual – How to Successfully Navigate the A-Z Guide for the SEMA Show
Jennifer Carr, CEM, ConvExx

Exhibitor Series Part 1: Ready Your Staff, Set Your Booth, Go to the Show!
Chuck Schwartz, CEM, ConvExx

10 Steps to Making Marketing and Sales Best Friends
Kevin Joyce, MarketSource

Maximize Your SEMA Show ROI: Exhibitor Promotional Tools
Chuck Schwartz, ConvExx; Jason Siefken, Exhibitor Invites

Produce the Perfect Product Launch
Tom Marx, The Marx Group

How to Gain Media Exposure
John Stewart, Off-Road Industry Magazine; Steve Campbell, Campbell Media

How to Make Money with the Right Social Media Tools
Chad Israel, Engauge Digital

Highly-Effective Low-Cost Marketing Strategies
Debbie Allen, CSP, International Business Speaker

Best Practices & the Future of Email as a Marketing Tool
Michael Kelly, ClickMail Marketing

SEMA Show: Money Well Spent for Your Business
Chuck Schwartz, CEM, Chairman, ConvExx

Increase Parts Sales Using the Internet the Smart Way
Famous Rhodes, eBay Motors

Making the Most of Your Media Moments at the SEMA Show
Griff Allen

Stop Wasting Your Time and Start Making Money at Trade Shows
Steve Miller, The Adventure, LLC

Urban Lifestyle Report
Ty Michael, SEMA Market Research

Marketing and Selling to Women
Jody DeVere,, Inc.

Building Ad Campaigns that Catch the Eye
Larry Mersereau, PromoPower

Pay-Per-Click: Strategies for Cost-Effective Online Advertising
Dan Jondron, Advanced Digital Strategies; Natasha Dennis,

Basic Media Training: Raising Your Comfort Level with the Media
Bill Groak and David Boule, Pacific Communications Group

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