Fine Tuning Your China IPR Strategy: Know Before You Go

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play video download pdf Title: Fine Tuning Your China IPR Strategy: Know Before You Go
Presenter: Merritt R. Blakeslee, Esq., The Blakeslee Law Firm; Wade Kawasaki, Exports International
Date: SEMA Webinar, July 8, 2010
Duration: 1 hour

Do you have a comprehensive strategy in place to protect your intellectual property rights (“IPR”)? While most SEMA members have an HR strategy and marketing strategy, far fewer have as detailed a plan to protect their patents, trademarks, domain names, and copyrighted materials (like website content and product instructions) from infringement. Join IPR guru Merritt R. Blakeslee of the Blakeslee Law Firm and Wade Kawasaki, President of Exports International and longtime SEMA member to learn about best practices in protecting your intellectual property assets and insight into how SEMA members have helped to mitigate the risks of intellectual property theft.

The webinar is designed especially for SEMA members preparing to head to China in September 2010 to explore the sales potential for their products in the world’s fastest growing market, although other SEMA members would benefit from participating as well. Brand-aware [or brand-conscious] consumers in China are increasingly clamoring for SEMA member products, and a group of leading SEMA member companies is heading to China to participate in one-on-one pre-arranged meetings with Chinese distributors.

This one-hour session will walk companies through a review of IPR protections that companies should take as they consider entering foreign markets, including, particularly, the Chinese market. It will offer suggestions for protecting yourself during the distributor selection process. Finally, it will discuss precautions that you should take once your products begin being sold in the Chinese market, including the protections available to you if you believe that your intellectual property rights are being violated in the Chinese market. Like all property, intellectual property can be stolen or lost through inattention--so make sure to shore up your IPR strategy now to protect yourself from problems later!

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