21 Great UNEXPECTED Customer Service Tips

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play video download pdf Title: 21 Great UNEXPECTED Customer Service Tips
Presenter: Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor
Date: SEMA Webinar, January 20, 2011
Duration: 1 hour

Great customer service must be the hallmark of any successful business---not only to retain customers, but also to attract new ones. How is your staff doing? Have they become complacent? Could they use a refresher course? Gather your staff and participate in "21 Great UNEXPECTED Customer Service Tips." These are unique techniques that will bring the service level of your organization to new heights.

Each tip, technique and skill will be discussed, as well as how to best use it. While some of these tips and techniques may be familiar, Nancy brings a new perspective to each of them.

Nancy’s passion for retail sales and counter training goes above and beyond. As a customer service specialist Nancy has brought programs to Car-X, Tuffy, Carstar, Precision Tune, LA Tire Dealers, Midas, NTDRA and a host of other automotive companies and associations over the years.

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