Take Your SEO to the Next Level

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play video download pdf Title: Take Your SEO to the Next Level
Presenter: Leisa Hall, Anvil Media, Inc.
Date: SEMA Webinar, May 10, 2012
Duration: 1 hour

When potential customers search online for parts and accessories, are they finding your company? Have you fully optimized your website? The world of online search is constantly changing. It's critical that you are up-to-speed on the latest techniques to insure that your company ranks as a top search result. Join us, along with presenter Leisa Hall, Anvil Media Inc., as we dive into the topic of SEO. During this session we will cover:

• The importance of content
• Keywords and on-site placement
• How links effect optimization
• Social Influence
• What NOT to do
• Tracking your SEO

Hall has been developing strategy for search engine marketing campaigns at Anvil since 2004. Seasoned in organic search engine optimization, social media strategies, and paid search, her expertise is in driving online paid media strategy for ecommerce for businesses of all sizes.

Learn how to stand out from the online crowd.

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