Focus on the Customer: Introduction to Selling

Course Description
Title: Focus on the Customer: Introduction to Selling
Presented by: the SEMA Education Institute
Duration: approx. 1 hour

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"Focus on the Customer: Introduction to Selling," is a highly effective tool for increasing retail sales skills that can be applied on the job immediately. This course is designed to help entry-level sales people as well as veterans. "Introduction to Selling" is the first in a series of sales and marketing training courses being developed by SEI.

The series will make use of scenario-based learning techniques, engaging video and audio, interactive quizzes and skill reviews. The heart of the program is a five-step sales process that uses the acronym G.E.A.R.S. to describe how to lead the customer: Greet, Explore, Assist, Recommend, and Sell.

It is a perfect addition to in-house sales training—and is a fun tool to encourage employees to work together to improve their selling skills. In addition, retail store management can measure sales skills improvement and performance with the course’s built-in testing function.

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