Getting Your Data House in Order: Application Data Standards

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play video download pdf Title: Getting Your Data House in Order: Application Data Standards
Presenter: Gigi Ho, Digital Performance
Date: SEMA Webinar, November 18, 2010
Duration: 1 hour

Industry studies show that most manufacturers have major “holes” in the application data for their parts, either because of errors in their fitment data, or gaps in vehicle coverage. This seminar will:

  • Help those who depend on electronic catalogs to match parts to specific vehicles or engines to understand how to use industry application standards and provide your customers with more accurate application data
  • Explain the differences between AAIA Legacy and ACES data standards
  • Give you tools to help you get started in using ACES in your catalog

Gigi Ho, founder of Digital Performance Inc., has been dedicated to the growth and development of the automotive aftermarket for years. Focusing on data standardization tools for the industry with SPEEDcat cataloging software; and connecting buyers and sellers via the widely syndicated parts comparison shopping engine,, gives her a unique perspective on the future of the marketplace. Join her as she conducts this informative session on how to use and improve your application data with ACES. This webinar is powered by the Business Technology Committee (BTC).

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