Sales Strategy: Create Your Competitive Advantage

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play video download pdf Title: Sales Strategy: Create Your Competitive Advantage
Presenter: Chuck Udell, Essential Action Design Group
Date: SEMA Webinar, December 9, 2010
Duration: 1 hour

It’s a tough marketplace and every sale counts. How do you gain a competitive advantage? One important component is your sales strategy. This informative session will explore the anatomy of a sale and specific actions you can take to improve and measure your sales process. Whether your company has a defined sales strategy or you want to develop an improved process, this session is for you.

Chuck Udell, senior partner with the Essential Action Design Group, is the former president of University of the Aftermarket (of Northwood University), and was responsible for working with a team of key industry leaders to develop Leadership 2010, the University of the Aftermarket’s Executive Development Program. His webinar presentation will include:

  • How to differentiate your company, your products and your services
  • How to determine opportunities to add value to your customer’s business--the internal and external obstacles to this process and how to steer around them
  • Implementing your competitive position to produce results and customer loyalty
  • How to insure financial return of expectations using best practices and case-based approaches to avoid the “no profit zone”
  • Discuss the “clarity of measurement”
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